Tips on How to Find Loose Slot Machines at Online Casino

loose slot machineIf you are someone who likes playing online slot games, there is the possibility you must have heard about loose slot machines. Many people know something about them, but a majority of them don’t have enough information on how and where to find the loose slot machines at the online casinos.

Some casinos might drop you a hint about the loose slot machines while others stay silent. It is high time we start removing the veil of mystery and check for ourselves what lies beneath the surface of the story related to loose and tight slot machines.

You need to grab a cup of beverage because what we are going to tell you needs your full attention, and you have to be well focused. So are you ready for the action? Let’s begin, then.

Which Slots are Tight and Which are Loose?

If you don’t know what exactly a loose slot is, then there is no point searching for the loose slots at the online casinos. Once you gather enough information and knowledge, you will be able to define for yourself the true meaning of a tight slot. In the online casinos, there is a standard benchmark that states that slots having an RTP of 97% or higher are considered to be loose slots.

Naturally, your next question would be – What is RTP? RTP is a famous acronym in the world of online gambling, and it stands for “Return to Player”. RTP defines the average return the player gets in due course of playing a particular online slot game. So it is quite logical and obvious now – higher is the RTP, less loose the slot is.

Loose slots are known for paying out more frequently as compared to other slot machines. It is extremely popular with players and most sought-after thing in the iGaming industry. Of course, you would like to seek out a game that rewards more frequently instead of spending money at slot machines that do not offer wins.

The loose slot machines are in existence for two crucial reasons. Casinos offering 98% payout on slot machines must have these slots to avoid any accusation of false advertisement. Secondly, happy players would attract more customers and will undoubtedly increase the excitement at online casinos. You should know that loose slot machines vary from day to day due to a random number generator within the computerised slot machines.

On the other hand, online slot machines having the Return to Player or RTP in the range of 95% to 96% are considered to be in the average group. RTP less than 94% is supposed to be tight slots. Just check the numbers and spin the reels at the online slots. Alternatively, is there anything else that has to be done?

There is an essential factor to pay attention to, and it is “variance”. Majority of the online slots offer less frequent more substantial wins or numerous small wins. You need to select the category that suits you best and matches your gaming preference.

Is Loose Slot Machine Myth or Reality?

It depends on the slot machines because there are games that offer better odds and higher payouts than other games. If the sign says about 98% payback, it is a loose slot machine. It does not mean that you start with $100, you will get back $98. It says in due course of time with regular playing; you will be able to generate a return of 98%.

Anything is possible when you are playing on an online slot machine, and you cannot predict the outcome. It may be possible that you could lose your money or hit the jackpot. All you have to do is to have a little patience and good gaming skills.

How and Where to Find Loose Slot Machines Online?

Understanding what a loose slot machine is one thing and finding it at the online casinos is a way different thing. The latter is a herculean task and involves many challenges on the part of the player. First thing first, you need to check for only those casinos that display the audited RTP report on their website. It can help you in choosing the particular online slot based on the payout percentage.

The slot machines have their cycles because no game will remain tight forever. There will be times when the machine will pay big, and you should be the player when such kind of thing happens. If you start playing a game and starts paying out nicely, then you should stick around for a while and see if it has more to offer to you.

You should stay aloof from those online slots that are not popular amongst the players. You should play those slot machines that get much attention and is popular amongst players. Popular slot games have the better chances of being loose, and you get the desired results. Playing the old or fewer favourite games will such out all your money and won’t have anything decent to offer to you. At the same time, these games are very dull and least entertaining.

You should never fall into the trap of playing a particular slot machine game for an extended period. If the game is not giving you enough wins, there is no point in playing, and you should stop immediately. You may return to the game sometime later, and maybe you get lucky.

You should always play the online slot games that have high limits. It would cost you much money initially, but they are high paying. Plus, those games tend to pay out more frequently. However, before moving ahead, you should do an in-depth analysis of your bankroll because we would not want you to get bankrupt while playing.

By now you might have figured out that loose slot machines having low variance offer the best opportunity for claiming the casino bonuses. It is possible because when you pick a particular online slot machine with high RTP and add the comp loyalty points and rewards, everything turns out to be in your favour.

In the end, we would like to inform you that software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt are known for developing online slot machine games with the highest RTP in the industry. The online casinos try to attract the players by offering the highest RTP to them.

Before you start playing, we recommend that you commence with a sound money management plan and follow it rigorously. You must enjoy while playing no matter what the outcome is. With so many slot games available, it is likely that some of them would meet your expectations and some would not.

Never be afraid of leaving a game that is not paying you well. Don’t be under the false hope that your luck will stop if you quit the game. It can be a costly way of thinking and can leave you bankrupt.

We wish you all the best in your endeavour and journey for finding the loose slot machines at the online casinos. If you like this post, you are free to share your valuable feedback in the comment section below. We would be glad hearing your opinion and thoughts on this matter.

Thanks for reading!

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