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How To Use Slot Tracker To Improve Your Gameplay in 2024

Slot Tracker is one of the most useful tools to keep a record when spinning at online slots and discover the highest paying casinos.  It does so by compiling key data from thousands of players on average RTP, payouts, and bonus features among others. Here’s how to use these insights to improve your online slots strategy and take your gameplay to the next level!

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Slot Tracker casinos are gambling sites verified to work with the innovative tool!

What Is Slot Tracker?

Every player wants to make smart decisions when selecting an online slot and betting real money, especially for the first time.

Whilst key data like RTP, number of paylines and bonus features have always been helpful, until recently, there was no centralized database where you could see how the best real-money slots compared to each other in real time.

Some of us are also just plain skeptical by nature. It’d be nice to have an independent tool that verifies the specifications listed by the developer, and provides extra details, wouldn’t it?

Slot Tracker aims to deliver just that – a data-driven tool that will help you make inspired bets and get in-depth insights about your favourite online slots, casinos and providers, such as hit rate or profit & loss.

So far, the tool has tracked over 95 million slot spins from 7700 community members! Once you register and start spinning, not only do you get valuable insights into your own spins, but you can make a valuable contribution for the next players, too!

Similar complex data is gathered from over 1140 licensed online casinos. Leading names on the gambling market are integrated with Slot Tracker’s console, such as LeoVegas, Rizk or EnergyCasino.

In just a few clicks, you can see the maximum win ever recorded on these platforms, the total value of the wins, the RTP score (calculated from real spins) and more!

How Does Slot Tracker Work?

The Slot Tracker tool was designed by a team of gambling enthusiasts, who wanted to see which online slots were the best choice over the long haul in terms of payout.

The tool uses real world data collected from thousands of real casino players, and millions of real slot spins. It then works out the real-world metrics of the games the data is collected from, providing you with all the juicy details!

As such, to compile the biggest amount of relevant data, they developed two distinct systems, as part of the same tool. It’s important to understand them both when learning how to use Slot Tracker:

  • The Slot Tracker Browser Extension – available once you download an extension pack from the official Slot Tracker website, unzip the files and integrate it on your browser of choice. The extension gives you real-time insights from over 3.5k online slots, including player favourites, such as Book of Dead, Starburst or Reel Rush.As soon as you start spinning, it’ll also track relevant data about your gameplay, such as RTP or bonus frequency. The browser extension acts as a middle man between the current slot you’re spinning at and the Slot Tracker console.
  • The Slot Tracker Console – you can use the console only after you register a new account on the website. The console provides access to community stats about thousands of slots, online casinos and software providers, such as NetEnt or Yggdrasil. It is split into 5 main areas – dashboard, slots, casinos, providers and activity.

How To Use Slot Tracker: Your Complete Guide

In order to use Slot Tracker, first you need to create an account. While it’s a slightly involved process, it’ll only take 5 minutes of your time if you follow our steps below, and it’s completely free!

  1. Visit the official  Slot Tracker website.
  2. Use the ”Sign-Up” option on the right-side menu of the homepage.
  3. Complete the form with your personal details (username, e-mail, password).
  4. You will get a verification e-mail.
  5. Click on the ”activate your account” button from the e-mail body.
  6. Your account is now up and running!

After downloading the browser extension and unpacking the files, you have to enable developer mode and click on a gray tracker icon, which you’ll find listed on the browser address bar. Do keep in mind that you have to follow these steps without being logged in yet, otherwise the tool will not start tracking.

After you log in, you’ll be prompted to activate the console:


Don’t forget to click on the ”start tracking” option to receive live data about your gameplay.


On the bottom of your dashboard, you can find the community statistics, which are a goldmine, if you want to know how much data active users have compiled.

At the time of writing, more than 65 000 000 total spins have been recorded, from 1299 online casinos. The good thing is that the numbers only bound to go up!

<strong>Is More Data Better?</strong> Is More Data Better?

The more individual spins, slots, and casinos tracked by the tool, the more indicative of your real-world experience their data can be. This is because all results get averaged out, providing a more accurate statistic!

Slot Tracker Insights: What Data Can You Find?

