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Top 10 slots with highest RTP in 2020

Everyone wants to play the best odds and go for glory on the slots with the highest RTP.  But many are seduced by the snazziest themes and the most eye-catching offers. Clever players with slot sophistication know that there is a much better way to easily increase your winnings – find the slots which offer you the highest RTP, as these will logically give you the best payouts faster.

Which are the slots with the highest RTP?

Want to up your game? You need to look at the slots with the highest RTP (Return to Player) percentage. With most games offering between 95% and 98% RTP, if you find a slot with a 97% RTP you know your odds are looking good!

Of course, there are so many fun choices offered by online casinos that figuring out which slots offer the highest winnings can be a time-consuming affair. Who wants to waste time researching when they can be playing? We did the work for you by creating a list of the Top 10 slots with the highest RTP in 2019.

99%NetEntMin & Max Bet: 0.1 - 2
1429 Uncharted Seas
98.5%ThunderkickMin & Max Bet: 0.10 - 100
Joker Strike
98.11%Quickspin0.01 - 10
98%NetEntMin & Max Bet: 0.01 - 0.50
Bob The Epic Viking Quest
98%NetEntMin & Max Bet: 0.01 - 0.5
98%YgdrassilMin & Max Bet: 0.1 - 2
Good Girl Bad Girl
97.8%BetsoftMin & Max Bet: 0.01 - 1
Kings of Chicago
97.8%NetEntMin & Max Bet: 0.01 - 1
White Rabbit
97.72%Big-Time GamingMin & Max Bet: 0.01 - 20
Wolfpack Pays
97.5%NextGenMin & Max Bet: 0.01 - 2

1. MegaJoker – 99% our winner on the slots with highest RTP list

mega joker slot

Reeling in at a spectacular maximum RTP of 99%, MegaJoker doesn’t joke around when it comes to giving you the highest payout percentage. This one definitely bags top place on our list of slots with highest RTP.

Sadly, there is a catch. The super odds only kick in when you play in Supermeter mode, which gives you the option to convert your winnings into even bigger amounts as soon as you increase your bet to 10 coins. In normal mode, the RTP starts at a rather low 85%.

Somewhat sneaky, but we forgive it simply because this highly-entertaining slot from Netent also reels in some good, classic fun and an easy minimum bet per spin of €0.10. Its simple 3-reel format is no-one’s fool, with a very appealing, fruit-themed interface, 5 paylines and enough extra features to keep you from getting bored.

Play MegaJoker at this trusted casino:

Bet 365 


2. 1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.5% RTP

Uncharted Seas Slot

Set sail for some seriously super payouts and get ready for a voyage of reel discovery with Thunderkick’s 98% RTP adventure. High seas and high winnings beckon as you navigate your way through sirens, monsters, treasures and forgotten lands through the stunning visuals and engaging soundtrack that gives you the feeling of being in a movie.

Ride the wave of this five-reeler with a minimum bet of €0.10 for those who want to just dip their toes in the water, but goes all the way up to €100 for those who decide to plunge right into the sea of higher betting.

It’s all hands on deck as the game comes with two main bonus features for higher payouts: the ship which turns into a wild card and boosts your chances of a big win and the free spins feature which are triggered by the compass scatter.

Play 1429 Uncharted Seas at this trusted casino:

Mr Green   


3. Joker Strike – 98.11% RTP

Joker Strike

Undoubtedly, this is not the fanciest of games, but if your endgame is to play big and maybe win big, then Joker Strike by Quickspin is the slot for you. Design is basic but good, following the traditional hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades format.

At its heart, Joker Strike is your classical fruit slot with an equally basic RTP of 96.4%, which is why this slot is not higher up on the list. But activate the Hi Roller feature, and this is where the real fun and the really big winnings, start as you get extra features for higher stakes. Watch the RTP climb up to a pretty juicy 98.11%, and you’ll figure out pretty fast why, sometimes, simple is best if you’re after the biggest yields.

Play Joker Strike at this trusted casino:



4.  Bloodsuckers – 98% RTP


This thrilling slot packs in a juicy bite with a 98% RTP so you can drive your stakes higher. Get the adrenalin going with this Netent entry that will unleash the slot slayer in you as you battle demons, vampires, ghouls and power up through the Vampire Bride scatter, which gifts you with 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

It’s not the newest slot on the reels, and you may miss the special features that newer games dazzle us with, but it still tops the list of many players’ favourites and it’s easy to see why. With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 win lines, it also comes with generous bonuses and low wagering terms.

