The 10 Most Common Myths About The Game of Roulette

Common Roulette Myths

Whenever we talk about casinos, the first game that comes to our mind is Roulette. It is a very popular and most sought after game. In this post, we are trying to break some of the myths and other controversies surrounding the game of Roulette for the benefit of our readers. No matter it is a great game, but you should be aware of the myths so that you can make the maximum earning while playing this game.

1. There is only one type of Roulette on offer.

Fact: As a matter of fact, there are three different types of Roulette games available and each one has its own style and nuances. European and French Roulette are identical with small differences. But the American Roulette is a completely different ball game. There are 38 slots in it with two 0’s. The French and European versions are played on the wheels with 37 slots including one 0.

2. It does not matter which version of Roulette I choose to play, the house edge is still the same.

Fact: When it comes to playing American or French/European version of Roulette, there is a very big difference in terms of house edge. There are two green 0 slots in American Roulette, there are chances that the casino can get lucky to get the ball in the green slot. In other words, the casino has a 5.26% advantage over the players instead of 2.7% if you are playing the American Roulette.

3. Casinos love the extra edge, so there are lots of American Roulette games out there.

Fact: If you are considering to play the American Roulette, playing the higher house edge can have the opposite effect contrary to your expectations. There is very limited number of Roulette tables all over Las Vegas and in other centres in America because players are not interested playing games that come with high house edges. Hence, it is easy to deduce why there are so many European casinos are offering Roulette for its players.

4. French and European Roulette are pretty much different names for the same game.

Fact: On the table, both these Roulette games might look identical but if you want to find the real difference, you will have to look beyond the wheels. The biggest difference lies in the setup of outside betting. The French Roulette is officially known as La Partage and the rule says that if you make an outside bet and ball ends on zero, you will be eligible for winning back half the bet. You will be able to make a lot of money if you are a regular casino player.

5. Numbers that haven’t come up for a while are more likely to come up than those that have been regulars.

Fact: This is a complete myth and there is not a single amount of truth involved in it. As a player, you should know that every Roulette wheel in the casino is completely random. This makes the game all the more fun and interesting. You never know what you are going to get.

6. There is a mathematical equation that will help a player work out where the ball will fall next.

Fact: It is absolutely impossible because every single wheel is completely random like we have mentioned above. There is no mathematical equation that can point out which numbers are best to choose from. It is really a shameful act that many players are not aware of this fact. People tend to spend their hard earned money on the purchase of mathematical systems with the hope that they will win the game and make a decent amount of cash in return. Rather, you should spend your money someplace else that can benefit you in due course of time.

7. If you are winning, you will just keep on winning.

Fact: It is unfortunate to note that players who are on a winning streak are likely to become over confident. As we have mentioned above, each and every spin wheel is random and there is no mathematical equation that helps you deduce the same. At some point in time, the winning streak will end and you might have to experience loss in the game. One important thing to remember is that maybe you get lucky while winning, you should place your bet on your head rather than from your heart. It will help you win reasonable amount and keep you aloof from losses.

8. Casinos rig their Roulette wheels.

Fact: In the early days, it was a fact but with the passage of time, it has become a myth that you should keep in mind. It was a fact when the mobsters used to rule the casino scene. In the present day, no casino would dare to rig the casino wheel because in doing so can make their license getting barred from the gaming jurisdictions.

9. A player can beat the house edge.

Fact: Unfortunately, you would not be able to beat the house edge under any gaming condition. Some players are living under the myth that they can trick the house by placing a 50-50 bet and get the advantage in return. You may reduce the house edge by playing another version of Roulette game like French or European. The only way you can make a lot of money from this casino game is by placing a big bet and getting lucky in winning those bets.

10. The designer of the Roulette wheel, mathematician Blaise Pascal made sure that the total of the numbers on the wheel would add up to the devil’s number.

Fact: It is a fact that when you add up all the numbers in the French or European Roulette wheel, you will get the number 666. According to Christian Bible, this number belongs to Satan and this gives Roulette a bad name. However, there is no proof whatsoever that states that Blaise Pascal was trying to invoke the devil and if you want to learn the truth from him, it is pretty late now!

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