How to Play Blackjack Double Exposure Game

Double Exposure BlackjackThere is something extraordinary about Blackjack Double Exposure, and you will realise it once you start playing. This game is trendy amongst players, and all major online casinos offer this table game on their official website.

In this particular post, you are going to find out the complete review of Blackjack Double Exposure game and how to play it effectively. At the same time, you will learn about different stake levels and how to stake each hand when you are playing this table game.

When you have selected a stake level and clicked on the deal button, the Dealer will offer you two initial cards in a face-up position. At this time, the dealer would do something quite unusual where h/she would deal the two initial cards facing up too. It means that whenever you try to play this particular casino game, you will have complete knowledge about the value of the Dealer's hand.

Quick Facts about How to Play Blackjack Double Exposure

  • You have the advantage of seeing the hand of the dealer
  • The dealer can either hit or stand on a soft 17
  • Achieving natural blackjack payout is reduced to even money
  • You have to choose whether to double after split or not
  • You have the freedom to split once or more than once

Different Staking Options

Now that you know what the Dealer is having with his two face-up cards, you are now excited to play this Blackjack Double Exposure Game. You will be able to base all your decisions based on the dealer's hand. Unlike other card games, you need not have to guess the hand value of the dealer and plan your gaming strategy accordingly.

There is a wide range of chip value available that you can pick up and choose to play with one click of your mouse button. Every time you click the mouse button, one chip adds to the betting box. The minimum chip value for this table game is just 1.00 which clearly shows it is a low stake game. If you want to play a table game with low chip values and low stake amounts, then Blackjack Double Exposure is you best playing option available online.

Playing Blackjack Double Exposure for Free

Unlike other casino game, this table game requires a lot of gaming skills, understanding and knowledge. So, it is always recommended to play the game for free because you will be able to devise better playing strategy and get a proper understanding of the game. It will help you make the right decisions when you are playing the game for real money and bring home substantial winning payouts.

Blackjack Double ExposureEven though the table game makes it easier for players to make better decisions, this game is counterbalanced by the house edge disadvantage. So to make the best use of house edge and earn money at the same time, you need to have the perfect gameplay strategy without any loopholes

Just keep in mind that you will be able to see the playing cards and the value of hand that Dealer holds. So you need to have slightly more than the perfect gaming strategy if you want to win this table game.

You should play the free version of Blackjack Double Exposure until you have become conversant and get a complete grip of its gameplay.

Once you are confident, you may switch to the real money version of the game and get ready for the excitement of your lifetime.

Playing Blackjack Double Exposure Online

You should know that different gaming providers have their way of presenting this table game to its users. Here, we will see how the big software titans like RealTime and Microgaming present this game to its players.

Realtime Gaming

You will be able to play this Blackjack variant at any RTG casinos under the name of Face Up 21. It is so because this software provider wanted to differentiate the game from other gaming giants. The most famous client of RTG is Bovada Casino, and the best thing about this casino is that it is out of American jurisdiction. Hence, no troubles are playing at this online casino site as it accepts all US-based gamblers.


You can only doubt the magnitude of the online presence of Microgaming if you have been living under the rock. Although it does not accept US-based players, it offers the service to more than 25 online casino sites. The winning payout ratio is 1:1 and the house edge is 0.69%. It means that you have the option of earning a significant portion of money if you win the game.

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