Slot Tracker is a comprehensive tool that gathers a wide range of insights about online slots, software providers, online casinos and your activity on the platform. Here are just some examples:

Slot Insights


If you’ve never used the tool before and it hasn’t gotten a chance to track your slot progress yet, don’t worry, you can still get plenty of valuable information from other players.

All you need to do is insert the name of the game you’re after in the search bar, then open its dedicated slot page. Here you will see detailed community data next to your personal data, including the total number of spins, total jackpots won or the RTP score.

A slot RTP tracker is useful because it gives you real world data, which can be easily compared to that stated by the game or casino.

Other unique types of slot data we highly recommend you look into are:

This refers to how much money was invested in a slot machine and taken out as wins. It’s calculated as an average between the total RTP and the Total Spins.

You can accurately see both your profit & loss on a particular slot, but also how that fares compared to other community members

Every slot machine has some level of volatility, and that affects both your payout size and the win frequency. Slot Tracker will show you the volatility level on a coloured scale, so you know what to choose depending on your budget and risk tolerance. High volatility slots pay big-size wins less frequently, whilst low volatility slots pay more frequently, but the size of the wins is smaller.

Here you can see the hit rate of the slot, in other words, the percentage of the total spins that resulted in a winning combination, plus the best recorded win (e.g. 5000x your stake) and the monetary value in brackets (€15,108.00, if we stick to the Book of Dead example)

This is represented as a coloured pie chart, where one side displays the bonus game wins and the other side displays the base game wins.

Online Casino Insights


Slot Tracker accurately tracks both your data and community data from dozens of UK-based and EU licensed online casinos, such as Rizk, Mr. Green or Lapalingo.

Every platform gets its dedicated page that you can look over, which will help you decide if you’ve made the right choice using key statistical info. For the first time, you can see if the stated win rates and the real-world RTP scores promoted on the casino’s website actually match the player’s lived experiences!

You can find detailed information, such as the total number of spins, the invested money vs. the sums taken out as wins (in/out ratio), biggest win recorded, the RTP score and the profit/loss.

Lastly, this app can also work as a casino bonus tracker – you can see the total number of bonuses paid out by the casino, and the average size of the win.

Software Provider Insights


Choosing the right software provider is paramount, especially if you want to make sure you get fair odds, competitive RTP rates and the best bonus features you can bet on!

Slot Tracker also evaluates some of the most well-known software suppliers, even newer gaming studios, such as Yggdrasil, Blueprint Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Thunderkick or Scientific Games.

Each provider gets its own listing and you will benefit from the same complex statistical data we’ve seen for online casinos (total spins, profit & loss, hit rate, win ratio, bonuses etc.).

Why Use Slot Tracker? Key Advantages

Using Slot Tracker delivers plenty of perks, particularly for seasoned players. You no longer have to spend ages looking for the right online slot, developer or casino.

Makes sense, right? Transparent data was already supplied by other community members and is up for grabs!

It would be impossible for a single person to compile this much information on their own, so using Slot Tracker is a lot more convenient and a true time-saver!

Moreover, you can track your own progress, which will be saved in an activity log present in the tool's console. This way, you can contribute to the community and evaluate your own gameplay on a day-to-day basis.

Why Choose a Slot Tracker Casino?

You may be wondering – are there any distinct benefits to choosing an online casino listed on Slot Tracker, as opposed to a regular gambling site? The answer is a sound yes! Here’s why:

Increased Transparency

Online casinos that allow a tool such as Slot Tracker to get insights into their games and bonuses have nothing to hide and they are fully transparent, in the best way possible.

They are certain they provide value and are willing to have data support it. That is why you will only find high-quality online casinos listed, which are leaders on their respective markets (e.g. Casumo or Grosvernor).

Great RTP & Win Potential

The gambling sites listed on Slot Tracker offer high RTP scores of 91%-99% on average, with total wins ranging from thousands to even a few million euro!

Furthermore, the fact that you can see them all in a single directory, side by side, enables you to make a quick and informed decision in just a few seconds.

Verified Games

When choosing an online casino integrated with Slot Tracker, you can be sure that their games are verified for fairness. They all work with the well-known software providers, such as Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play.

