Live Dealer Baccarat – Top 10 Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

Live Dealer BaccaratBaccarat is a viral card game that is extremely popular in a land-based casino as compared to the online casino sites. There have been a lot of questions amongst players why this particular casino game is favourite at land casinos and why people don’t like playing it online or on their smartphones.

It is so because people tend to enjoy a fair play in play at an offline casino which is missing when you play at an online casino site or on a mobile platform.

Playing online can make one rattle because there are a large number of hands per session to play off. When you play at a land-based casino, you experience less number of losing streaks.

However, it is to be noted that all the online, as well as mobile casino sites offering Baccarat casino game, is entirely random and fair. As a player, you will experience a relaxed atmosphere as compared to playing at an offline casino site. This has resulted in the launch of several online casino sites and other mobile platforms promoting a different range of Live Dealer Baccarat game.

Live Casino Baccarat – Real Money Play

As an individual, you can play the game remotely from your home, office or anywhere else wherever you feel like. You need to have a good internet connection so that you can enjoy the game without any interruption. You should know that the bets and wagers are placed on a live Baccarat casino game.

You will be provided with a live video on your computer screen that comes streaming through the land-based casino where the actual game is being played at the moment. You will be able to watch live how the players are dealing their cards, and you can imitate the gameplay and place your cards accordingly. There is a dedicated message box where you can chat and interact with other fellow players. If you don’t want any interruption, you can even disable the chat box by turning it off.

Mentioned over here are a series of different question and their relevant answers that can be extremely useful if you intend to play Live Dealer Baccarat Game at any online casino site. By reading through this FAQ section, all your queries will be resolved, and you will be in a better position to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Dealers fully trained?

The Dealers who will be offering you the cards by shuffling them at mobile-based or online casino sites offering Live Dealer Baccarat are fully trained and expert in the field of gambling. It means that they have complete knowledge how the game operates and know about the structure better than anyone else. You will have a high standard of gaming experience when you play this game as compared to when you access it through a land-based casino.

2. What are the payout odds?

The payout odds are the same while playing at the land-based casino as well as on the online casino sites and there is no difference in both of them. If you win the Bankers Hand, you will be paid even money less than 5% house commission. However, the payout odds for playing the Tied Hand vary from one casino site to another.

3. How much do I have to wager per hand?

There is no limit on the stake value, and you can play across several stake levels while playing live dealer baccarat game. You should know this particular game type has its table stake limits which are mentioned on the side of each game in the main menu. You should know to play any game blindly but take some time in analysing the spread of stake options that can suit your bankroll.

4. Can I bet on all of the hands?

When you are playing the live dealer baccarat game at any of your favourite online casino sites, you will able to bet on all the three hands. However, it is advisable to bet on one side because as you play to choose further, the house edge increases accordingly. You should know that the Tied Hand wager offers the highest house edge.

5. What disconnection safeguards are there?

At any point in time, if you get disconnected when you play the Live Dealer Baccarat Game, you should not worry because there are special rules in place that safeguards the interest of the player. When you again connect to the online casino site, your game will start from the same position from where it was disconnected earlier. All the winning or losing bets as well as the funds in your gaming account will remain intact as it is.

6. Can I claim and use bonuses?

There are some different types of bonuses that you can claim while playing the Live Dealer Baccarat Game at an online or mobile-based casino site. It is imperative on your part to understand the terms and conditions so that you don’t have any problems while claiming the bonus amount.

7. Will I be accumulating comps?

In due course of time, you will be accumulating some comps while playing this particular game on your favourite casino site. However, there is a small difference regarding points from one place to another, and you may redeem those comps for real cash credits without any hassles.

8. What are the available deposit options?

There are some different banking methods available that allow you to deposit money quickly into your gaming account. Some of them are credit/debit card, electronic wire transfer, e-wallet money and prepaid vouchers.

9. Are all Live Dealer Casinos fully licensed?

All the casino sites that we have showcased on our website are completely licensed and regulated by the different gaming commissions of the world. You can have the peace of mind in the knowledge that every game is random and fair.

10. What is gameplay option settings there?

You will be able to adjust the screen size, turn on/off the chat room feature and adjust the sound effects while playing the live dealer baccarat game at the casino site. There are several other gameplay option settings available that you can change based on your gaming needs.