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Video Poker OnlineThere are only two things which you need to keep in mind before you choose an ideal video poker game online to get the best attractive opportunities. First of all, look for the casinos offering the best pay tables and second, look for ones that provide high payout percentages.

All you have to do is play with the ideal strategy if you wish to win big. Check out our list of top 10 Video Poker games that fulfil both the above requirements.

  1. All Aces Video Poker – This game is known for its massive payout percentage which is 99.92%. You should check this one out as soon as you get the chance to, as it is trendy among players.
  2. Jacks or Better Video Poker – Offering an excellent 99.54% payout percentage, all you have to do is come up with a good strategy, and you are sure to go home with a significant return.
  3. Joker Poker Video Poker – This video poker game not only offers a vast payout percentage of 98.60% but also give you an extra card in the deck, which is termed as a wild Joker card for you to make the best out of!
  4. Deuces Wild Video Poker – As a long-term dedicated player of this video poker game, you can expect to receive a high payout percentage of 99.37%. This multi-hand video poker game has all two cards as wild cards which give you higher chances of winning.
  5. Tens or Better Video Poker – This game is known to offer a pay table which gives out high payouts when you manage to form a hand with a minimum of one pair of tens in it. You can expect a significant payout percentage of 99.14% with this game.
  6. All American Video Poker – This American themed video poker game gives you an extra gambling game with the help of which you can try and increase your payouts. The payout percentage offered is already a colossal 99.38%.
  7. Double Bonus – As soon as you learn how to play this game correctly, you can make the best out of the fantastic 99.11% payout percentage they offer. You will, of course, need a grand strategy to win, and even though this game does provide a free gamble game, you may not want to go for it as it impacts the payout percentage negatively. You never want to lose that payout percentage!
  8. Bonus Poker – In case you are looking for an all new and exciting video poker game, you can surely try out Bonus Poker. You can go for free to play or real money based gaming. The playing experience is going to be fast, and the payout can be as high as 99.17% if you play it right with the help of the right strategies.
  9. Aces and Faces Video Poker – If you can come up with great strategies and know your game well, this is the ideal poker game for you. It offers a high payout percentage of 99.26% and is sure to maximise your winning chances.We recommend you to not go for the gamble option which is provided to you as soon as you are dealt a winning hand. And also urge you to play with the highest number of coins possible as it increases your chances of winning the top prize jackpot payout the moment you deal with the best-ranked hand as has been mentioned in the game’s pay table.
  10. Double Joker Video Poker – Not one, you get two wild joker cards instead of the Double Joker Video Poker game! The payout percentage you can expect from this game is 98.10% which is not bad at all. May not be the best paying game but offers a high payout percentage compared to the rest!

Frequently Asked Question on Video Poker

As a casino player, not everyone is interested towards Video Poker Games. It is so because unlike slot games, this particular suite of casino games requires a lot of interaction with the players concerned. Players have to decide which type of playing cards to hold and which one to discard once the first five cars are dealt with.

The players will have to entail how to play each hand in an optimum manner, and it is not the cup of tea for every player. But the payout percentage for the Video Poker Games is more than that of slot games. Players will be eligible for maximum winning chances while playing video poker games at their choice of online casino site.

In this post, we have listed a list of commonly asked questions for Video Poker Games along with their answer. The information will benefit significantly for anyone who is looking forward to playing this particular casino game. At the same time, players will be able to make proper decisions that can benefit them much in the long run. So, spare some amount of time and read the post below to get the undue advantage over competitors while playing Video Poker Games.

Which Online Video Poker Game Offers the Highest RTP?

If you want to play any video poker game that offers the best return on investment, then you should check out the All Aces Video Poker Game. It provides a payout of 99.2% and available at all the leading casino sites. It makes use of Microgaming game platform.

Is the Gambling Option Worth Trying?

All the gambling games that are offered in all the Video Poker Games might result in loss of money from any winning combinations. So it is always advised not to overindulge them in gambling. If the player is losing a series of games, it can have a negative impact on long-term house edge on the type of game played. It is something that needs to be kept in mind while playing.

What is the Different Stakes Available for Online Video Pokers?

A wide range of stake levels is available for all online video poker games. It is always noted that coin values and number of coins played per hand can be adjusted. So, players can play any game variant for stakes that can be afforded.

How to Increase the Winning Chances while Playing?

While playing Video Poker Games, the best way to increase the chances of getting the highest payout percentage would be to play a maximum number of coins per hand. It is usually five coins and players can get awarded an enhanced jackpot payout with maximum coin stakes at hand.

Would it be Advisable to Use the Bonuses?

All the casino sites offer a wide range of different bonus and special promotions while playing video poker games. However, we would like to inform the players that not every reward is worth taking. Most of the bonuses require players to use a very high play through its game requirement before the winning amount can be encashed. So it is always recommended to go for only those bonuses where one can cash out the money at any point in time.

What Kind of Video Poker Games are Not Worth Playing?

Players are advised to abstain from those video poker games where the payout percentage is less than 99 percent. Mentioned below are some progressive Video Poker Games that we don’t recommend playing because of their high stake levels and unsuitability for low rolling players. If you are someone who likes doing low roll, then you are advised to stay aloof from progressive variants.

Can One Play Progressive Video Poker Games Online?

At the moment, there is a limited number of online progressive video poker games available. Two such games that are worth playing are SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces Video Poker Game. Both of them come powered with Microgaming game platform. The coin values are fixed at 1.00 and players need to play 5.00 wagers to become eligible for winning the progressive jackpots.

Can Online Casinos Adjust Payouts on Video Poker Games?

Some online casino operators make use of specific game platforms where the pay tables can be adjusted on the Video Poker Games. This, in turn, can modify the long-term payout percentage by installing on any game having a low paying table. There is some good, and popular software providers where payouts cannot be adjusted are Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt.

How Do Level Up Poker Games Work?

There are four initial stakes required in “Level Up” Poker Games, and players can move on to another level by winning the low hand. The multiplier increases the payout awarded to the player. The first level pays x1, the second level pays x2, the third level pays x4, and the last level pays x8. If the player loses at any level, s/he would not be able to proceed ahead.

Are There any Advantages of Playing Multi Hand Video Poker Games?

The players need to know that while playing multi-hand video poker games, they can win or lose quickly. There are some pitfalls while playing this game variant. It offers lower paying pay tables as compared to single hand variants. So it is always recommended that one should properly review the pay tables before accessing the multi-hand video poker games. It will help players not to get lower set of winning payouts.


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