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Effective Tips for Playing Texas Hold’em Poker in 2024

Texas Hold’em is without a doubt one of the most popular poker games at any online casino, and available at many top UK casino sites. In this article, we'll go over the rules and introduce the best strategies that will help you increase your table winnings when playing Texas Hold’em.

Best Texas Hold’em Casinos for 2024

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Texas Hold’em Poker: Introduced!

The casino table game of Texas Hold’em poker gets its name from the fact that, for the duration of the playing of the hand, you need to keep your initial cards. In other words, you cannot “draw down” any more. It’s also called “Texas” because that’s where it was invented.

Texas Hold'em combines the perfect balance between skill and luck; you never get to see your opponents’ cards, meaning you have to use logic, or watch for “tells” to deduce what their hand is.

What is Texas Hold’em Poker?

Texas Hold'em is one of the world’s most popular card games, and uses a standard 52-card deck. Practically all of the top online poker websites will have this game in their arsenal.

The game starts with the cards being shuffled, after which the dealer will deal two “hole” cards to everyone face-down. This is followed by a possibility of receiving up to three rounds of “community” cards, which are dealt face-up, so all players can see them. Betting follows each round. The player with the best hand using a combination of hole and community cards is the winner and takes the pot.

Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

The game is a table game and is played around a single table with between 2 – 10 players. If you finish the game with the best hand, then you’ll have taken all the chips and be the winner. Each player will initially be dealt two cards, known as “hole” cards, which they hold on to throughout the game. After being dealt five more cards, called “community” cards, they then have to try and make the best hand.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

The Set Up

There are three roles in the game of Texas Hold’em poker that will rotate clockwise after each round: the dealer, Left/Big Blind, and Right/Small Blind.

The Dealer/ The Button

Before a game starts, the dealer must be chosen. This is done by each player receiving a card from a shuffled deck, with the highest card in the game becoming the dealer. Once the dealer has shuffled, the player clockwise will cut the deck. A physical button is placed in front of the acting dealer before the hand starts; hence, he’s referred to as “The Button.”

The Blinds

These are forced bets so that wagering can begin; otherwise, players would just wait until they received a good hand. The blinds make sure that there is “action” from every player and on every hand. If you’re playing tournaments, then the blinds go up at regular intervals. With a cash game, the blinds stay the same.

There are two blinds, the Left/Big and the Right/Small blinds.

  • The Right/Small Blind – This is the player seated clockwise to the dealer. He will place the initial bet to start the game.
  • The Left/Big Blind – This is the player seated clockwise to the Right Blind. They must bet at least half of the Left Blind.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker Rules:

The dealer will deal out two cards, face down to everyone, once the blinds have been added to the pot. Each player has five possible moves: Fold, Check, Bet, Call, and Raise.

  • Fold: The player surrenders their Texas Hold’em poker hands. They lose any bets made during that round, which remain in the pot.
  • Check: This is when a player passes on the possibility of placing a wager. It can only happen if no bets have been previously made in the round.
  • Bet: What a player thinks his hand is worth in terms of betting. The first bet will determine the stake amounts to follow.
  • Call: The player bets an equal amount as the previous wager (big blind).
  • Raise: The player makes a larger bet than the previous one.

Texas Hold’em Poker Rounds:

There are five rounds in each game, the Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, River, and Showdown.

  • Pre-Flop: Once the dealer has given everyone their cards, then the player clockwise to the Big Blind has the option to fold, call or raise. Play then continues clockwise around the table.
  • Flop: Three community cards are placed in the middle of the table, face up when the round starts.
  • Turn/Fourth Street: The dealer places a fourth community card with the others.
  • River/Fifth Street: The dealer places the fifth, and therefore, final community card.
  • Showdown: This is where the players need to show their cards and we get to see who’s the winner of that round. The highest score takes the pot.

The Best Starting Hand in Texas Hold’em Poker

Possessing a sound starting hand is only half the battle won. That being said, your continued chances of success will also depend on such factors as the community cards yet to be dealt, the style of play and your skill level. Everything can go south in an instant if you receive rubbish community cards. The best hole cards tend to be of the highest value.

