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Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Review | How to play, RTP and more!

Gonzo returns in search of more gold with the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live casino slot game by NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. Read more about how to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, its RTP, Paytable, and more!

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Background

Back in 2011, Gonzo’s Quest took the gaming world by storm, leading NetEnt to their first platinum release.

Unlike his real-life counterpart, Gonzo hasn’t partially colonized South America. While this certainly gains him plus points, it’s the excellent games he features in which make him a favourite. NetEnt has achieved a reputation for smooth and fun to play titles within the industry.

Since then, NetEnt has also released a popular Megaways™ title, expanding the Gonzo series: Gonzo’s Quest Megaways™. Now, they’re treating us once more to bring us, through a partnership Evolution Gaming, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Evolution Gaming are known for their excellent live casino and game show titles, so you can be sure that this team-up is a great one. You can be sure that players will now be looking out for their favourite Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Casino.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Design

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt combines a slots-style experience with a live game show, and according to Evolution Gaming themselves, they’re the first to do that!

Centre stage you’ll find a grid 7 stones wide and 10 stones tall. Gonzo himself will be standing to the left of this grid, with the live game show presenter to the right. The presenter is decked out in full jungle-exploration clothes, which really reminded us of the Indiana Jones movies.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, of course receives their usual polish. Animations are smooth and clear, and the live presenter perfectly blends in with the rest of the environment. Impressively, even his shadow falls properly on all the animated set pieces!

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Playing Gonzo’s live game is straightforward and easy. The game itself is sectioned into several progressive play stages. This makes it really easy to grasp what you’re meant to be doing at any given stage, as there’s only one or two actions required for each one.

1. Stone Selection

In this first stage, you’re presented with 6 different coloured stones with a multiplier number associated with each one. Check out the table below:

  • Brown Stones = 1×
  • Orange Stones = 2×
  • Purple Stones = 4×
  • Green Stones = 8×
  • Blue Stones = 20×
  • Red Stones = 65×

At this stage you’ll select which of these stones you’ll be betting on. The higher the multiplier on the stone, the less likely you’ll manage to find it during the hunting stage (covered later).

During this stage you’ll also be selecting the number of searches you’ll want to make for these stones. The game calls these ‘picks’ and they’re represented by a hand symbol. You can select up to 20 picks each round. Your final bet amount will depend on the number of stones you’ve selected to search for, multiplied by the number of picks.

If your bet amount is 1 coin for example, and you place one bet on each of green, blue and red stones with 5 picks, your final bet amount will be 15 coins. 3 coins (1 for each of the stones) multiplied by 5 picks.

2. Shuffling of Stones

Once the timer for the previous section is up, the grid wall will now be shuffled. The whole wall will start rotating about the centre column. The stone faces that were on it will now be replaced by a blank grid wall, ready for your hunt!

3. Hunting for Stones

Now’s your time to shine! Remember the picks from earlier? This is the moment you’ll be putting them to good use. Choose the spots on the 7 by 10 grid which you think have the stones you bet on behind them. Of course, the more picks you selected earlier, the more spots on the wall you can choose.

The stones themselves will be randomly placed all across the wall, so it’s a little tough to strategise at this point. They might randomly cluster up on any one area of the wall or be evenly spread. It’s up to you what kind of pattern you want to go for with your picks.

Keep in mind that like the other stages, this one is timed too. If you’re the indecisive type and don’t place all your picks on the wall in time, the game will randomly assign them for you. That means you won’t have to worry too much! They won’t go to waste.

4. Prize Drops

This is Gonzo’s star moment! As soon as the timer’s up from the previous stage, the little 4-foot conquistador whips out a golden key that is 3/4ths of his size. After placing it in the keyhole to the side of the grid wall and twisting it, the top of the grid wall starts spinning. It’s almost like a sideways reel of its own.

This reel has all the special prizes and multipliers for the round. A thinner reel of stones settles right beneath it acting almost like a sieve. It allows some of the prizes that show up to fall through and interact with the grid wall while others stay stuck above. Check out the full list of possible drops:

  • Bonus Prizes: These fall on a random stone from the column beneath and give it plus points.
  • Multipliers: Again, these fall on a stone from the below column but multiply its hidden value.
  • Re-Drop: You can tell which ones these are from their symbol, it almost looks like a refresh button. As you might imagine, these symbols re-spin the top prize reel. Each round may have up to 10 re-drops!

