Best VPN for Online Casinos – Top 10 Gambling VPNs in (2021)

The Ultimate List of Best Casino VPN Providers

Best VPN'sBenefitsGive it a shot!
Nord VPN
  • - One of the most respected names in the industry
  • - Enormous selection of servers
  • - Use on up to six devices from one account
  • - Enjoy stable & fast connection
  • - 24/7 support
  • - 1000+ servers worldwide
Cyber Ghost
  • - Over 10 million users
  • - Great reputation for reliability
  • - Plenty of great features
Tor Guard
  • - P2P Focused VPN
  • - Works on a wide range of platforms
  • - Multiple data centres for speedier service
Tunnel Bear
  • - Basic version is free!
  • - Servers in over 22 countries
  • - Available to Android users
Tunnel Bear
  • - Basic version is free!
  • - More advanced option still very cheap
  • - Available to Chrome users
Pure VPN
  • - 24/7 technical support
  • - Up to 10 log-ins
  • - Instant kill switch
  • - 7-day money back guarantee
  • - Up to 10 devices access
  • - No Traffic Logs
Trust Zone
  • - DNS leak protection
  • - In-built leak protection settings
  • - Kill switch available
  • - OpenVPN protocol
  • - One-click connection
  • - Kill Switch and Smart Kill Switch
  • - Multi-Platform Protection
  • - 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • - Geo-Locked Content Access
  • - 6 simultaneous connections
  • - Unlimited bandwidth
  • - Unlimited server switches
  • - 256-Bit Strong Encryption
  • - Automatic Wi-Fi Security
  • - VPN Kill Switch
Vypr VPN
  • - Audited for No Logs
  • - Unlimited Server Switching
  • - 700+ Server Locations


Casinos That Allow VPN

Top VPN Casinos

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Have you ever come across a situation when you try to register at a casino site and get a terrifying message stating “the casino is not available in your country” even though online casino gambling is completely legal in your country?

In fact, the actual reason as to why you are turned down to register at the gambling site is something to do with the IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider or ISP. If this tells a gambling site that your IP address is from an unavailable country, then you are automatically blocked.

However, you can easily change your IP address using VPN’s, and in this article, we are going to go through exactly why and how to start using VPN for online casinos, in order to make the most out of your online experience.

VPN’s will go a long way in improving your security. However, they do not mean that other precautions do not need to be taken. One thing we always talk about here is how vital it is to ensure that the betting site you are using is trustworthy. This means fully licensed and regulated. After all, if you put your details into a site which cannot be trusted, those details are still compromised whether you used a VPN or not. Furthermore, the entire point of using a VPN is to be able to use any site you want meaning there is absolutely no reason for you to settle for anything less than the best. And the first thing you should consider when finding out what is the best betting site for you is whether it is safe and secure.


Finding a site that utilises cryptocurrencies

If you want to improve your security and anonymity even more, then consider choosing a betting site that allows you to use Bitcoin. This will also help navigate banking issues that can come up when using a site from another country. Even with a VPN, you still need somewhere for that money to go to. And of course, Bitcoin is by its very nature anonymous, while other payment methods still leave a trace. In other words, if you want the absolute best security possible, a combination between Bitcoin and a great VPN can’t be beaten.


Best Virtual Private Network For Online Gambling

We know that there’s a huge amount of VPN’s out there for you to choose from, so, alongside our table, we have narrowed it down to our absolute favourites so you can decide which of the best of the best VPN’s for online casinos, and which is right for you.

Cyber Ghost

Not only does this VPN have possibly the coolest name of any, but it’s also packed full of great features. It’s also known for its reliability, meaning fewer disconnects, as well as an effective kill switch, meaning if that does occur you have a backup. Remember that VPN Slots are safer than any other kind, and over 10 million users can’t be wrong.

Try Cyber Ghost



This is a great option if you’re interested in P2P protection. It’s fast, reliable, utilises multiple data centres to ensure service is as safe as it is speedy, and supports a wide variety of platforms even beyond the usual computer and mobile devices you would expect. The only downside is there’s no trial software, but this is one that’s good enough to commit to.

