Which is the Best Casino Type – Download or Instant Play?


Casino Games SoftwareWhen it comes to playing online casino games, every player has one question running in their mind – to download the games or not. In the recent times, the craze for the downloadable casino games has declined all thanks to the high-speed internet connection.

People are now willing to play the instant games that load on their web browser without any delay. The downloadable casino games are best suited for players who are having a weaker internet connection at home. In this particular article today, we will throw some light on the downloadable as well as the instant play casino games and its pros and cons. So stay tuned and read below to catch all the action.

Casino Game Software Download

The overall process involved in downloading the casino gaming software is pretty straightforward. In the past five years or earlier, when the internet speed was on the slower side, downloading the software was more of a challenge for players. Now, with increased broadband speed and blazing fast internet connectivity, it takes a few seconds for the software to download on the PC.

It is found that the casino games with downloadable software result in better graphics as compared to the non-downloadable version of the same game. It is so because the software providers have to decrease the video resolution and graphics quality for the game to load quickly for instant playing.

When you download the casino game on a powerful computer, there is plenty of video memory on the hard disk that can comfortably accommodate the non-compressed version of the game software; making it visually pleasing and sharper pictures. It results in a decent gaming session because people are not playing it on an overworked web browser but on its own particular software.

There are some disadvantages associated with the casino game software download that players need to remember. Since the game is available on the particular PC or desktop, it cannot be accessed from anywhere else. People need to be in front of their desktop or carry their laptop around for playing. At the same time, a good internet connection is required for the software to download. If your internet speed is lacking, then the software will take a lot of time to download and install on the computer.

Instant Play Casino Games

These casino games come with no download technology where people can enjoy them at any point in time and from any place in the world. At the same time, the majority of the casino games are compatible across the different operating system like Android and iOS and works on all kinds of smartphones and tablet PCs.

The game loads quickly and people can play their favourite games instantly without any kind of waiting. Interestingly almost all the leading casino companies like NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech are now offering the instant playing option for players and drawing back the downloadable version of the games.

However, there are some cons that players need to keep in their mind before playing. The instant play casino software is often slower as compared to the downloadable software. It is so because the former is subject to many external forces like for instance virus attack, lost internet connection and device malfunction. At the same time, the instant playing casino software does not remember the user credentials at all. Players have to punch in the details every single time before playing.

All of this is to say that nothing is perfect in life and it holds true for the downloadable as well as instant play casino software. Players need to choose the best option that suits their lifestyle, gaming comfort as well as technological constraints. Either way, playing the online casino games is fun and entertaining. No matter what medium you choose, you will have a great gambling session, and you will crave to return back and start playing every single time.

Downloading Casino Games vs Instant Play

Modern-day casino games are beautifully designed by developers and give a kind of immersive gaming experience that is unmatched by any other sources of entertainment. At the same time, players get to win a life-changing amount of money, and it is easy to predict why there is so much craze for online casino games and gambling.

Given the fact that how beautiful and amazing the casino games are to play, it is not surprising to note that players prefer the download version on their computer for better graphics. Some casino sites offer the players to download the casino games free of cost. On the other hand, some players don’t like the idea of installing an extra piece of software on their PC and prefer to play online.

The good news is many online casino games are available for instant playing which sounds incredible and fantastic. Modern day computers, as well as laptops, smartphones and tablet PC, come with a sufficient amount of power that can give the best gaming session to players by using little video memory of the device.

These days, instant playing casino games capture all the relevant details and intricacies that make their desktop counterparts exciting and fun. Graphics quality is sharp with vibrant colour that gives players the best experience. As far as audio is concerned, the dramatic sound and uplifting scores of the leading cinematic games of today are brought to life that evokes a more profound sense of emotion while playing the favourite casino game.

And with the ability to render the slot games and progressive slots so easily, table casino games like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat are very convenient to play. Players can even get the experience of Live Casino from the comforts of their house without having to download a single bit on the hard disk of their computer.


The online casino game technology has come a long way since its inception. Gone are those days when players had to download the bulky and cumbersome software on the computer. Today, people can get the complete online gaming experience via instant play on the smartphone, tablet or laptop. The latest versions of instant play casino games are so well developed they hardly leave any kind of trace on the device or machine it is being played.

And with the instant play casino games are being so much faithful to the original, it comes with no surprise that players around the world are enjoying an entertaining, immersive and fun playing no download and instant play casino games right now.

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