5. Reveal!

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all round! As soon as the prize drop stage is over, the hidden stones are turned over and revealed. This is done in order of how big the multiplier value of each stone is. So that means first the brown 1× stones get revealed, then the orange 2×, and so on until that singular magical red 65× is revealed.

You’ll of course be hoping that the picks you placed earlier turned out to be on the stones you had placed bets on. Apart from this, you’ll definitely want those prize drops from earlier to have landed on the picked positions.

Any stone revealed beneath a pick that you hadn’t bet on will be a loss for that pick. This is symbolized by a cracked stone as soon as it’s revealed.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Features

So what kind of special features should you look out for? Well, as we said, there’s the prize drop feature which can really make your day, especially if you line up a couple of prize re-drops in a row. You’ll keep the points soaring and the wins coming!

The game’s combination of live elements with slots-style gameplay is really a feature in itself too. This combo can really appeal to players who want to dip their toes into live games. This of course applies vice versa for live game players. Having a time-limit and a live host can really spice gameplay up compared to some other slots. So this might just be what you’ve been looking for!

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt RTP and Payouts

The theoretical RTP for Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is set around 96.56% but really this is dependent on which stones you pick. Check out the table below for more details:
Gonzo's Treasure Hunt RTP and Payouts

  • Max Win possible on an individual stone is 20,000×.
  • Minimum Bet is set at £/€0.10
  • Maximum Bet is set at £/€1.
  • The maximum allowable win amount per game round is £/€1,000,000.

Overall, we’d also classify this game as volatile. You could have dry spells of little to no wins but then be surprised with a big collection. While we don’t think praying to Gonzo will make any difference, you should keep an eye out on those prize drops. They can really make or break a round!


  • Innovative combo of slots gameplay and live hosts
  • Exciting stacking re-drops
  • Excellent graphics with mobile and VR support


  • Lacking a bonus game which could disappoint some
  • Not much live interaction apart from the host
  • No free play demo available

Strategy – How to Win Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

In terms of strategy, you could go for a couple of different ways to play this game.

  1. You could either stick to a select few tiles, but with a large number of picks. This means you’d be hoping to hunt down enough of those picked tiles for a profit over the total bet amount.
  2. Alternatively, you could go big and bet on all the stones, with any number of picks you want. This practically guarantees that you’ll land a stone, but it might not be enough to pay back your bet. With this strategy you’ll be hoping that the collective multipliers will add up, rather than hitting any single one.

Of course, most people will go for a hybrid of these two, and that’s a perfectly good strategy in itself.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt on Mobile

Naturally, Gonzo’s Treasure hunt will work perfectly on all your mobile devices, be they Android or iOS, phones or tablets. We’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for some of the best mobile casinos. Regardless, you can rest assured that NetEnt and Evolution have optimized this game to run smoothly and well on anything you might want to play it on. In fact, it has a hidden trick up its sleeve!

Virtual Reality Compatibility

That’s right, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is even compatible with VR headsets! It’s the first live casino game to offer this function. You’ll of course need the headset and controllers to play. The UI will be adapted to a 360-degree view, with video content all around. If you’re looking for full casinos which support virtual reality, check out some other VR Casinos.


Unsurprisingly, this Gonzo live game is excellent, coming from two heavyweights in the industry. We’re looking forward to seeing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in Casinos. It’s got excellent graphics and exciting gameplay. This is partially due to it being something new that we haven’t seen much of before. It’s always great when there’s innovation and we’re happy to see it!

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt FAQs

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Casinos include Playamo and KingBilly among others, check out our full table on Top10 Casino Sites

The average RTP is around 96.56%, but it really depends on the stones themselves.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free demo available for this game.

Depending on your playstyle, you could go for a limited number of stones and loads of picks, the opposite, or a mix!

You can win Gonzo’s live game by managing to pick the spots on the grid wall which are hiding the stones you have bet on.

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