Some of them even have eCOGRA certifications to prove the games have been tested independently, for example Unibet.

Supports Responsible Gambling

Online casinos listed on Slot Tracker are licensed by prestigious authorities, such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

As such, they are required by law to comply with responsible gambling initiatives, collaborate with specialized organizations such as Gamcare and provide support for vulnerable players on their platforms (e.g. self-exclusion).

Slot Tracker Safety and Reliability

If the idea of anyone tracking your data makes you feel uncomfortable, we understand your concern, particularly in the ever-connected, digital age of today.

Slot Tracker puts those concerns at ease by guaranteeing your security and privacy in two different ways:

  • Secure files – the Slot Tracker platform uses cryptography to ensure that all data you download for the browser extension comes directly from the developers and has not been corrupted in any way
  • SSL encryption – any information you share with the Slot Tracker tool is secured via the SSL certificate installed on the platform, whether that’s your e-mail address or your spin data. Also, because the platform complies with the latest EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, you can rest assured that your data will not get shared with any third parties without your consent

Slot Tracker Disadvantages and Shortcomings

Although Slot Tracker is a very complex and handy tool for beginner and seasoned gamblers, it is certainly not perfect. At the current moment, its biggest downside is that it hasn’t gathered enough data, meaning that results are not as accurate as they could be, particularly on newer games.

If you browse through the list of online slots, you’ll see that only roughly 3.5k have been tracked, the vast majority being classic titles like Dead or Alive 2 or Starburst. This number is rather low and, if you’re a fan of brand-new launches, you might not find your favourite game listed yet.

This can only get better though!

If more players understand the value of Slot Tracker in the future and decide to monitor their progress, this shortcoming could soon be rectified, as the size of the community also grows exponentially. That means more spins, more data, and more accurate statistics!

Alternatives to Slot Tracker

Right now, Slot Tracker is one of the most competitive tools on the market, since it provides an impressive amount of data in a single spot.

With that said, there are other alternatives you can look into as well, if you want relevant stats on particular slot types.

Jackpot Slot Trackers

Do keep in mind that Slot Tracker will generally only track progressive jackpot slots like Age of The Gods or Mega Moolah, and provide statistical information, such as hit frequency, value and recent wins.

This kind of slot jackpot tracker can also help you determine when that next jackpot is likely to hit!

Live Casino Trackers

If you prefer your casino games with a slice of authenticity and interactivity, then you should also look into popular live casino trackers, such as Tracksino.

They track the most popular live dealer games and live casino game shows, such as Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Crazy Time or Lightning Roulette.

How Live Casino Trackers Work How Live Casino Trackers Work

A live casino game tracker like this one works much the same as the slot games software mentioned above. Among their key insights, you can find data about spin history, total winners, latest multipliers, results of the bonus games, payout amounts and the biggest wins recorded.

Slot Tracker – A Summary

Slot Tracker is a valuable tool to use if you’re interested in keeping accurate records of your gameplay and compare your stats to other players.

It provides updated information about your go-to online slots, software providers and gambling sites. Although the tool is incredibly complex in terms of the data it tracks, both its browser extension and console are easy to use and beginner-friendly!

Slot Tracker FAQs

Slot Tracker is a tool developed by a team of gambling experts, which allows you to compare your gameplay data with other players, all in a centralized database.

Many top casino sites licensed in the UK and EU allow Slot Tracker, for example Unibet, Energy Casino and Rizk.


Yes, you need to sign-up to use Slot Tracker and provide some personal details, such as e-mail address and password.

Yes. Slot Tracker is a legit tool to use, with no security concerns – your personal data is encrypted and the company abides by all GDPR requirements. Moreover, Slot Tracker is covered by the Maltese Data Protection Act.

Slot Tracker allows you to make informed choices and smarter bets by compiling statistical data on your gameplay and the other users’ spins, all at once. You can gather valuable information you can’t find anywhere else, such as total profit and loss or bonus frequency. This will help you significantly improve your online slots strategy over the long-term.

No. You can create an account on Slot Tracker for free. Downloading the installation files for the browser extension is also free.