Gaming Time Travel from Arcades to Online Slot Machines

casino gamesIn the past couple of decades, the world of gaming has gone through a series of tremendous and unbelievable transformations. Thanks to the digital revolution and the advent of the internet, they have helped a lot in saving time and getting access to better information quickly. At the same time, it allows people to do fun things in different ways.

However, the past will be the best source of inspiration for fresh ideas and creation of arcade-themed online slots. In this post, we urge you to join us on time travel through the gaming universe and check how the favourite arcade games of the past are entertaining casino players of a present generation.

Arcade Game Invasion by the Space Invaders

The history of the computer games would be incomplete without mentioning the name of the arcade games. It was a prevalent cult phenomenon that took the world by storm in the late 1970s. It was then when Space Invaders game was released by Tomohiro Nishikado. Moreover, this game is known as the first killer application for the video console games. The game invaded the world and became an all-time famous game.

This game paved the way for the modern video gaming and opened the doors of the video game entertainment industry to the general public. Over the years, the game was re-released and had few sequels. What is more interesting to note that the game was a source of inspiration for many other video games.

The primary objective of Space Invaders is to use a laser cannon for defeating an alien invasion and earn many points in due course of time. The game was released in Japan and used motifs from popular media like The War of the Worlds which is a science fiction novel telling about the conflict between the humans and aliens, Breakout which is an arcade game with the ball and a row of bricks, and Star Wars which is a world famous space franchise.

Retro Game Transformed into Modern Video Slot

Do you know that Space Invaders game compelled Bank of Japan to triple its production of 100-Yen banknotes to satisfy the need for fueling machines? It is worth mentioning that this original arcade game was the source of inspiration behind the first ever eSports event that took place in 1980 under the name National Space Invader Tournament. Isn’t that sound impressive and exciting?

So, the question arises what the connection between playing the Space Invaders arcade game and enjoying it as a slot game at online casinos is? The link lies in the fact that the player must have good gaming skills and dexterity in playing the game.

And this is the main reason that Playtech, which is world famous game software provider, has come up with the online slot version of the Space Invaders where players get the chance to save the planet from the extraterrestrial enemies.

How to Play Space Invaders Slot Game

Although the slot version of this arcade game might sound old fashioned for many players but you should know it is one hell of a video slot game. The game will make you glued to the screen, and you get to enjoy elements like flying saucers, planets, monsters, spaceships and not to forget the aliens. The highest value symbol is the planet where you get the reward of 150 times of your initial stake amount.

The exciting and unique features of the Space Invaders slot game are UFO Wild and Invaders Turn Wild. You can use both these features to blast away the target, and you will earn free spins or wild symbols in return and make you get close to the jackpot money.

You should know that retro gaming is back in fashion and growing in prominence in today’s time. It apparently means that you will witness similar online slot games that are inspired by the gaming champions back in the 1980s and 1990s.

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