Safety and Security at Online Casinos You Should Know

casino safetyDo you have any idea about the number of cyber crimes that take place in a single day? Apparently, the number readily crosses more than 40,000, but how many of those are related to gambling?

You don’t have any ideas, isn’t it? But any gambler with the experience in this particular industry knows that shenanigans do happen. You should know that the players are getting ripped right and left. It does not instil the slightest amount of confidence to the online casinos, does it?

Some of the different scams that online casinos pull and try to make a fool out of the players are:

  • Slow payment process or no pay at all
  • Hidden terms and conditions with strings attached
  • Ignoring the queries and questions of the players
  • Confiscating the winnings of the players
  • Cancelling the gamblers winning amount

But there is nothing to stress and worry as long as you are playing at a regulated and licensed online casino site. We have listed the top rated casinos in our home page from where you can browse and get information about them.

But what if you want to choose your own casino site and don’t want to select from any given list? In this case, you need to do some research and background work to choose a safe and reliable casino with which you can trust your hard earned money. What are the different signals you have to watch out for?

Five Safeguards Pointing You to a Legit Casino

If you are willing to play at a safe, reliable and top rated online casino site, there are few safeguards you have to know and the same is discussed below.

1. Data Encryption

These days all legitimate online casino use 128 or 256 bit SSL or Secure Socket Layer encryption. It encodes the personal and professional details of the players into strings of unbreakable codes that cannot be accessed by hackers.

But how secure is the encryption process? Well, you should know that the level of security is identical to the ones used by the banks to protect the details of their customers.

You can quickly identify whether your choice of online casino site is offering some kind of encryption protection to the players by looking at the toolbar. If it says “https” at the beginning of the website URL, it means SSL certificate and your information is absolutely safe.

2. Random Number Generator

Also popularly known as RNG, it is a program that casino sites use to deal with the games. The casino algorithms do not require any particular outside input to process the game. Instead, they use a seed number which when combined with a specific algorithm generates random numbers.

Both the seed number and algorithm is unknown to the casino and players. It is the only way that prevents casino games from getting hacked by unethical professionals. Algorithm combined with seed number is a mathematical formula. If you know the algorithm and seed being used, anyone can hack the program.

Another vital safeguard implemented by online casinos is game testing. There are several testing firms like eCOGRA and TST that independently review the RNG of casino games to find whether it is random and fair. These companies test all kinds of things like:

  • Evaluation of random number generators
  • Evaluate games based on a mathematical formula
  • Existing RNG or game payout reporting and verification
  • Sportsbook, live dealer or betting exchange assessment
  • Evaluating pari-mutuel and lottery system
  • Regular audit of poker systems
  • Full security audit and penetration testing

If a given casino site passes all the above tests, they get a little logo or badge which they can place on the header or footer of their website. Companies such as TST post all the latest and updated information about a given casino site on its official website too.

3. Privacy Issues

It is another crucial area about safety and security at online casinos as it tells you how the casino operator plans to use your personal and confidential information.

Do the casino plan to sell out your info like name, email address, contact number etc. to 3rd party companies? Rent it out to other parties? None of these?

You should take out time and read the privacy policy about the casino site carefully. It is so because when you agree to the terms and sign up, and at any point in time the casino sells your info, you can take legal actions against them.

If you stick to casinos that don’t sell player information to others, your personal details are kept secure, and you can have the peace of mind. In case you don’t locate the Privacy Policy, it is available at the footer of the casino website.

4. Casino Game License

The land-based casinos have to go through a lot of rigorous process in the form of paperwork etc. from gambling regulatory body before it is open for public access.

The gambling body or regulatory commission have to make sure that the casino to which they are giving license is legit. They keep monitoring the casino in the next few months and many years to follow to see whether they deserve it and adequately operating a business.

These regulatory bodies look for several things in a casino site like random casino game, user complaints, bug-free software, player exclusion program and many others. If the casino passes on all these parameters, they get to keep the license. If not, they are levied fine, and in the worst case scenario, their gaming license is fortified.

So it is essential to play at a casino site that is licensed and regulated. In this way, you will get access to safe gambling without anything to worry about.

But there is an important thing to keep in mind. Online licensors, commissions and gaming bodies are different when it comes to online casinos. Some are lax as compared to others which mean that the casino has the freedom to commit the mistakes. So it is essential to play at casinos that are licensed by the big bodies like Malta Gaming Authority, UKGC, Alderney Gaming Commission etc.

You can see whether a casino site is licensed or not from the footer of their website where all the information is available. The same info is also available with the respective gaming authority with details about casinos whose licenses are confiscated.

5. Casino Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are just like the Privacy Policy that we have discussed above. It is the casino way of telling its players how they operate the business. The rules are meant for everyone to follow. It is available at the footer of the casino website.

The terms will provide info about the rules for things like bonuses and special promotions, winning payouts and what happens if you hit the jackpot money. So it is crucial that you read the terms with full focus and don’t skip any lines.

The sad thing about the rogue and blacklisted casinos is that they change the terms and conditions if there is a conflict of interest regarding winning payout or any customer complaint. Like for instance, you have used the deposit bonus feature and cleared the wagering requirements. Now you wish to cash out, but the casino does not allow you so.

What these rogue casinos would do is to tweak their terms and conditions to benefit. They will say that you have chosen the wrong games to play and not completed the wagering requirements properly. Hence, all your winning and bonus money is cancelled, and you have to start all over again.

The main reason this casino resort to these malpractices is that they don’t have money and the necessary funds to pay the players. So they tweak the terms and harass the players and compel them to continue playing. If you are lucky, you could get your original bankroll back and forget about any winning payouts at such casinos.

When you read the terms and conditions, it is essential to take a screenshot. You might not be able to win back your money or bonus amount. But you can at least harm the reputation of such rogue casinos by posting about them at casino forums and warning other ignorant players.


We want to be precise about one single thing – safeguard is nice, but it does not guarantee that the casino you choose to play is a legit or not. Instead, we want you to think about these safeguards as minimum table stakes.

If your choice of gambling site does not offer the safeguards mentioned above regarding safety and security at online casinos, then you should immediately skip playing and move away. There is no shortage of casinos on the web.

If safeguard is not the best way to know about the safety and reliability of a casino site, then else to look for? We believe the more effective way is to become a member at any reputed casino forum. It is a gaming community where several players talk about the gambling trends in the industry and share their experience playing at the online casinos.

It would be an ideal platform to get the desired information. If a casino site is no longer secure and fair, you will be the first one to know about it. If many people are complaining about the casino site, you can quickly get the picture that it would not be an excellent option to gamble at such casino site.

Use the safeguards mentioned above as a barrier, and if you want to experience the best gambling experience, we recommend to go through our top 10 casinos listed on the homepage.

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