eSports Gambling & Online Betting: Everything You Must Know


eSports GamingAnyone paying attention to video games or fantasy games is no ignoramus to the world of eSports. While its craze has been around for many years, it is getting the attention it deserves all thanks to the rising interests from fans and businesses alike.

Majority of the rising interest is fueled by fantastic games and impressive players. For people who don’t know eSports Betting, you can actually bet on the players and teams whether they are going to prosper or perish.

Are you one of those people who are not familiar with eSports? In such a case, you have come to the right place as we have done in-depth and meticulous research trying to offer the most comprehensive information regarding one of the biggest growth industries in the world of eSports gambling and online betting. Here, in this post, you will get to learn everything about eSports.

What is eSports Game?

eSports is an expression that stands for “electronic sports”. It refers to a game that you play on a console or on a computer. It involves playing the game either individually or with a tag team partner competing with the other team or individuals on the internet.

It comes as no surprise that competitive video games have been around since the invention of the first home computers back in the late 1990s. Then, what has changed over the years? People were playing video games before and what is the difference now? Well, back in the old days, people did not have access to the internet. This “little” invention has changed the course of the game entirely over the years.

It is speculated that eSports Gambling Market is continuously evolving with the current value of $900 million. By the end of 2020, the market value is expected to reach the landmark figure of $30 billion.

This figure might seem surprising and shocking to many of our readers, but we are not lying. If you have not heard anything or enough about eSports betting as of now, it is going to change shortly. As per a recent research study, the report says there are more than 1 billion people across the world who likes playing video games. It means one out of every seven-person has a passion and interest towards the video games.

Majority of the players are what we generally call “casual gamers”. These are a specific group of people who like playing games once in a while, and they do it basically for fun and nothing else. Gaming occupies an important part of their lives, and they love indulging in sports tournaments and competing against each other in organised contests. Still, there is another prominent force in the world of eSports known as “professional gamers”.

10 Interesting Facts About eSports Gaming

eSports GamblingeSports has travelled a long distance from talking smack at a pizza parlour and seeing who gets the highest score. From Atari’s Space Invader game back in 1980 to sell out the biggest stadiums across the world, eSports is really growing in strength. Here are some exciting eSports gaming facts we bet you don’t know. Check them out below:

  • Revenue from the eSports gaming has reached $655 million in 2017 and is expected to reach close to $900 million by the end of 2018.
  • It is likely that the eSports gaming revenue will touch the landmark figure of $30 billion by the end of 2020.
  • Can you become rich playing games? Yes! The prize money from all eSports events in 2015 reached a whopping $61 million.
  • Not only the males but women are equally interested in eSports. 22% of women are involved in eSports as compared to 18% males.
  • It is interesting to note that 22% of the men like watching eSports which are the same number of the men attending a game of baseball.
  • Brands are getting involved in eSports through advertising and sponsorship. 61% of eSports viewers are young people less than 35 years of age.
  • Mobile games are joining the action too as game developers are getting eight times more income daily from eSports gaming.
  • It is estimated there are 131 million active eSports gamers while another 125 million people who watch games on occasion.
  • More than 250 million people watched competitive gaming in 2017
  • The eGaming industry is on a rollercoaster ride with the global audience reaching 303 million by 2019. If eSports gaming fans happen to be in a country, it would be the fourth largest country of the world.

Making Money as a Professional Gamer

eSports GamerWith so many eSports gambling websites and hundreds of thousands of people playing video games, it is little surprise to note that many people have decided to make it a source of their livelihood. Just like regular sports betting, people are attracted by several contests where they get the chance of competing with players for tons of money after winning the jackpot prize.

The professional eSports events are getting extremely popular in today’s time, and people are crazy about it. It is interesting to mention that significant eSports events and tournaments are played in front of the live audience in substantial avenues and essential arenas across the globe.

If you think this is enough, you are wrong. Just hold your breath because there is more to it. eSports live tournaments and contests are extremely popular, and people love to watch on video platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

It is interesting to note that well-known broadcasters like ESPN have decided to join the party by broadcasting such live contests on their channel. And this has given rise to an unprecedented increase in the number of professional gamers in the past few years.

eSports Gambling vs Regular Sports Gambling

If you think that eSports gambling is different from the regular sports gambling, then you are entirely mistaken. Actually, both these forms of gambling are the same. Just like the traditional sports betting, you have to choose your favourites from a selection of players, teams and sports.

