Top Casino Streamers in 2021 – Your Ultimate Guide

A casino live stream allows you to watch a live broadcast on your mobile, desktop computer or laptop. You can sit back and relax as you watch casino streamer players spin through classic slots or table games such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack while they take home massive wins, or sometimes, slowly and painfully deplete their balance.

Who are Casino Streamers?

Having only kicked off within the last five years, live casino streamers are fast gaining traction as entertainment; both educational and fun to watch. Casino streamers have been around since about 2015, yet only recently gained in popularity, and are real money spinners for both casinos and affiliates.

Popular sites to stream from include online casinos with a large selection of games, especially slots. Favourites include Betsson, Guts and Mr Green, as well as UK casino sites such as bet365(#Ad), Ladbrokes and Betfair. The beauty of casino streaming is that you really don’t know what the outcome will be, which goes some way to explaining the increasing popularity of this modern gaming phenomenon – it's certainly quickly becoming one of the most exciting casino features out there. 

Casino Streamers Today

Casino streaming is becoming more and more commercial. Some players think that this harms the credibility of casino streamers, with an increasing number of operators using this as a novel approach to online marketing. For example, the Swedish powerhouse casino LeoVegas has acquired a streaming service to exclusively stream games from their catalogue. Competition between operators can be aggressive, and online casinos are constantly exploring new avenues of marketing techniques, with casino live streaming being a state-of-the-art marketing method for attracting new players.


Live Streaming Giveaways

Viewer competitions have always been a great way to attract new audiences to streaming channels, be it for casino streaming or streaming of any other nature. Most competitions will take the form of a prize draw or raffle, and the intention of the casino live streaming channel is to encourage players to subscribe and hopefully sign up with the affiliated casino to enjoy a long lasting relationship with their chosen operator. 

Casino live streaming giveaways are incredibly simple to take part in; usually, all you have to do is sign up to the streaming platform and opt in. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed, of course.

Not only do casino live streamers organise competitions for viewers, they often have a philanthropic aspect and arrange charity giveaways, where all funds donated to the channel are passed on to the chosen charity. 


Where Can I Watch Casino Streamers and Live Streaming Slots Games?

There are two main players with the widest variety of casino live streaming: Twitch, and a little-known video-sharing platform called YouTube. Yep, it’s not just for watching cats do ridiculous things.



Bursting onto the scene in 2011, Twitch has skyrocketed in popularity, with over 100,000,000 unique visitors to the platform and over 1.7 million streamers registered on the live video streaming site. The front runner in the live game streaming race, Twitch is the go-to for most viewers wishing to watch casino streaming, with the added element of a chat box so viewers can communicate with the streamer as they play.

Not only does Twitch enable players to be able to view their favourite or soon-to-be favourite slot, it's a bustling community for players where they can exchange ideas, ask questions and discuss strategies.


YouTube Live

The number one video hosting service for millions internationally, YouTube is more than just videos of snotty yet adorable kids and countless travel vlogs. The Youtube website recently started a live streaming service, and although it’s not as popular as Twitch, it does have the added benefit of enabling streamers to broadcast to multiple platforms.


Which Platform is Better for Viewing Casino Streamers?

Twitch has more variety (and subscribers) when it comes to live casino streaming as well as a more user-friendly experience, with superior design and easier navigation. Moreover, as the site's dominant demographic is people of a younger age, YouTube is more likely to remove casino live streaming content or ban it completely.

Twitch, therefore, is most definitely the premier live casino streaming platform.


Top 10 Casino Live Streaming Channels

With a large number of casino live streaming channels in the mix, it can be difficult to find a channel that is reputable, knowledgeable and also popular within the streaming community. We’ve done the leg work for you and compiled the very best casino live streaming channels in the world.


1. Agusbob Casino Streamer (Twitch)

Having partnered with operators such as Roobet and the crypto casino, Agusbob takes the gold medal with over 211,000 viewers. An Argentinian gambling/gaming channel, Agusbob’s niche is live casino streaming as opposed to casino live streaming, where live casino is the primary focus.


2. DocJazy (Twitch)

While technically not a medical doctor, you could say DocJazy channel certainly takes a scientific approach to online gaming. The Frenchman currently has over 137k followers on Twitch, while his YouTube channel has over 1,180,000 subscribers. DocJazy is affiliated with, Magical Spin and Cbet.


3. ROSHTEIN (Twitch)

Pitching himself as “A Casino-philosopher with an incredible technique”, ROSHTEIN's 391k followers no doubt agree. Casino affiliates include Betamo, novibet, JOO Casino, N1 Casino, Slotty Vegas, Mr Green and many, many more!



Polish streamer HOMESwKASYNIE is a newbie to the streaming game, yet this doesn’t mean that his channel is anything but brilliant. Emanating a down-to-earth atmosphere and approachability, HOMESwKASYNIE is sure to be on a meteoric rise to the highest ranks of slot streaming.


