How to Play Aces and Eight Slot Video Poker Game

Aces and EightOne of the most significant benefits of playing at any Microgaming powered casino site is access to a wide range of video poker games. There is no shortage of video poker games, and they come in different variants and available in several categories.

Players will always have a great time access such a large pool of poker games and won't have to play the same poker game twice.

Aces and Eight Slot Video Poker is a top-rated game that many people enjoy playing at Microgaming powered casino sites. The game is very appealing to the players and offers a fun-filled and exiting interface to people as compared to other poker variants.

The paytable of Aces and Eight-Slot Video Poker game is designed in the manner that players can achieve the payouts after forming a winning hand combination. The winning hand combination should contain four Aces or four of the eight cards that are higher in value than other variants.

This poker variant more or less like the Jack or Better play except it has a high payout for the following hand combinations:

  • Four of a Kind: Aces or Eight
  • Four of a Kind: Sevens
  • Four of a Kind: Other

Aces and Eight Slot Video Poker Review

Players will get reward with a higher payout for the special combination where the minimum bet is one coin and maximum is five coins per hand. The coin denomination is between 1 cent to 5 dollars depending upon the casino site.

Gaming Strategy

Online Poker GameThe best way to play Aces and Eight Slot Video Poker casino game is by placing five coins on each hand. For doing this, players need to take advantage of enhanced jackpot hand combination.

Players can boost the jackpot hand combination in a way higher than while playing one to four coins per hand.

To get the best winning chances while playing this poker game, players should make sure they click on the options tab button and activate the auto hold option settings from the game menu.

When players turn on the auto-hold option, every first five new cards will show the best cards for the players thereby offering the perfect game strategy for them. The auto hold option is very handy, and players need not have to guess which cards are the best to hold on the initial hand. In this way, players can make the best use of their game strategy and never make any playing errors.

Massive RTP

The main reason as to why Microgaming powered poker casino games are so popular with different players in the paytables attached to the video poker game variants.

If you are a newbie player, it is likely that you will make some mistakes. However, practice makes a man perfect. With the passage of time and continuous playing, you will master of playing the Aces and Eight Slot Poker Game.

You will get substantial winning payouts in return. It is interesting to note that the payout percentage for playing this poker variant is as high as 99.09% which make it immensely popular and appealing amongst the players.

It is crucial that players compare the payout percentage with the RTP which is available across different casino game developer versions of the same game. So proper research is essential as it will help you play the Acer and Eight Slot Poker game with the highest payout percentage.

On the whole, it is a fun game that can give a healthy boost to the bank balance of the players. It offers immense opportunities to double the money in a relatively short period.