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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a safe and secure way to access geo-blocked casino sites, or VPN casinos. VPN applications route your internet traffic through one of their servers in an unblocked location, allowing you to access any site you’d like!

The Best VPNs for Online Casino

Before you embark on the wonderful cross-country journey that is using a VPN for online gambling, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind first. It’s important to note that some countries outright ban the use of VPNs. In other countries, VPNs might be outlawed to access online casinos, even if they are otherwise legal.

When playing with a VPN... When playing with a VPN...

We’d recommend you always check the rules and regulations of the country which you are in, for the best no-nasty-surprises experience. We’d also suggest you square away your use of a VPN with the casino you intend to play at. While some might be perfectly VPN friendly, others might unfortunately not take too kindly to the location spoofing tool!

Best VPN'sBenefitsGive it a shot!
Nord VPN
  • - One of the most respected names in the industry
  • - Enormous selection of servers
  • - Use on up to six devices from one account
  • - Enjoy stable & fast connection
  • - 24/7 support
  • - 3000+ servers worldwide
Cyber Ghost
  • - Over 10 million users
  • - Great reputation for reliability
  • - Plenty of great features
Tor Guard
  • - P2P Focused VPN
  • - Works on a wide range of platforms
  • - Multiple data centres for speedier service
Tunnel Bear
  • - 500MB Free Trial!
  • - Servers in over 22 countries
  • - Available to Android users
Tunnel Bear
  • - 7-day Free Trial
  • - More advanced option still very cheap
  • - Available to Chrome users
Pure VPN
  • - 24/7 technical support
  • - Up to 10 log-ins
  • - 6,500+ Servers Worldwide
  • - 30-day money back guarantee
  • - Up to 10 devices access
  • - No Traffic Logs
Trust Zone
  • - DNS leak protection
  • - In-built leak protection settings
  • - Kill switch available
  • - OpenVPN protocol
  • - One-click connection
  • - Kill Switch and Smart Kill Switch
  • - Multi-Platform Protection
  • - 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • - Geo-Locked Content Access
  • - 6 simultaneous connections
  • - Unlimited bandwidth
  • - Unlimited server switches
  • - 256-Bit Strong Encryption
  • - Automatic Wi-Fi Security
  • - VPN Kill Switch
Vypr VPN
  • - Audited for No Logs
  • - Unlimited Server Switching
  • - 700+ Server Locations


The Best Casinos that Allow VPNs

What we mean by VPN Casinos is actually VPN Friendly Casinos. These online gaming casinos have proven themselves to be friendly and open toward the use of VPNs by players. We’ll settle for casinos that tolerate VPN use, even if they’re not friendly about it! Check out our list of proven VPN online casinos:


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Top VPN Casinos

5BTC or €500 + 180 Free Spins
  • Stellar Cryptocurrency Support
  • Award-winning Casino
  • Support Confirmed VPNs Allowed
* more terms & conditions apply
100% + 100 Free Spins
  • VIP Section
  • Great Cryptocurrency Support
  • Trust-Certified Casino
* more terms & conditions apply
6BTC or $1,200 Welcome Package
  • Great Cryptocurrency Support
  • Sports Betting Options
  • Wide Set of Promotions
* more terms & conditions apply
Sloto Cash
7777$ Bonus + 300 Free Spins
  • Customer Support confirmed that VPN is allowed
  • Collect Points and Exchange Them for Prizes
  • 35% Instant Cashback from Thursday through Sunday!
* more terms & conditions apply
Uptown Aces
8888$ + 350 Free Spins
  • Customer Support confirmed that VPN is allowed
  • Low Playthrough Welcome Bonus
  • Fantastic Mobile App
* more terms & conditions apply
Bonus up to 10,000$!
  • Customer Support confirmed that VPN is allowed
  • Weekly & Monthly Slot Bonuses
  • Special Bitcoin Bonus Available
* more terms & conditions apply


Do I Need a VPN?

Ever been browsing for a new casino, only to find that your top contender doesn’t accept players from your country? If you’ve come across this situation, you’re familiar with the frustration associated with it.

Casino sites can find out which country you’re trying to access their site from using your IP Address. This digital label is an integral part of how the internet functions. Because of that, you might be asking yourself: “How could I possibly change which country I appear to be playing from?”.

That’s where a VPN casino comes in really handy! As we covered in the introduction, VPNs are special programmes that tunnel your internet traffic through another country. Using VPN casinos makes you appear as if you’re browsing from a different country than your own. Tons of geographically restricted websites are now unlocked at your fingertips, including that top contender casino from earlier!

VPNs and Withdrawal Methods

Of course, it’s not just your IP address that links you to your real country of origin. Your payment method of choice might also be linked to your geographical location. Most credit cards and some e-wallet accounts are tied to your country.

