The 10 Most Common Myths About The Game of Roulette

Common Roulette Myths

Whenever we talk about casinos, the first game that comes to our mind is Roulette. It is a very popular and most sought after game. In this post, we are trying to break some of the myths and other controversies surrounding the game of Roulette for the benefit of our readers. No matter it is a great game, but you should be aware of the myths so that you can make the maximum earning while playing this game.

1. There is only one type of Roulette on offer.
2. It does not matter which version of Roulette I choose to play, the house edge is still the same.
3. Casinos love the extra edge, so there are lots of American Roulette games out there.
4. French and European Roulette are pretty much different names for the same game.
5. Numbers that haven’t come up for a while are more likely to come up than those that have been regulars.
6. There is a mathematical equation that will help a player work out where the ball will fall next.
7. If you are winning, you will just keep on winning.
8. Casinos rig their Roulette wheels.
9. A player can beat the house edge.
10. The designer of the Roulette wheel, mathematician Blaise Pascal made sure that the total of the numbers on the wheel would add up to the devil’s number.
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