If your goal is increasing your chances of higher payouts while having some good, ghoulish fun, then this one has your name on it.

Play Blood Suckers at this trusted casino:

William Hill


5.  Böb: The Epic Viking Quest For The Sword – 98% RTP

Highest RTP Bob the epic viking

A slot worthy of the gods, with mythical adventures and an epically high RTP of 98%. Wield your lucky sword and raid the slots of this 5×3 grid that comes with generous multipliers and bonus features. While the graphics may be on the simple side for the 2015 NetEnt product, especially when compared to other, more popular Viking-themed games from Ygdrassil, the rewards of a super-low House Edge more than make up for it.

On the plus side, winning the battle for the highest pay-out is very possible as you pillage your way through scatter symbols (hint: keep an eye out for those golden Viking ships) that will give you free spins and double your bets. Draw your slots and lunge for those extra spins with your mind at rest that you can kick back and bag the treasure without too much hard work.

Play BÖB: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword at this trusted casino:



6. Jokerizer – 98% RTP

Highest RTP Jokerizer

Settle into the serious business of a 98% RTP with the fruit-themed Jokerizer. Yggdrasil’s modern take on a classic theme lacks some important features – such as the free spins or multipliers – but you can reap some sweet winnings thanks to other extras.

Our tip is to forget the frills and focus on hitting a winning combination to activate the Jokerizer Mode, which allows you to collect on your winnings or to choose to go for the Mystery Win and the l higher payouts.  Moreover, if you hit three jokers you get to unlock a second Jokerizer mystery offer that will yield you anything between 1,000 and 6,000 coins, no fooling around.

The verdict? Hitting the Jokerizer Mode can have you laughing all the way to the bank with its potential for super-winnings with very little effort and outlay, with the added bonus of a super fun interface.

Play Jokerizer at this trusted casino:

Play Ojo 


7.  Good Girl, Bad Girl – 97.8% RTP

Highest RTP Good Girl Bad Girl

If this is bad, then we don’t want to be good. With an RTP of 97.8% RTP and some pretty unique features, this slot takes us all the way to heaven and back. Part of the fun of this slot is that you can choose to be naughty or nice as you can play in two gaming modes.

If you choose Good Girl mode, winning combinations form left to right with lower variance. Bad Girl mode pays right to left with a higher variance. Hell, why choose? You can play both simultaneously and choose your features as you go along, increasing your odds for winning combinations – that is how flexible this game is.

The best part is that, whichever mode you choose, the odds are high in your favour anyway, thanks to the extremely low house edge. Add some cool bonus features and a progressive jackpot, and it won’t matter whether you’re a sinner or saint.

Play Good Girl, Bad Girl at this trusted casino:

MuchoVegas Casino 


8. Kings of Chicago – 97.8% RTP

Highest RTP Kings of Chicago

Wish to rule the mob of high return slots? NetEnt’s Kings of Chicago brings you this high-octane, high-yield experience using an old classic – a poker interface – and evocative, Prohibition-themed graphics with 5 reels and 5 paylines. Don’t let the low amount of paylines fool you – this slot features a full 52 deck plus joker, so there’s more than enough winning odds to keep an old gangsta’ happy.

One cool feature of this slot is that the card symbols don’t spin on the reels but are dealt horizontally on 3 rows, left to right. As soon as the Joker wild appears as part of any winning hand, you get to pump up your speakeasy swag and your payouts with double the wins. Need more reason to bring out the Al Capone in you? There’s a free spins round where all your wins get a 2x multiplier boost.

Play Kings of Chicago at this trusted casino:



9. White Rabbit – 97.72% RTP

White Rabbit

Follow the high odds of this slot from Big-Time Gaming and you won’t be disappearing down the rabbit hole anytime soon thanks to a seductive combination of impressive bonus offers and mind-blowing audio and visual effects.

As Alice herself would say, what a crazy, mad, wonderful idea this game is. Let’s start with the stunning production values, synonymous with Big-Time Gaming. The beautiful design is only the beginning, but it certainly adds considerably to the grand experience.

On to the gaming side, this is a Megaways slot, which means that you get literally endless possibilities of winning combinations and an amazing array of symbols and themes. Boredom is not an option, but increasing your winnings certainly is. Watch out especially for the Caterpillar, as he can pump up your odds with up to 4 Bonus symbols.

