Illegal Online Gambling Sites Blocked by Israel Government

israel illegal gamblingAfter a court ruling, the Israel government has moved to block several illegal online gambling sites in the country.

A district court judge based in Tel Aviv has ruled in favour of a cyber unit of Attorney General Office of Israel. As a result of the ruling, the cyber unit now restricts local people from accessing three illegal gambling sites namely P2V Bet, 1xBet and Toto Bet 777.

When it comes to gambling in Israel, the government has been pretty strict, and it is illegal in most of the parts. Only two forms of gambling allowed in the country and they are sports betting and lottery. None of the companies based over here is permitted to operate their gambling business online.

In spite of this ban, many different gambling companies have been operating their business out of the limelight and away from the watchful eyes of the government.

Like for instance, 888 Holdings is listed in the London Stock Exchange, and the company is founded by a group of Israeli people. The marketing and subsidiary unit of the company is situated in Israel at the moment.

Playtech, the reputed software development company, is also listed in the London Stock Exchange and is having its marketing subsidiary and technical support team situated in this country.

Other important parties in the world of casino gambling that make use of Israeli staff are William Hill and Ladbrokes Coral. The marketing operation of both these casinos is based in Israel.

What is Behind the Court Ruling?

The court ruling to block the illegal gambling sites is based on a law passed in Israel in 2017 that gives power to several districts to block the IP address of several websites that promote evil or unlawful content online.

Since the approval of the law, several government authorities have blocked dozens of illegal websites. Some have even questioned the efficiency of the approach led by these authorities as ISP or Internet Service Provider need to prevent such illicit sites in Israel.

Many are of the opinion that the people behind the working of illegal websites should be publically prosecuted instead of just blocking the IP address and prohibiting access by local people. Jonathan Klinger, a lawyer in Israel, is spearheading the digital rights movement in the country and is behind this notion.

It is said that blocking the IP address of illegal gambling sites is a straightforward approach implemented by the government. In fact, in future, it would be wise to prosecute the culprits behind promoting such websites.

Other Countries Involved in Blacklisting

It is imperative that the government should block access to certain websites from the citizens of the country especially those which promotes violence, terrorism and other forms of crime. It is essential that such policies should be adequately implemented else they would get out of hand if conducted improperly.

Several countries have blacklisted the rogue casino operators. While some countries have permanently banned some websites for casino gambling while other nations have banned access to rogue sites that don’t have proper license or regulation from a particular jurisdiction to offer gambling service to people.

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