5. ClassyBeef Casino Streamer (Twitch)

A Malta-based casino streaming channel, the interestingly named ClassyBeef channel is one of pure adrenaline and excitement, and attracts more than 5,000 live viewers, with a total of 87.500 followers. Streaming Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 2pm (CET), these chaps are a great laugh if you enjoy a little humour sprinkled on your real money slots stream. ClassyBeef is partnered with King Billy, Jackpot Village, Royal Panda, Wazamba, Nomini, Rembrandt Casino, Energy Casino and Casimba, among many others.


6. Immortal (Twitch)

Run by a 31 year-old Bulgarian named Martin, Immortal streams a mix of casino games and non-monetised gaming. Boasting 131k followers in total, it's safe to say that Martin is certainly doing something right. Perhaps the combination of streaming both casino and regular games could be the secret ingredient to attracting such a large audience. Immortal is affiliated with Roobet and GGBet.


7. CrazyDomme (Twitch)

Hailing from Germany, CrazyDomme is fast becoming a Twitch sensation with his slot streaming channel. One of CrazyDomme’s most popular streams to date is when he landed a massive win on Danger: High Voltage. It’s one hell of a reaction. Frank Casino, and Unique Casino are some of the sites CrazyDomme is affiliated with.


8. JackSlots (Twitch)

Never one to over-egg the pudding, the no-nonsense description for this Twitch channel simply states “JackSlots stream slots”. Well, at least we know exactly where we are with this one. JackSlots is partnered with some of your favourite online casino operators, including Playzee, Casumo and Sloty.


9. NickSlots (Twitch)

A.k.a. ‘The Yorkshire Gambler!’, NickSlots is a popular streaming channel with 29k viewers. Affiliated with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Party Casino, Rizk and Dunder, NickSlots is one to keep an eye on.


10. CasinoDaddy (Twitch)

With 29k viewers and the father of live casino streaming, CasinoDaddy is a channel dedicated to streaming slots. Hosted by three Swedish iGaming enthusiasts, it’s not just their incredibly charming accents that enamour followers, but also the sheer passion that these young gamers exude.


How to Become a Casino Live Streamer

Fancy yourself as a casino live streamer? Setting up a casino live stream is a simple process, although gaining a loyal audience is less so. Most streamers say that it takes a minimum of one year to gain recognition within the community. Being passionate and knowledgeable about casino games is essential. It should also go without saying that you need to be comfortable in front of the camera. There’s nothing worse than a casino live streamer that looks like they really don’t want to be there.

If you think you’ve got the chops to cut it in the casino streaming world, then read on as we take you through the technical aspects of setting up for glittering career as a pro casino live streamer.


Technical Requirements to be a Casino Streamer

  1. Sign up (if you haven’t already) on Twitch and YouTube live.
  2. To stream, you need a program called Open Broadcast Software. If you’re not very technically-minded and are having trouble getting this up and running, there are countless videos and guides online.
  3. To simultaneously stream on both Twitch and YouTube, you’ll be required to use a service called restream. It’s completely free to use and you can even log in with your Twitch account.
  4. If you want to stream in 720p (the average resolution for viewing on laptops), you’ll need a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbit per second to ensure you don’t suffer from visual/audio drop outs and/or a glitchy video stream.
  5. If you really, really don’t like being on camera, you could stream audio instead of video, although this will inhibit your reach and decrease your potential viewers. In this case, you’ll need a mid-range, external microphone to ensure audio clarity.


Take Part in the Experience Yourself!

Some casinos are taking full advantage of the rise in streaming and incorporating this phenomenon by letting all their players take part in the action themselves. ComeOn! casino has begun hosting WeSpin, a streaming service that allows viewers to place their stakes while watching the stream themselves, meaning you'll get a part of the win if the streamer lands on the jackpot!


What the Future Holds for Casino Streamers

To date, casino streamers can broadcast with relative freedom, subject to only a few minor restrictions such as compliance to their streaming site. Online casino regulation is becoming tighter and tighter with some countries, such as Sweden banning marketing and certain promotions completely. Will this one day extend to casino live streaming? Our crystal ball is a little cloudy on this one, but we’re hoping that both viewers and streamers alike will face an enjoyable, long-lasting relationship. Read about British Casino.


Casino Live Streaming FAQs

❓ Are the wins shown by casino streamers real? 

100%. As casino live streams broadcast directly from an online casino, the wins (and losses) are completely genuine.

❓ Do casino operators increase the RTP of a slot for casino live streaming? 

RTP is set by the game provider and is therefore non-variable. Casino operators do not have the technical capability to skew this for the benefit of casino live streaming. Not only that, it’d be downright sneaky.

❓ Do casino streaming channels make a lot of money?

It varies greatly, with the average casino live streamer earning around €5,000 a month from affiliate sign-ups after deducting losses on games. The top streamers can be looking at a staggering €100,000 monthly pay packet during peak times.



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