Play White Rabbit at this trusted casino:


10. Wolfpack Pays – 97.5% RTP

Highest RTP Wolfpack Pays

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf? Not us, not with this high RTP and a very exciting feature that gives you a free re-spin every time you get a win. Combined with the high payout percentage, this gives a very nice bump to your potential winnings. Basically, every time you win, you get 2 wild wolf symbols added to your reels. Aim to hit 4 consecutive wins and you’ll trigger the free spin bonus games, which give you an extra 5 wild wolf symbols and further increase the odds of bigger payouts. Who’s howling at the moon now?

As if you needed more reasons to play, this slot from NextGen Gaming comes with stunning visuals land an engaging story line. Never has dancing with the wolves been so thrilling and profitable.

Play Wolfpack Pays at this trusted casino:



How do slots with the highest RTP help you win big?

So we have established which slots give you the highest RTP. But maybe you are still a bit unsure as to how this can translate into bigger payouts for you. Never worry – we are here to make it even more simple, so you can focus your energy on the more exciting part, spinning those reels! Below is an easy guide to the way a high RTP can work the odds in your favour.

There is one question every player asks themselves when they're courting Chance on the slots. What are my chances of a high payout when I reel in those reels? And how can I figure out whether I'm close to hitting some big wins? This is where knowing the RTP percentage, and how to work it, can increase your chances. Think of it this way: the RTP measures the probability of you reaping the rewards on the slots.

The number is calculated by means of a mathematical formula that is worked out over an extended number of plays. But you're here for the fun and not the formulas, right? So here's the deal: just remember that if you bet $1 on a slot with an RTP of 97%, in the long run you should expect to get 97c with every $1 you bet. What does ‘in the long run' mean? It is important to remember that the RTP percentage is an average, and that the figures refer to a sum of spins. So you may find that Lady Luck will hold out on you for a while without giving you any returns, but keep up that flirting and you will eventually hit on the winning spin that makes it rain.

After all, if an RTP tells you exactly how much money you will get back after 1 round, there wouldn't be much of thrill left!

Highest RTP Slots


How do you find a slot's RTP?

Our list of best slots with highest RTP percentages is tough to beat in terms of thrills and wins. But who wants to spend their life playing the same games, right? Cash in on the amazing variety of slots available at our trusted casinos – you can still make that RTP work to your advantage, as it is very easy to find the individual percentage for each slot.  Game providers are required by law to make this information very easy to find.

Netent, for example, set their games' RTP between 95% and 98%, and, if you check out the individual games on their websites, you will also find the payout percentages for each game they offer. Reputable casinos like Jaak Casino also offer this information about the games they provide, so there is no need for you to do any work. Just choose your numbers and spin those slots!

Sometimes, when checking a game's RTP you will also find a reference to the House Edge. The House Edge is considered to be the direct opposite of the RTP, as it calculates the profit that the casino is likely to make as a percentage of the player's bet – in simpler terms, the RTP percentage is what remains after you have subtracted the House Edge.

So, if a game gives a House Edge of 3%, it means that you have an RTP of 97%, and that you should get in on the action. There, we've done all the counting for you – the only counting you need to do is your winnings. But if you want to pull an Einstein on us with game maths, you will probably enjoy this in-depth explanation of how the House Edge is calculated.


slots highest rtp

But why is it sometimes called ‘theoretical RTP'? Isn't it real?

RTP is very real, but don't expect to match your winnings to the listed percentage immediately, even when you're playing slots with highest RTP. The theoretical RTP is the amount you should expect to get back in the long run – yup, it's that phrase again! The actual RTP, on the other hand, is the amount of money you are actually getting back. So, say I'm playing Cash Camel, with a theoretical RTP of 95.96%. I don't expect to hit that figure after a few spins and I typically will need to charm that camel for a few hours before I reach the holy grail of RTPs, which is entirely normal.


Should you always go for the highest RTP?

Count Spectacular Slot

Again, this one depends a lot on your preferences and your character. My take on it? Life's too short to always go for the highest RTP, and I like to mix it up a little. So, if there's a slot that puts a smile on your face, go for it. As long as the percentage is reasonable, don't let an RTP that's a tad lower stop you from having a good time.

Me, I just love me a couple of rolls on the ridiculously entertaining Count Spectacular. Do I allow this tiny detail to stop me? Hell no, I'll bite anyway. I'm just a sucker for those kitsch graphics, and the game always delivers a fang-tastic mood.