After breaking the entire gaming structure to the minutest detail, there is a tiny thing that differentiates eSports gambling from the regular sports gambling. The former is played in a virtual environment on the computer where you have to place a bet on the person playing the game. Whereas, in the case of regular sports gambling, it is all about individuals and teams who are playing using their mental skills and physical strengths.

eSports Gambling to Become the Next Big Online Sensation

eSports GamesThanks to the increasing number of popular and top-rated eSports betting options like challenge betting, fantasy betting, social betting, skin betting and real money betting; this online industry is already on the bandwagon of a highly profitable business.

Like for instance, skin betting has a considerable fan base where people love to buy, sell and swap things using virtual currencies. Well, that said, “16 Interesting Cryptocurrency Fun Facts” is where you can learn about some trivia and surprising facts about the virtual currency.

Last but not the least; we want to make you familiar about the significant eSports leagues and other tournaments in case you don’t know. You might have heard about League of Legends World Championship which is popularly known as “LOL” in eSports circle. League of Legends is an online battle multiplayer game which is inspired by Warcraft which is a popular video franchise.

Is eSports Gambling Good or Bad for the Industry?

It has become one of the highly talked about things within the video game industry in recent times. Not only it has shown a substantial growth but offers tremendous opportunities for making a profit from it.

Just like traditional gambling, there are concerns over the damage that could be done for encouraging such an industry within eSports. But at the same time, one gets to earn a lot of money and overall growth in due course of time.

Below, are some of the advantages and risks associated when gambling is introduced in eSports. We will also throw some light on a  couple of the issues and facts that have been quite unique in the world of eSports gambling.

Potential Gains from eSports Gambling

Esports GamblingFirst of all, let us talk about the substantial benefits of this form of gambling. As you would think, most of the benefits pertain to financial gain and revenue. This additional amount of revenue can change the entire face of the eSports industry as a whole.

The traditional sports have a robust system in place for several sports leagues within football, tennis, soccer and other events. On the other hand, eSports is literally standing on its two feet now and has a long way to go. Th only thing to see is how eSports gambling survives without possible investments from big firms and corporations.

This is where eSports gambling can work wonders. It can generate additional revenue and help fuel the nascent industry to grow appropriately. Like for instance, CS: GO is the biggest game that has benefitted a great deal from eSports gambling.

Risks and Regulations of eSports Gambling

Now that we have discussed the benefits of eSports gambling above, it is now time to dig into the potential dangers present in this industry and proper regulations that have to be introduced to keep the risks at bay.

One of the most significant drawbacks of the eSports gambling industry is the skin gambling failure. If you don’t know what skin gambling is, it offers people of different age to gamble on casino styled games or eSports tournaments for winning. People can quickly get the skin from websites and exchange it for credits. One can use those credits for gambling.

Majority of the skin gambling websites does not require ID verification from users. Hence, it readily promotes underage gambling. Most such sites prey on young people because it gives them a chance to make easy money.

The second big issue with skin gambling is that it is not regulated. The online skin websites claim that their games are random and fair, but such claims are false in many cases. There are several instances where the website owner has modified the gaming odd on special requests from a few players and likewise.

How eSports Gambling Need to Change

If eSports gambling has to make a mark in the industry, many regulations have to be introduced. First of all, skin gambling websites need to shut down completely. Video game developers that release skins for games and companies that allow such sites to run without proper regulation should be sued or taken strict action against them.

At the same time, all the future eSports Gambling websites should be regulated just like the traditional betting sites. It means that all such sites should introduce ID verification and should be fair and officially controlled by the gaming agencies.

If the skin betting websites are to stay, then the gaming companies should introduce game age rating so that users below the age of 10 years should indulge in gambling. Once again, we would reiterate that the skin betting websites should be regulated like the common gambling sites.

Things to Remember before eSports Betting

Now that you have got a fair understanding of eSports and its advantages, it is now time to select your favourite games and place the bet. While it might sound exciting, it is important to note what you are doing.

Placing bets on random players or teams is a complete waste of money and resources.  Instead, you need to develop a good idea about possible skill set and previous success of a particular player or team as a whole. You must have a basic understanding of the game and knowledge about the specific tournaments. Once you possess such knowledge, placing bets would be a great start.

eSports BettingIt is always better to be a fan of what you are betting. Even if you are not into eSports gaming or actual viewer, you can still dive into the game history, current team trends and players info to get the required knowledge when it comes to betting online. Finally, you would not like to waste your money on betting a random guy or team you have entirely no idea.

It is imperative you know your eSports games correctly, understand the players and then only make an educated bet. You have to pay proper attention to the details by putting in time and research. Just then, your eSports gambling can turn out to be profitable for you.

So what are your thoughts on eSports gambling? Do you think it could have a possible future and potential to beat the traditional sports betting? Please share your valuable feedback by writing to us.

Thanks for reading.

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