How to Play Jester’s Wild Slot Machine Casino Game

Jesters Wild SlotJester’s Wild Slot Machine is a favourite game that is available at most of the online casino sites that are powered by WGS gaming platform. The game makes use of smooth and straightforward rules for people to get started.

This game offers you to play 30 paylines per spin. It means that if you want to play all the paylines, then each turn would cost you 30 coins.

A vast majority of online slot games in the gaming market have one thing in common: card symbols that act a fill up before the new icons show up. Why not embrace the card theme completely? This is what WSG software provider has done with Jester’s Wild Slot Machine game.

This video slot game creates a casino inspired card atmosphere for players with many different hidden bonuses and big winning payouts. You are going to have the fun of your life playing on the reels. The gaming screen is more or less like the game table covered in green velvet. The game looks classy, alive and bright with stunning graphics features and state of the art animation.

Many people think that this slot game offers a very high stake level to the players. However, it is indeed not the case. You always have the option to configure the paylines and coin values for the stake amount you prefer. So you can select your staking limit based on your comfort zone and gaming requirements.

At the same time, major game testing agencies have fully certified the payout percentage of this slot game. You will be glad to know that Jester’s Wild Slot Machine game is entirely fair and random. Hence there is no need to stress about the outcome of the game because it makes use of a random number generator.

Bonus Games and Features

This slot game comes with 4000 coin jackpot money. To claim the jackpot, you must have all five wild symbols lined up on your activated paylines. You will be awarded 1000 coins as winning payout if you are spinning just 4 Ace of Diamond symbols while playing Jester’s Wild Slot Machine game.

You will be able to access the bonus game feature only when you spin three or more wheel symbols at a time. These symbols are scattered, and it does not matter where you are spinning it. You will be able to trigger the bonus feature once you spin those wheel symbols.

When you are playing this slot game, you will be awarded a wheel spin. It will tell you about the number of free spins you get after the bonus game is triggered. There will be a game multiplier in play for the duration of your free spin. You will be able to re-trigger the free spins while playing the bonus game of this slot game, in the same manner, you have triggered the base game.

When you are playing the free spins bonus game, the stake limits will be the same as while playing the Jester’s Wild Slot Machine casino game. Whatever amount you win through free spins is credited to your gaming account at the end of the game.

Gaming Resources

Jesters Wild CasinoIf you are a newbie and not aware of the slot machine games at online casino sites or on a mobile device, then there is no need to worry. There is a complete list of slot games available with flexible staking options.

In the beginning, you can play for low stake amounts, and even if you lose, it won’t affect you much. With the passage of time when you get experience and start winning, you can increase the staking limit suited to your game preference.

If you don't prefer risking your money and want to get a working knowledge of the Jester’s Wild Slot Machine, you can opt for playing the demo version. The demo version allows you to play this game in a no-risk environment. You will be able to devise better gaming strategies and understand the incomplete gameplay details.

Even if you lose, it would not cost you a single dime. Once you are confident, you can switch to real player and start playing the game after depositing money in your game account.

You should know that Jester’s Wild Slot Machine is a high paying slot casino game. To get the best experience, you are advised to play at casino sites that are licensed and regulated by gaming authorities. In this way, you will have an entertaining and lucrative gaming session.

You can browse through our comprehensive list of casino sites showcased over here. Every casino site is chosen by our pool of experts and enjoys excellent customer reviews and industry ratings. Just select your choice of casino site and register online to start playing Jester’s Wild Slot Machine.