How to Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Casino Game

Vegas Strip BlackjackLas Vegas is known as the gaming capital of the world, and many people crave to gamble over there. If you yearn to gamble at Vegas casino but unable to do so because of your tight budget, there is no need to stress.

You can enjoy the razzmatazz of Las Vegas by playing Vegas Strip Blackjack game at any online casino site from the comfort of your home.

We encourage you to play the Vegas Strip Blackjack casino game online as compared to any land-based casino because you will be eligible for several attractive bonus features from time to time. Also, the game is available is available at a low house edge and high payout percentage which means you can increase your bankroll considerably with every win.

You should know that the significant game testing agencies have fully certified the house edge of Vegas Strip Blackjack casino game. As such, they have individually tested the game and found it to be entirely random and fair. The game utilises a random number generator which means there is no way of knowing the winner at the end of the game. There is no room for speculation or probability which makes it a fair game to play.

How to Play Vegas Strip Blackjack

You can play this game with a standard deck of 4 cards. As in the case of other Blackjack variant, the goal is to beat the Dealer hand with more points without exceeding the total of 21. Some of the rules of the game are as follows:

• Dealer stands on soft 17
• The game-winning payout is offered in 3:2
• You may double down on any initial hand
• The Dealer yearns for the Blackjack
• You may double down after splitting
• You have the option of splitting up to 4 hands
• You may take only one card to split Aces
• 21 on split Aces would not be counted as Blackjack

This Blackjack variant comes with some drawbacks which are discussed below:

• You cannot surrender the game
• Only four decks of cards are used
• You cannot re-split the Aces
• You will receive only one card while splitting Aces
• If Aces is split and you make a Blackjack, it will be counted as 21

Bonus Games and Features

When you start playing Vegas Strip Blackjack game, you will find there are no bonus bets, bonus games or bonus features for the players. The reason being it is a card game, and the outcome is decided when your hand is compared with that of the Dealer’s hand. If your card is having more playing value than that of the dealer, you will win that round or the vice versa.

This Blackjack variant offers an insurance bet to all its players. You can take advantage of the insurance bet when the Dealer is being dealt out an Ace as facing up card; there is every possibility that he would be dealt a Blackjack hand.

When you play the Vegas Strip Blackjack, the insurance bet will cost you just half of the betting amount you have wagered on the base hand if you want to take the side betting option. If the Dealer has a Blackjack hand, your insurance bet will pay you in the odds of 2:1.

This Blackjack variant offers two different base game winning payouts to the players. All the winning Blackjack hand provides a payout in the odds of 3:2 while other winning player hands offer payout in the odds of even money. This card game receives a push when your hand and the Dealer’s hand receive a push. At that time, you will get all the stake money on each hand you have placed the bet on that matching Dealer’s hand.

Gaming Resources

Vegas Strip Blackjack CasinoFor best returns, it is essential that you put a proper game plan and strategy while playing Vegas Strip Blackjack casino game. The best way would be to choose a casino site that offers this card game with the lowest house edge and maximum payout percentage.

It is recommended that you play the demo version of this Blackjack variant. In this way, you will be provided with virtual currency in a no-risk gaming environment.

You can understand the game, devise a better strategy and hone your gaming skills with regular practice. Once you are confident enough, you can switch to real money player and start increasing your bankroll with every possible win.

There is no dearth of casino sites when you get online, but not all of them are ideal for gambling. You need to play at a licensed and regulated casino site for best gambling experience. To save yourself the hassles of searching a reputable online casino site, you can play Vegas Strip Blackjack at any of our showcased casino sites listed over here.

All these casino sites are known for their best customer service and best gameplay. You can register with any one of these casinos and start playing your favourite Blackjack game, today.