Sometimes, you're looking for slots with highest RTP, but the slot doesn't give free spins and bonus rounds, so keep this in mind when deciding which slot to slay. If you just love a go at those free spins and bonus rounds but the slot doesn't offer them, move on to the next game, as the options are plenty and you will certainly find something else to suit your tastes. Take Ark of Mystery – it has a respectable 96.53% RTP but doesn't offer any free spins. Don't play it, as you will certainly find another slot with a good RTP and free spins too, such as StarMania, which comes with an even higher RTP of 97.86% and offers both free slots and a bonus game. It's as simple as that!

Is there any other benefit to high RTP slots?

Yes – a super RTP will also help you reach your wagering requirements without using up more budget. If you're keen on picking up those bonuses, you will know that a casino will always impose a wagering requirement before you can cash in your bonus winnings. To put it simply, this is the number of times you have to spin a slot before you can withdraw your bonus winnings .

A high RTP gives you the perfect opportunity to wager your bonus, so my advice is to always roll it over when the payout percentage is high enough. What you are doing is using your bonus money to maximise your chances of satisfying the wagering requirement, so it's a win-win for you. Just don't forget to check the maximum stake amount per spin that the game allows when the bonus is active. Here's a graph showing the sweet spot where the RTP and wager requirements should meet.


Wager requirements high RTP strategy

How is all this related to Volatility?

It's time to bring out our inner maths guru again! So, we've established that, after spinning those slots for a reasonable amount of time, the theoretical RTP and the actual RTP should be very close to matching, allowing for some Standard Deviation. What is the amount of deviation from the theoretical RTP that is considered acceptable? The answer to that depends on volatility. Basically, highly volatile games have long intervals between each win – but the payouts will be large. This, in turn, affects the actual RTP percentage.

With low volatility slots you get winning paylines more often, but you will win smaller amounts. The UK Gambling Commission has a pretty neat explanation of how this all works out and how it affects the actual RTP.

What does all this mean for you? 

High Volatility = Bigger risks, bigger winnings, less predictable

Low Volatility = Smaller risks, lower winnings, more predictable

Should you go for high volatility or low?

This depends entirely on your taste and your budget! There are days when I feel like I can rule those slots like the Queen that I am, so I chance the thrill of the higher stakes as these give me the option of betting big and winning big.  But on a normal day, I'm less of a risk-taker and I have a limited amount of cash, so I decide that it's best to stick to the lower volatility titles and to milk those winning paylines real good on my favourite slots with highest RTP. So it really does depend on personality and mood.

At the end of the day, I find that the best way is not to overthink the winning part. Slots are all about having some good fun, so my advice is to just roll with the flow at a level you're comfortable with and don't risk more than you're willing to lose.

Which brings us neatly to the last question…

Our top slot strategy tips

If you're keen on picking up those bonuses on slots with highest RTP, you will know that a casino will always impose a Wagering Requirement before you can cash in your bonus winnings. To put it simply, the Wagering Requirement is the amount that you need to bet before you can withdraw your bonus.

Let's say I'm trying to cash in a bonus with a Wagering Requirement of 25. What this means is that I need to play through the amount of bonus I received 25 times before I can withdraw.

The more I have to play, the more I expose my cash to the House Edge. Which means that, unless I use some slot smarts, I could easily wind up using up my entire bankroll before I manage to satisfy the Wagering Requirement. When that happens, it’s goodbye bonus money. Being so close to winning, and yet so far, is a right bummer!

My solution? When bonus hunting, I make sure the RTP is high enough to increase my chances of finding the slot’s sweet spot before I run out of cash. Take that, you pesky House Edge.

And we also have a nifty graph to help you figure it out faster. Simply match the Wagering Requirement with our suggested minimum RTP, and make a clean sweep of those bonuses!

My top 5 slot strategy tips

Do you need a strategy or can you coast along on a high RTP?

Slots are a game of chance, and that's what makes them so relaxing. But hey, a smidgeon of skill never hurts, either. And, while no strategy can promise you sure winnings, through time I found that I can certainly improve my odds by employing some basic strategy. Think of these as the equivalent of life hacks, but for slots.

In my book, a good strategy is all about increasing my odds of getting what I want from my slot time. And what I want, is usually a mix of the below:

  • A reasonable probability of winning
  • A good balance between my winnings and my spend
  • Having a good time while achieving the above

So, a good strategy is one that brings me as close as possible to this slot trifecta. Fast-forward through a whole series of research and fun times, and I can share with you my top strategy tips. You’re welcome!

