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Gambling at Esports Casinos is not just a passion for nerdy types who spend way too much time in front of their desktop. It’s an online casino vertical that is growing rapidly due to its exhilarating nature and fast-paced action.

Top UK Esports Casinos

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Most Important

What are Esports? A comprehensive overview of the different Esports games

Find out which games win players' hearts

Discover the various markets for you to be on with Esports

Hail the biggest and best Esports teams on the planet

We look at the evolution of Esports and the future of this gaming movement

What are Esports

As the ‘E’ suffix may suggest, Esports are electronic games, or video games if you like. Esports are a huge business with competition prizes commanding multi-million-pound awards for the most dextrous, hardworking and those displaying exemplary hand-eye coordination.  Esports takes the form of multiplayer video game tournaments and the greatest aspect of Esports is that you can now bet on them – adding to the already pixel busting excitement of the game.

To put some perspective on how popular this sport is, the League of Legends (LoL) Mid-Season Invitational 2018 attracted over 60,000,000 viewers online and over 7,000 people in live attendance. The top players themselves earn over $3,000,000 dollars (perhaps those long hours playing Goldeneye on your SNES could be put to some use) although, it comes with a price. Long hours practicing plus the physical and demanding nature of this sport can prove incredibly stressful.

Esports are great fun to wager on, especially if you’re a fan of the games being played. More popular with the young adult audience and especially within Asian markets, Esports casinos are levelling up continuously.


Esport Betting Markets at Esports Casinos

As with every other casino betting market, the best Esports casino come with a wide variety of enticing markets for you to wager on. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular markets you could have a flutter on.


Match Winner

Seen by many as the simplest form of betting on Esports; wagering on a Match Winner market is a great way to test the water before diving straight into the Esports betting ocean. Although a simple bet to place, match betting requires a fair bit of knowledge and planning than say on a basketball game.


Tournament Winner

Should you be a player that enjoys a wager with longevity and more twists and turns than Silverstone, as you see a tournament progress, then betting on Tournament Winner is the perfect market for you. If you favour a perfect team, it’s a great opportunity to show solidarity to your particular gaming squad.


First Map

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a superb First Map market to bet on. To win a First Map bet, you wager on which team will win the first map. Popular in FPS, these wagers are excellent if a given team is on a roll with longer odds given to the underdog team or teams that have a talent for taking the first map.


First Kill

First blood! (not the classic Sylvester Stallone movie). This is a simple market, and yet again relies on some deep research who the entry flaggers (first player in) on each team can help weed out the best bets and give you a foot up on comparing odds.


Odd And Even Bets

Similar to betting on Football, odd and even bets allow you to wager on whether certain stats will be odd or even. This could include the number of maps won, rounds, games or number of kills. This market is purely luck-based, with no skill or research required.


The most Popular Esports Games

Esports are much the same as other sports you can wager on, although the terminology could be new to players starting their Esport casino adventure. Let’s take a look at the different types of Esports games out there.


Multiplayer Online Battle (MOBA) Games

Strategy based, this form of electronic gaming pitches two teams head-to head for a battle of digital supremacy. The main aim of MOA games is to annihilate your opponent’s virtual players or destroy your enemy’s base. MOBA games are all about working together, so solid teamwork is integral to blasting your adversaries to smithereens. Popular MOBA games are League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm. 


First Person Shooter (FPS) Games

These POV-based games are no doubt the most popular Esport to bet on. As opposed to MOBA games, FPS games are one-on one, with individuals playing against each other. Players usually have objectives they need to complete while competing in FPS games. The most played FP games out there include CS:GO, Call of Duty and Doom.


Combat games

Limber up, it’s time to rumble. A one vs one game in the form of freakish character design with a penchant for fistycuffs, comat games are loads of fun as players aim to inflict as many damage points against their rival. Much like FPS games, combat games rely solely on the skill level of the players involved.


Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games

Both defensive and attack are strategies employed while playing RTS games, with resource management an extra key aspect to gameplay. Popular RTS games include the classic StarCraft 2, Company of Heroes and Stronghold.


How Can I Deposit at Esports Casinos?

A casino is a casino and an Esports casino is no different. Depositing at a casino that has an Esports vertical offers your common garden variety depositing modes. Payment options include Apple pay, debit cards, Skrill , Neteller and Prepaid cards.


What Makes Esports Different?

Essentially, Esports are much the same as more traditional betting verticals. The main difference is that the Esports betting product is still in its evolution compared to classic sportsbooks.

Esports appeal to a younger demographic which is great news for casino operators. With potential to retain players, possibly for life, a solid Esports casino is an attractive option from both sides of the gaming fence.

Knowledge is key to betting on Esports. The more you know and the more angles you can play will determine how successful your Esports betting foray will be. Learn more, play more, win more at the best eSports casino.


The Big Esports Teams to Keep an Eye Out For

Esports is a huge business, with some teams taking home prizes into the millions. Without further ado, allow us to introduce the top 10 teams from the Esports hall of fame:

RankTeamPrize MoneyTournaments
1Spacestation Gaming$1,138,304.36 18 Tournaments
2G2 Esports$578,597.3618 Tournaments
3MAD Lions$571,700.00 5 Tournaments
4Ninjas in Pyjamas$565,939.9416 Tournaments
5Team Secret$562,484.9125 Tournaments
6Fnatic $560,314.97 18 Tournaments
7Natus Vincere $559,635.00 15 Tournaments
8Team Liquid$550,157.8476 Tournaments
9Team SoloMid$438,411.3623 Tournaments
10MIBR $409,500.007 Tournaments


The History And Future of Esports Casinos

The history of Esports has not been a very savoury one. Skin betting, the process of using game elements as currency attracted a lot of undergae players to be able to skin bet and convert skins, plus other cosmetic elements in the game to usable currency.

Luckily, steps have been taken by game providers and skin betting has been eradicated, if not vastly reduced.

The future of Esports Casinos is fortunately looking a lot less murky with most casinos now including it as a viable and extremely profitable gaming vertical. As technology advances and games with advanced graphics and an ever growing fanbase, Esports are a gaming revolution. 

Bored of slots? Tired of playing roulette? Done with online blackjack? Esports casinos bring you a whole new world of online gaming and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

eSports Gaming FAQs

What Are The Most Popular Esports?

According to Twitch, the most watched Esport games are as follows:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  •  Fortnite
  •  Rocket League
  •  Valorant            
  •  NBA 2K20
  •  StarCraft II

What Are ‘Special’ Bets in Esports Betting?

As mentioned previously in this article, special bets include match winner, first kill, first map, tournament winner and odd and even bets. It’s much down to personal taste, your knowledge of any given game and what kind of wager you like to place.

Is Betting on Esports Legal?

Considering that we’re writing an article on fully legal casinos that offer Esports betting, the answer to this question is a very obvious yes. Fill your boots.

How Can I increase my Chances of Winning While Betting on Esports?

As the saying goes: “knowledge is power” and this is just as appropriate when betting on

Esports. Research your team, the game and read up on as much Esports news as you can to give you an edge when betting on this modern vertical. Esports are seen by many as a much more intelligent, skill-based betting sphere as games of luck such as scratch cards or other casino games.

What Are The Most Popular Esport Events?

In reverse order we bring you the most digitally diverse and popular Esport events known to humankind:

4. League of Legends World Championship

3. CFS World Championship

2. Intel Extreme Masters Katowice

1. LoL Mid-Season Invitational

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