  • Ace-Ace: A pair of aces is called either “Pocket Rockets” or “American Airlines”. This is the best of all the hole card possibilities. On average, it’s dealt every 221 times. Keep in mind that you can still lose to a pair of any other cards.
  • King-King: These are called “Cowboys” or “King Kong”. They're second only to the above as a starting hand, but be wary if someone shows an ace in the flop.
  • Queen-Queen: These are simply called “ladies”. Yes – some players might groan at receiving this hand. That’s because if either a King or an Ace shows up during the flop, then you’re probably going to be bested.
  • Ace-King (Suited): Not everyone agrees that, as a starting hand, this is the fourth strongest. It is also known as the “big slick.” If you're an optimist, then you can look at this as the beginnings of a flush, a straight or a pair with the flop. Of course, you also have the chance of a nut flush or a royal flush, as well as a straight or a high pair.

Understanding Basic Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

Once you get past the confusing jargon, the game of Texas Hold’em can be learned within a couple of rounds. Strategy-wise, there are some main points to remember:

  • The two hole cards you receive are all that sets you apart from the other players.
  • The community cards which are always face up are key to discovering what your opponents are up to. Therefore, don’t just look at them in terms of what significance they are to you, but consider their effects on the other players.
  • Most of your strategic decisions will be based around you two hole cards.
  • Don’t waste your chips chasing losses.
  • If you have a series of poor hands, just be patient. Things will get better.
  • If you see a flop, don’t be afraid to cut your losses.

How to Bet in Texas Hold’em Poker

Keep in mind that there are four rounds of betting in Texas Hold’em: the pre-flop, the post-flop, after the turn, and after the river (which is known as the showdown). Betting in all types of poker is an art. If you want to make money betting on poker, then you might need to change the way you think about betting in general. There are only two kinds of bets you should ever consider: the Value Bet or the Bluff. At the end of the day, you’ll need an understanding of how to read your opponent’s hand. One important point is not to be concerned with the actual hand he might have, but rather focus on the range of hands. The idea is to have a strategy that can narrow down his range of cards as the game proceeds.

The Value Bet

Here, betting is based on the belief that you have the best hand – or, that your opponent has a worse hand than yours. It’s a bet designed to get called by a weaker hand, and is usually placed on the last hand on the river. Keep in mind, we’re talking about the range of possible hands, as opposed to any one specific hand.

The Bluff

This is the polar opposite of the Value bet. In this case, you believe that your opponent’s hand is stronger than yours, but not strong enough to call the bet. A bluff has no chance of winning if called.

The Semi-Bluff

This bet is, at the moment of placing it, behind your opponent’s range. However, it has a chance to improve later to make the best hand. Semi-bluffs still have a good chance of winning if called.

Fixed-Limit, No-Limit & Pot-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker

In fixed-limit Hold’em, the raise is double the big blind. With no-limit, the opening raise must be at least twice the big blind at minimum. The raise can also be all the chips in the player’s possession. Finally, with pot-limit hold’em, you can wager any amount of the big blind, from the smallest allowed bet up to the present pot value.

Poker Etiquette or Do’s and Don’ts of Poker

Though a lot will depend on the setting you’re playing in, many of these rules are just basic courtesy and common sense. When you play Texas Hold’em poker, always remember to be respectful, courteous and kind.

  • You cannot transfer your chips to another person.
  • Your cards should always remain above the table.
  • Do not criticize other players' methods or standard of play.
  • Never be rude to the dealer.
  • When discarding your hand, don’t show the cards.
  • Do not play out of turn.
  • Never show your cards, unless it’s showdown.
  • Don’t try and educate other players.
  • Don’t touch other players cards or chips.
  • No one wants to hear your postmortem on the ones you missed.

Best Online Texas Hold’em Poker Bonuses in 2024

The casino sign up bonus is an important constituent of your casino game. Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring pro, good bankroll management is key to your success, and being able to take advantage of the bonuses is an important element of that. When you first come across a welcome bonus, don’t assume all is going to be smooth sailing. You should check the overall amount being offered. When will it be credited to your account? How much do you have to play in order to touch the bonus?