Keep an eye on the RTP with Progressive Jackpots – Cashing out a mega win sounds so awesome, right? It is easy to be seduced by the idea of going in for the kill of a Progressive Jackpot, but reality is that to be able to put aside money for this grand prize, these slots usually come with a slightly lower RTP. Basically, a small part of the possible win on each spin is taken away and given to the final jackpot. Does this mean you should avoid them? Absolutely not – but it’s a good thing to keep in mind when you’re planning your strategy.

More paylines = lower volatility and more frequent wins – We all love a good slot with as many paylines as the reels can hit. This is why I get so excited with All Pays and All Ways, or 243 Ways To Win slots, because they give me literally thousands of potential winning combinations for (sometimes) a very low wager, and most also come with built-in special bonus features, scatters, progressive jackpots and the like.BUT more paylines also = lower winnings – The average amount of each win will be lower, so if high payouts are your end game, choose a slot with less paylines. If you’re playing a slot where the paylines are not fixed, you can also adjust to the lowest number.With slots like NetEnt's Starburst, for example, the 10 paylines are fixed, so you can’t use this strategy. Book of the Dead, by Play ‘n Go, however, allows you to decide how many paylines you want to activate between 1 and 10. The lower you set it, the more you’ll see your average payout increase.The strategy here involves deciding which you prefer – more frequent, but lower, wins; or less frequent, bigger wins – and choosing the best technique for you.

Use the Gamble button wisely – Some slots, like Rabcat‘s Penguin Splash,  give you the option of doubling your winnings through the Gamble button. Usually, the way it works is by playing cards and deciding whether the next card drawn will be red or black. If you guess, you double up; if you don’t, you lose all, at a 50/50 chance. At face value, it looks impossible to come up with a strategy for what is essentially based on pure luck, right? Wrong! There is a way you can use strategy to maximise your win and to make sure you don’t lose your initial bankroll, and it is a very simple strategy too.The way I get the most bang for my buck with the button? To discover this strategy, I had to trawl through a lot of sites and bash that button a lot of times, until I reached the best balance. So, I decide how much I want to gamble and how many rounds I want to play. I divide my budget by the amount of rounds I feel like, and that number becomes my starting bet per round. As soon as I win, bring me that gamble button baby because I’m ready to go all in. If I win again, I give it another go. And another, and another… basically until I lose or until the game stops letting me double up.If you’re placing smaller bets, wager your entire win – This strategy is similar to the gamble button, and what you do is this. Place your bet and, as soon as you win, go in with all your winnings.Repeat the strategy until you lose or until your win exceeds the Max Bet allowed. As soon as you lose, go back to your initial minimum bet.Hint: if the game lets you, use 1 payline to increase volatility and winning potential. The main thing to watch out for is that you don’t bet more than your previous win, so you can never lose your entire bankroll.

Go all in with one payline – First, you have to find a slot that lets you do this. IGT slots like Diamond Queen usually do. The strategy is simple: you can win a spectacular amount of money or – you can lose it all. Use this strategy only if you are very aware of this risk and you have the self-control to never exceed your initial budget on a spin. If you have any gambling problems at all, this one is definitely NOT for you.

Remember to check out weekly & seasonal bonus offers – Do I really need to say this? Free money is free money, and it'd be silly to let a good offer go to waste! Casino Cruise, for example, have a 10% weekly cashback on at the moment of writing; weekend freebies; and free balance boosts on Tuesdays. Betsson give free rolls to new players, and will double your first deposit. Some research can be fast translated into higher payouts.

A quick summary / FAQs

🏆 Why is it important to check the RTP?

The RTP refers to Return to Player, which is the percentage of your bankroll that you can expect to win back.

🏆 How do I find a slot's RTP?

The game providers are required by law to make the information easily accessible, and most casinos include it visibly.

🏆 What is the difference between theoretical and actual RTP?

The theoretical RTP is the ideal percentage a slot should be paying out. However, the actual RTP will only come close to this figure after you've been playing for a while.

🏆 How does volatility affect my winnings?

The higher the volatility of a slot, the less frequently it will give you payouts. But when it does, the winnings will be higher. A lower volatility gives you more frequent, but lower payouts.

🏆 Is there such a thing as game strategy?

There are some things to keep in mind that can help improve your odds of winning or maximise your payouts, but don't get too caught up in the details. Fortune still has a big part to play and it's all about having responsible fun!


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