Because of this, while playing at a casino site using a VPN might go smoothly, but you could encounter problems when it comes to withdrawing funds. This could really feel like a kick in the teeth if you’ve just landed a huge win. True VPN Casinos provide an option for players to withdraw their funds without having to give up data related to their location.

Of course, this problem doesn’t apply for you at all if you are simply using a VPN while travelling abroad. You could always withdraw the funds once you are back home. For other users though, it’s good to make sure that the casino supports withdrawal methods that are more private when it comes to their physical location.

VPNs and Cryptocurrencies

Payment method anonymity is where cryptocurrencies come in. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Bitcoin, but there are also other cryptocurrencies such as Etherium, DogeCoin, Litecoin, and many others!

These digital currencies allow for complete anonymity when it comes to your identity and geographical location. This makes them the perfect pairing with a VPN, removing any casino geo-restrictions. VPN Casinos will generally have great support for these, providing privacy and security, ultimately rights for any player!


The Best VPNs for Gambling

There’s an absolute wealth of VPN options for you to choose from. Our top table above should help you narrow down the selection quite a bit. To absolutely keep you from getting decision fatigue though, we’ve got a bit more of an in depth look at our top contenders:

Which is the best VPN for you?

One of the best known and best-respected VPNs in the world is Nord VPN. NordVPN has shot up the ranks, nowadays boasting a userbase of millions of happy customers. It features advanced VPN cloaking technologies such as obfuscated servers, which hide the fact that you’re using a VPN – handy! Apart from that, you’ll find a ton of other features such as split tunnelling, ad-blockers, and support for all major operating systems and devices! What this means in the end is one thing: sensational value for money!

Try Nord VPN


Surfshark has enjoyed similar fame to that of NordVPNs, and with good reason, too! With over 1,000 server locations worldwide and 24/7 support, we’re pretty sure Surfshark will suit your VPN needs! Surfshark also includes an ad and malware blocker, which can come in really handy when you’re doing your normal browsing. Surfshark additionally allows unlimited device connections, which is quite the rarity in the VPN space!


Not only does this VPN have possibly the coolest name of any, but it’s also packed full of great features. It’s also known for its reliability, meaning fewer disconnects, as well as an effective kill switch, meaning if that does occur you have a backup. With over 10 million users, it’s safe to say that CyberGhost is well liked in the VPN user community.

Try Cyber Ghost


This is a great option if you’re interested in P2P protection. With over 3,000 worldwide servers in 50+ locations, tunnelling through an unrestricted area is practically guaranteed. Apart from support for all the major OSs and devices, TorGuard can also be installing onto your WiFi router, creating umbrella protection for all the other devices connected to it! You can also take advantage of a 7-day money back guarantee to try it out!

Try Tor Guard


TunnelBear is another VPN service we’re sure you’ve come across. Their lovable bear mascot has cemented the brand’s identity as a great VPN service. We even borrowed a term of theirs, ‘tunnelling’, to describe how VPNs function above. Offering more than 41 countries to tunnel through, along with 5 concurrent devices per account, TunnelBear is a great option for many!

Try TunnelBear


Free VPNs for Gambling

You might have also come across a couple of free VPN services. All the benefits without any of the cost, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to VPNs. If you aren’t paying for it with your money, you might be paying for the service with your data. Free VPNs are more likely to sell off your data to the highest bidder or else spam you with specially targeted advertising using information they’ve gleamed off of you. Ironically this is exactly what VPNs are supposed to protect against!

How about Free VPNs? How about Free VPNs?

We’d recommend staying away from free VPN services and sticking to the paid and trusted ones. Luckily, subscriptions to these services are generally quite affordable. You might also benefit from a pretty significant discount if you buy the service for years at a time rather than on a monthly basis. Sweet!


How does a VPN work?

VPN services allow users to route their internet traffic through special, beefy computers called servers, in the location users choose to tunnel through.

For example, if you live in the UK and want to appear as if you are browsing from Malta, a VPN will act as a middleman for your internet connection. Your internet traffic will be first sent to the remote server in Malta, then to the website you’re trying to access. Because of this, the website on the other end will assume that the traffic is originating from Malta!

Since these servers are controlled remotely from a host location, the VPN provider has to abide by the laws of the location they are hosting from. This means they can base themselves in locations which legally allow them to have no-log policies, while at the same time having servers all over the world.

These policies mean that none of the traffic routed through their servers is logged. What this means for the end user is more privacy and better security. This is what any VPN user wants at the end of the day!


VPN Pros & Cons


  • Increased Internet Privacy
  • Unlock Geo-Restricted Content
  • Encryption & Ad/Malware Blockers


  • Monthly/Yearly Cost
  • Slightly Slower Connection
  • Limited Devices per Account


How To Unblock Casino Websites Using VPN Service?

VPN is extremely easy to use and install. Installing one onto your computer usually only involves visiting the VPN provider’s website, subscribing to a payment plan and downloading the programme onto your computer. Once all that’s done, it’s usually a matter of selecting your preferred tunnelling country and clicking the ‘on’ button!