Having said all this, be careful what you wish for. Although going for the largest bonus might seem like a great idea, if you're a casual player, it could take time to play through your wagering requirements to be able to finally get to the the bonus – if it hasn't already expired by then. There’s something to be said about claiming a much smaller bonus and after playing through a few hands, then being able to utilise it. The takeaway here is that no matter how tempting the bonus offer, always take the time to read the small print.

Best Texas Hold’em Poker Apps

There are a huge number of great Texas Hold’em Poker apps available for both Android and iOS. Most of them are free, with in-app purchases for buying coins to bet with.

  1. Zynga Poker is probably the best-known. It does require a Facebook login, but it has a great community behind it.
  2. Texas Hold’em Poker is another app for all portable devices. Once again, it does require logging in through Facebook. However, it offers a chat feature, along with great graphics and comprehensive UX.
  3. Texas Hold’em requires no sign-up or the investing of any money. Though only for iOS at the moment, it supports up to 8 players simultaneously and 10 different gambling cities around the world.
  4. DH Texas Poker is supported by all platforms. Downloaded more than 20 million times, the game has a high rating on each of the app stores. The game features an ever-changing roster of prizes and gifts.

Best Texas Hold’em Poker Software

There are any number of software programs that have been designed to help improve your poker game. There are two types: one can help you keep track of your playing and provide data on your playing abilities, and another that runs an algorithm to help make the best decisions for any possible gameplay situation based on the odds. If you’re playing online, then many of your opponents will be using some form of software to help improve their chances of winning, meaning you should be doing the same to avoid being put at a disadvantage.

Tracker Software

All the larger poker rooms accept that tracking software is the future and are fine with its usage. Be careful, though – there is another type of program which analyses individual players over a number of years in order to spot common plays. You’ll find this is banned in all major poker rooms. 

We recommend either Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager as the best examples of this software.

Gameplay Software

For more complex gameplay programs, take a look at Poker Cruncher. This clever piece of software will analyse the game you’re playing and identify who has the weakest playing style, allowing you to crush them. Similarly, Sharkscope will gather all data in connection with playing patterns and styles, so you always have the best advice handy before you make any moves.

Difference Between Cash Games and Tournaments

There are crucial differences in the way you approach each type of game, and these should be reflected in your strategy.

Cash Games

  • Technically you have unlimited chances to win, because in cash games when you fold or bust, you can still buy in and continue playing.
  • You can play more aggressively as you’ve nothing to lose.
  • To get the maximum benefits, you should play with full stacks, as this will allow for large raises and to go all in.


  • When you’re out, that’s the end of your game. There’s no buying back in.
  • Your chips become more valuable, as you can’t buy any more.
  • The size of your chip stack will determine how you can play. A large stack can be used to intimidate a smaller one. With a smaller stack, you’ll need to play more aggressively than normal.

By nature, you’ll find weaker players at tournaments as they tend to attract beginners and recreational players. If you want to look after your bankroll, then keep in mind that, with a tournament, you can only lose as much as the initial buy-in. With a cash game, there’s no limit to your possible losses.

Best Ways to Win More Money

Playing Texas Hold’em poker gives you a better chance of turning a profit than almost all other casino games. One of the main reasons is that there's no house edge. Instead, the casino takes a rake or flat fee, meaning all you need to do is to play better than most of the other players at your table. That’s right – you don’t even need to be the best! Most of the factors that’ll help you win more simply involve some basic strategy. Let’s take a closer look below.

Play Fewer hands

Many players feel the pressure that they need to play every hand that’s dealt; successful players, however, only play maybe 35% – 40% of the hands they’re dealt. The rest they simply bust, fold or check. It’s obvious that if you start with a stronger hand, you’ll have a better chance of winning.