Try Tor Guard



We’re going to start with what is the biggest selling point here, Tunnelbear is free! That’s right, you can keep your Android device safe for absolutely nothing, with servers in over 22 countries and lightning-fast speed. Find it on the google play store.

Try TunnelBear



One of the best known and most well-respected VPN’s in the world is Nord VPN, they’ve helped millions stay anonymous online and are often used to keep businesses safe alongside individuals. It can be used on up to six devices at a time and is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and more meaning sensational value for money.

Try Nord VPN


Express VPN

They are the top-rated VPN in 2020 and offer 24/7 support alongside their world-class protection. All it takes is one click to keep your private data private and it can be used on every single device you own, with everything from Mac to Linux and everything in between covered. With 160 locations across 94 countries and unlimited speeds, ExpressVNP is the real deal.

Try Express VPN



This is another example of a VPN that is available for absolutely free, this time for chrome users. Priced options are also available if you want a better service. Even then the price here is low, especially considering just how well it stacks up against the competition. Most importantly, ZenMateVPN is very clearly built with ease of use in mind meaning that pretty much everyone can get to grips with it.

Try ZenMate VPN


Pure VPN

A true industry leader, and one that has pushed the envelope forward with 10 logins, gifts for premier users, and an internet kill switch to keep your anonymity even when the connection drops, all tied together with 24/7 technical support.

Try Pure VPN


What Is Virtual Private Network?

VPN service offers internet users with several advantages including the benefits of getting around geo-blocked websites and get perfect peace of mind by added online security.

VPN is a private network where the service is extended across a private channel like the internet that allows players to send and receive data as if they are using a fully secured private network. When you use VPN, the online security is boosted, and you will get access to a broader resource range in the network where you are not physically connected.

In simple terms, with the help of Virtual Private Network, you can easily connect your PC by incurring a small monthly fee. In return, the data transmitted from your smartphone device or tablet or PC first goes to the encrypted server. It is easy to connect any site through VPN which can be based at any place in the world you choose.

When you use VPN, your IP or Internet Protocol address will change from that of your ISP provider to that of VPN. Like for example, if you are denied access on the Canadian border to any particular casino VPN site, you can take the help of VPN and access the gambling site without any restrictions. It is perfectly legal, and there is nothing wrong with it.

There are several benefits of using a VPN online casino, and some of the important ones are listed under the following headings:

The connection security is improved, and you will get added protection from data getting hacked even while using the public Wi-Fi hotspot.

The internet activity will remain private from the Internet Service Provider and authorities depending on the VPN service.

You can access all the services and websites that are earlier denied based on your current location as provided by ISP.


How Does VPN Work?

The working of the VPN network can be tricky until and unless you are a tech-savvy person with good working knowledge of computers. In general terms, the virtual private network allows you to connect the internet through a server run by the service provider instead of internet service provider.

When you connect to the web, you are first connected to your ISP, and then the ISP connects you to whichever casino website you wish to register and login. It means all the information flows through the servers of ISP, which keeps track of the online activity. When you connect to the internet through VPN tunnel, online data is encrypted; hence your ISP data does not have any access to your internet activity because the information is confined between you and the server.


How To Unblock Casino Websites Using VPN Service?

VPN is extremely easy to use and install. All you have to do is to visit the official website of the service provider, choose a particular plan (it usually is affordable and does not burn a hole in the pocket with few dollars a month) and changing few network settings in your computer.

You need an excellent VPN service to unblock restricted gambling site in your country. To do so, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a good VPN client based on your budget and requirements
  2. Open the official VPN website and register online
  3. Verify your account and download the app on your device
  4. Once installed, run the app and login with the credentials
  5. Connect to the server of a given country that allows the service to access
  6. Now you can easily enjoy online casino gambling with no restrictions

You will have to identify the best VPN for online casino gambling or find the best service provider based on your requirements before you hop into the world of online casino. It is essential that you take good care of your money because the VPN takes care of everything while you get engrossed into the glam and glitz of casino gambling.


Why Use VPN To Play At Online Casinos?

The biggest and the most popular reason as to why people use VPN to gamble online is to get rid of region blocking. When a particular region is blocked, players are unable to access the online casino site from a specific country based on the physical location either due to gambling restrictions enforced by offshore gaming regulations and online gambling laws. Region block can apply to the entire casino website or for specific games or payment options.