Here’s the whole process to unblocking websites in a few easy to follow steps:
      1. Choose a good VPN client based on your budget and requirements.
      2. Open the official VPN website and register online.
      3. Verify your account and download the app on your device.
      4. Once installed, run the app and login with the credentials.
      5. Connect to the server of a given country that allows the service to access.
      6. Now you can easily enjoy online casino gambling with no restrictions.

With the best VPN for online casino gambling you’ll be on your way to VPN online gambling in no time! Apart from the VPN itself, there are a few other things to consider, let’s go over these in the next section.


Laws and Regulations

Depending on your country of origin, both online gambling and VPNs themselves might be outlawed. There are various reasons as to why either of them might be banned, ranging from the religious, social, or political.

More than 50 countries around the world have significant restrictions on online gaming, making casino games difficult or almost impossible to access. Most countries use IP-Location-based blocking, which is what VPNs circumvent.

We don’t advise or recommend using VPNs to do anything that is illegal in your country. Always check the laws in your jurisdiction as well as the regulations of the casino you’re playing at.

What this practically means is that you should be looking out for two kinds of regulations:

The first is related to your country of origin, and whether it allows people to make use of VPNs to circumvent local regulations. VPNs are such a recent technology to make it to users’ computers that you’ll often find that countries do not have regulations specific to them, making their legality quite vague.

The second is related to your casino of choice’s policy toward VPN use. Some casinos are completely happy to accept VPN users, with 0 repercussions for VPN use. We’ve included some of these above in case you’re looking for them. Others have a strict no-VPN policy. While it’s difficult for casinos to suss out VPN use, getting caught might mean losing your deposit, or all your winnings!


Best Countries to Switch to When Using a VPN

When considering what countries are best to pick with your VPN, one thing you have to keep in mind is the speed of your connection. If you’re starting off with a slow internet connection out of the gate, you might find that your VPN casino experience isn’t quite up to scratch. Since VPNs will be routing your traffic through another computer before it reaches the target website, there will be some additional time taken. An already-slow connection might not be able to handle that extra hit.

With that said, some countries are objectively better than others for casinos that allow VPN. Malta is a fairly obvious choice. Home to one of the more prestigious and well-respected gaming licenses in the world, it’s easy to see why Malta is a top contender. A lot of the casino sites operate out of the country, so you’ll be right next door to the best of the best – metaphorically speaking of course.

Perhaps the only places that can live up to Malta in that regard are other European countries due to a wide range of excellent connections thanks to the continent’s technological prowess. Additionally, liberal gambling laws and world-class licensing and regulation systems mean a huge amount of trustworthy, top-class bookmakers.

Plenty of European countries fit the bill but two which stand out are Sweden and the United Kingdom, both of which have made a name as some of the best places in the world for online casinos, and are therefore a couple of our top picks for the best VPN’s to switch to.


Other VPN Uses

VPNs can be used for more than just online casinos. They are a great tool to increase your online privacy, hiding your internet traffic from your internet service provider. Bear in mind that just because you value privacy, doesn’t mean you have something to hide. We don’t really think the old adage of “you’ve got nothing to fear if you’ve got nothing to hide” is sensible.

VPNs are also useful to unlock geo-restricted media content, such as shows or movies. We all know how frustrating it is to know that new season of your favourite show is out on the US’s Netflix, but not the version offered in your home country! You could also access certain live TV websites which also geo-restrict their content to users within their shores. We’re looking at you BBC iPlayer!



Considering the increased connectedness of our daily life, we think a VPN is an excellent long-term investment into your internet privacy, security, and online life in general. For us punters out there, VPNs can come in handy to access geo-locked casinos when, for example travelling to a restricted country.

Check out our list of the best VPN casinos and best VPN providers for a more in-depth look at what’s available at your fingertips. We’ve double checked all our recommendations for accuracy, so that you can have the best VPN Casino experience possible!


VPN Casinos FAQs

❓ What is a VPN?

A VPN is a piece of software which routes your internet traffic through another country, unlocking geographically restricted content such as casino sites.

❓ Can I use a VPN for Gambling?

Depending on your country of origin and preferred casino site, you could use VPNs for gambling without any issue. We recommend you always check your country’s and the casino’s rules and regulations first though!

❓ What is the Best VPN for Gambling?

The best VPN for gambling is NordVPN. We also recommend Surfshark and CyberGhost VPNs. Check out our full list for more recommendations and details.

❓ What are the best free VPNs for gambling?

We generally would not recommend using free VPNs as these often sell user information for their profits. Despite this, we can recommend TunnelBear though, which offers 500MB of data usage for free.

❓ What are the best casinos that allow VPNs?

We recommend BitStarz Casino. Generally speaking, cryptocurrency casinos are you best bet when using a VPN for gaming. Check out our full list for more recommendations.



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