Only Play Against Bad Players

This might sound unbecoming, but it’s by far the best opportunity of having your bankroll boosted. As a rule, never jump in the first free seat at the table. Spend some time seeking out the weakest players. You can also always recruit these types to a private game, as well as go searching for a private game with terrible players.

Pay Attention

It’s important that, as the hands are being played, you learn how your opponents play. You’ll also be able to spot mistakes, and see whether they chase long shots or fold on the river. Once you see a pattern emerging, then you’ll be able to manipulate the situation for a more profitable game.

Play Lower Limits

Never be too stubborn to play lower-limit games, as these normally have worse players. Always take a step back and examine your hourly winnings. If by moving down a level you could win more, then don’t let pride stand in the way.

Make Use of Positive Expectation and Expected Value

It’s important that as you play, you always have one eye on creating situations that have positive expectations or positive expected value. Expectations always start with your hole cards; starting with better cards will help you win more. This is a positive expectation. Please keep in mind that expectation is a long-term situation.

Play at Night

During the day, casinos are full of regular folk having a little flutter, when you'll find lots of seniors and very little action. Come the witching hour, however, you’ll find tired players who refuse to leave and weak players who chase every hand. Perfect fodder for a poker shark to gorge on.

Texas Hold’em Poker Pros and Cons


  • A choice of “Limit” or “No-limit” games
  • “Limit” poker has weaker competition levels
  • Rounds can be played very quickly
  • Knowledge of mathematics can help
  • Can make large sums of money relatively quickly
  • Can improve your decision making and analytical skills


  • “Limit” poker has no all-in bets
  • Making money can take a long time
  • Requires a big bankroll
  • High variance could mean long losing streaks
  • No guarantee of winning thanks to the element of chance
  • Requires a huge investment of patience, time, effort and money

A Brief History of Texas Hold’em

Back in the 1920s in Texas, a certain T. “Blondie” Forbes took the credit for creating the game we all know and love today. As the game's official inventor, he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1980. Furthermore, the state of Texas recognises the town of Robstown as being the first place the game was played. The game’s popularity enjoyed a huge boost in the 1960s when a group of Texan gamblers took the game to Las Vegas. A whole casino, The Golden Nugget, was founded around poker Texas Hold’em. At the time, the game of choice was Draw Poker, which only allowed two bets. But with Texas Hold’em allowing four bets, and thus bigger winnings, it wasn’t long before the game blew up. In 1970, the first game of Texas Hold’em poker was played in a tournament in the World Series of Poker. Since then, the game has grown in popularity, and, with the dawning of the internet, Texas Hold’em poker set off for the stars and has never looked back.


Best Texas Hold'em Poker Casinos FAQs

Texas Hold’em Poker is a community card game with three main varieties. The other variants include Stud and Draw poker.

The game is played with between 2 – 10 players at a single table using a normal deck of cards.

Most beginners will place bets based only on the strength of the hand they’re holding. The size of your bet is determined by what you’re trying to accomplish.

Below is a list of hand rankings, from the greatest to the least valuable:

  • Royal Flush – The same suit, 10 through to Ace.
  • Straight Flush – Same suit of five sequential cards.
  • Four of a Kind – Four cards of the same rank are found in this hand.
  • Full House – Three of a kind, plus a pair.
  • Flush – The same suit of five cards.
  • Straight – Five sequential cards but not in the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind – Three cards with matching ranks are found in this hand.
  • Two Pair – Two pairs of cards with matching ranks but different from each other.
  • One Pair – A single pair of cards with the same rank form this hand.
  • High Card – The highest card wins if no one has any pairs.

A poker tell refers to any action by a player that might inadvertently give away information about the strength of their poker hand. They may include things such as making eye contact and the nervous chatter made whilst seated at the table.

Yes, there are, including: Double Board Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Pineapple Hold’em and No Limit/Limit.

The simplest method is by playing more. You can’t beat real experience. Other than that, we suggest that you start reading all you can on poker strategy. Finally, watching games on TV is a great learning tool. Once you understand all the rather confusing terms, then the TV commentary is a huge help for budding players. Apart from all this, make sure you check out our list of the best poker casinos.

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