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Bitcoin Casino SitesOn this website, you will get all the information you are seeking regarding Bitcoin cryptocurrency gambling.

Below, we are going to cover the basics like for instance bitcoin gambling legality, preferred gambling sites, working of the bitcoin casinos and lots of other things.

Why are Bitcoin Casinos Rated as One of the Best?

The invention of bitcoin has brought complete revolution in the world of online gambling. The transactions are processed in real time, one can play from any place in the world without revealing their identity, and the overall quality of games is fantastic.

In addition to this, the introduction of ‘provably fair’ makes the online casino games overall transparent with 100% fairness. Hence, the players are not going to be scammed at any point in time.

List of Top 10 Bitcoin Casino Sites for 2018


€/$300 Welcome Bonus
150 Free Spins


150% up to 1 BTC
50 Free Spins


%200 up to 1 BTC
75 Free Spins


100% up to 1 BTC
Up to 1 BTC 2nd Deposit Bonus


200% First Deposit


Up to 5 BTC
180 Free Spins


100% up to 1.5 BTC
100 Free Spins


Up to 1.5 BTC or 150 LTC


Up to 5 BTC
250 Free Spins




Overall, bitcoin casinos have a lot of advantages, and the important ones are discussed below:

  • Blazing fast deposits.
  • Withdrawals are processed from instant to few hours.
  • One can play anonymously as the only email address is required.
  • The verification process is quick and straightforward.
  • One can play at the bitcoin casinos from any corner of the world.
  • Blockchain transparency can be used to improve the overall fairness.

At the moment, there is only one negative aspect of bitcoin casinos which is the players need to know English. It is available in only one language which is English. Hence basic knowledge of this language is necessary to play the games without any hassles.

How Bitcoin Works (in 5 minutes)

Are the Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

Government bodies across the world always come with different rules and regulations to restrict people to play. There is no denying the fact that some states begin with good intentions, but the other rules are absurd.

The rules and regulations are imposed on the players with the only reason of money. By offering gambling restrictions, the government is trying to monopolise the industry and make tons of money in profit every year without indulging in any competition.

But the ban and restriction are put to protect the interests of the consumers from fraud.”

Legal Bitcoin CasinosThis is ridiculous. You just need to open your eyes and see the real picture. There are gambling licenses to protect the interests of the players. It is interesting to note that non-Muslim countries that ban gambling happen to have a government-owned gambling house.

Consumer Protection” is just a ploy otherwise laws would not be imposed in the first place. People who are familiar with politics will tell you the real picture behind the scenes.

Till now, bitcoin gambling is entirely legal. Bitcoin has not been declared as an official currency so playing with it does not differ a lot from playing with any other kind of virtual currency like for instance pinecones and video game money.

But you should not worry about the legality of the bitcoin gambling because it is not that important when you compare with the traditional internet casinos which do not accept bitcoin money. The way bitcoin works cannot allow anyone to ban or restrict it. Even if it is termed illegal, it would be impossible for any player to get caught while gambling with bitcoin.

The bitcoin casinos do not ask for personal details of the player concerned. Only the email address of the player is more than sufficient. You will be logged in as an anonymous player and play without any fuss.

The technology and theory behind bitcoin trade are involved but one can use it without any hassles after having brief information.

Therefore you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Bitcoin transactions that are confirmed cannot be reversed by the sender.
  • Bitcoin network requires confirmation of transactions multiple times. Players need to wait for a minimum of 5 approvals to make sure it is not any scam. Only the unconfirmed transactions can be confirmed.
  • One should take backups of his/her bitcoin wallet regularly and thoughtfully.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Top 10 Bitcoin Casinos for 2018 - Online Casino Bitcoin
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