When you use the VPN at an online casino site, your IP address will no longer be visible from the country where you reside. In fact, the server will be visible where the VPN is situated. Most of the VPN service providers run servers in different countries where you can change the settings from different regions. When you use a VPN, you will get complete access to the online gambling sites regardless of where you reside and play.


Is It Legal To Use A VPN For Online Gambling?

The simple answer to this is that it depends on the country in question. In many countries, the answer is that VPN’s are entirely legal to use. In fact, they are openly advertised. You’ll generally find that countries that tend to have more liberal views towards the internet in general, such as most European countries, also think you have the right to remain anonymous online. Ironically, the countries where VPN’s are most needed because the internet is restricted is also where they are disallowed.


Is It Illegal To Use VPNs In Certain Countries?


Globe Under Microscope

As we mentioned above, the answer to this is sadly, yes. We are going to through some of the key names where VPN’s are illegal so you can get an idea of the landscape you are looking at, we hope this will be a helpful resource for those of you who are unsure.


Using VPN’s for gambling in Turkey

The situation here is a rather unusual one as VPN’s are not illegal in Turkey, meaning there should be no issue in using them as you please. However, you may find a whole bunch of popular VPN sites blocked and this is a situation which is progressing. The good news here is that there are a lot of good VPN’s out there, so your best bet is to just try out a bunch of sites and see which ones are still operational.


Using VPN’s for gambling In China

Unfortunately, the situation in China is much more severe. They are of course known for being one of the most heavily restrictive countries in the world in terms of online use, and their opinion of VPN’s is about what you would expect. You can receive a fine if you are caught using a VPN, so it is at your own risk. Of course, many people choose to use them anyway, but we cannot say that this does not come with risks.


Using VPN’s for gambling in Iran

Even worse is Iran, which is surprising considering that VPN’s are technically legal. However, this comes with one huge caveat which is that you can only sign up to VPN’s that are registered with and approved of by the government. Considering that VPN’s are there to access otherwise unavailable sites, this renders them close to useless. Once again that does not mean using a VPN is impossible, however, it comes with a very worrying penalty of 91 days to a year in jail, so very scary stuff. Few are prosecuted, but still, this is one of the harshest responses to VPN’s we have encountered.


Using VPN’s for gambling in Oman

This is a tricky one because VPN’s are not technically illegal in Oman. With that said that reality is that the government blocked many of these sites. That said, there does not appear to be any kind of official punishment for using a VPN that we can find, because like we said, it is not technically illegal. The internet is generally heavily restricted in Oman, meaning people are often using VPN’s for things as simple as using Skype and Netflix.


Using VPN’s for gambling in Russia

In November 2017 Russia banned VPN’s to “prevent the spread of extremist materials and ideas”. With that said it actually bans websites rather than traffic, meaning it does remain possible to access VPN’s with a little searching. Sadly, it once again is not risk-free however as those caught could receive very heavy fines. The situation is also escalating, with NordVPN having to shut down their servers in 2019.


Using VPN’s for gambling in the UAE

Many of the countries we’ve discussed here have rather vague laws when it comes to VPN’s. This is not true for the United Arab Emirates. They can be used by companies freely and are only illegal if used to commit a crime. You can be put in jail if a VPN is used to commit a crime or fraud. Importantly, what can be constituted as a crime in the UAE is rather broad, for instance, there is a ban on Skype and WhatsApp. Gambling is also illegal in the UAE. Therefore, using a VPN to gamble would be illegal.


Using VPN’s for gambling in the USA

Good news for our readers from the USA, running a VPN remains entirely legal. In fact, if you watch American media you may see them advertised every now and again. Of course, anything that is illegal without a VPN remains illegal, and in some instances, like with Netflix, a VPN may breach their terms of service, but beyond that, VPN’s are entirely legally in the United States of America.


Using VPN’s for gambling in Canada

It’s more good news north of the border as well as VPN’s are also entirely legal in Canada. The same things we mentioned about terms of service and the law also apply here but beyond that you are free to use VPN’s as you please. This will be a big relief to a lot of our Canadian readers considering that the gambling laws in Canada state that it is only legal for local players to enjoy gambling at offshore sites making this the natural route for casino fans.


Using VPN’s for gambling in Australia

We’ll complete our trilogy of good news down under, as its also entirely legal to use a VPN in Australia, and considering that there’s a surprising amount of sites blocked for such a liberal country, it should be little surprise that they are becoming more and more popular. This is especially the case considering that it is illegal to provide online casinos within Australia, with the exception of some local slots, and some online lotteries.


What countries would be best to switch to with your VPN

First things first, when considering what countries are best to pick with your VPN, one thing you have to keep in mind is the speed of your connection. If you have a very slow connection generally, then your options are going to be quite a bit more limited than they would otherwise be. In fact, a VPN is a great reason to consider ways to speed up your connection where possible, because naturally, you’ll want the best online casino VPN has to offer. This is not the only consideration, but it’s worth taking into account.

With that said, some countries are objectively better than others for casinos that allow VPN. Malta is a fairly obvious choice. If you’re someone who has frequented a few casinos or has even just checked out their credentials, you will see Malta popping up everywhere. It’s where so many of the best VPN casino’s in the world receive their licenses and therefore a connection in Malta is perfect for those of you looking for the widest amount of options available.

Perhaps the only place that can live up to Malta in that regard is Europe due to a wide range of excellent connections thanks to the continent’s technological prowess, as well as liberal gambling laws and world-class licensing and regulation systems meaning a huge amount of trustworthy, top-class bookmakers.

Plenty of European countries fit the bill but two which stand out are Sweden and the United Kingdom, both of which have made a name as some of the best places in the world for online casinos, and are therefore a couple of our top picks for the best VPN’s to switch to.


VPN For Added Internet Security

best vpn casino

Binary World

VPN does not only help to get around the geo-blocks, but its services can be used every single day by thousands of internet users as extra security while accessing any type of website. Whether you are accessing shared or public Wi-Fi connection or want to get added peace of mind for extra security layer while using the internet at home, VPN is highly recommended for any type of online activity.

Whether you are browsing the internet, watching online videos, online shopping or using VPN for online casino sites, your internet connection will be secured by VPN where all data will be encrypted, and none of the information can be misused by fraudsters. At the same time, your ISP is not visible which means that the hacker is not able to track your data usage and would get the only information about the VPN server.

Many people have the misconception that VPN is illegal, but it is indeed not the case. In every nation across the world, people have every right of privacy, and it is applicable for internet as well. VPN is entirely legitimate, and there are hundreds of companies eyeing for business. All the leading business working people use VPN for security reasons like for instance CEOs, journalists, news agencies etc.


Are Free VPNs Worthwhile?

Considering that a couple of our absolute favourite VPN’s are for free then you won’t be surprised to learn that our answer is yes. Every VPN, even among the very best has its benefits and quirks, so it all depends on what is right for you. With that said for a lot of people, a free VPN will work just fine, although do be aware that they may lack certain features that are found in either a paid version of that VPN or a different one. A free version of a VPN can be a great way of getting an idea if one is right for you, before moving up to a paid version. As we said, it all depends on what you are looking for. In our list, we have an example which works on chrome for free and another for Android, if, for instance, you wanted a solution that works across multiple platforms without any fuss, then it may be worth looking elsewhere. But, if that’s all you need it for, you may be perfectly content. In any case, you can get good VPN’s for free and you can get even better ones for very cheap, meaning that top-notch internet security is affordable for everyone.



If you are playing at an offshore casino for real money, opting for a paid (or in some cases, unpaid) VPN service is a minimal price you are going to pay for the full range of casino features you are getting in return. At the same time, you will get extra security and complete peace of mind. It is highly recommended that you opt for a top rated VPN for online casino gambling on the internet especially when the casino site or particular game is blocked in your country.

If you are searching for a safe and reliable casino website where you can play comfortably without getting blocked, we recommend using our list of the top VPN’s showcased above. These VPN’s are all tried and tested to be among the absolute best in a very crowded field. You are recommended to register online at any casino site and get started immediately.

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