How to Play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Casino Game

Vegas Single Deck BlackjackSome Blackjack variants are complicated to play and designed for the experienced casino players. However, there is one game called Vegas Single Deck Blackjack that is ideal for the newbie gamblers or people who don’t have enough gambling experience.

The gameplay is simple and not the least bit complicated. This game is available at all the leading online casino sites powered by WGS gaming software.

Even though WGS has created many different Blackjack variants over the years, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack deserves to be the chart topper!

It offers straightforward Blackjack rules with high payouts, single deck, smooth animation and stunning graphics features. You will have the ultimate online gambling never experienced before.

Since it is a Blackjack variant, you will be dealt with a single deck of 52 playing cards in the shoe. Before the start of the game, the entire deck is shuffled properly, and only when the cards are dealt. So you will always have a fair chance of winning, and there is nothing to worry.

You as well as the dealer will be dealt two cards each, and the goal is to reach a hand close to 21 without exceeding. You will be able to split two cards of same denomination only once. The Double Down option is only available on hard 9, 10 and 11 not after splitting.

Apart from being highly advantageous to the players, this game offers plenty of customizable features which make it all the more entertaining. You can switch on or off the game sound, turn on the Quick Deal or Auto Rebet option to save time and energy.

It is interesting to note that the best game testing agencies have certified the house edge of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. They have individually played the game and found it to be entirely fair and random. Since the game uses a random number generator, guessing and probability do not work. Every game has a fair outcome, and there is no way to predict who is going to win at the end of the game.

Bonus Games and Features

The only negative thing about the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game is the absence of any bonus bets, bonus games or bonus features that you can trigger while playing. It is so because this Blackjack variant is a card game and the only outcome is when your hand is compared with that of the Dealer’s hand.

There is an insurance side bet that you can take advantage of while playing this game. You can avail this insurance if the Dealer is being dealt Aces as facing up card and there is always the possibility that the dealer will be dealt out a Blackjack hand.

The exciting thing is that the insurance bet will cost you only half the money that you have wagered on base hand if you are willing to take the side bet option. The insurance bet will pay you in the odds of 2:1. This Blackjack variant offers one of the highest RTP which is 99.69%.

The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack casino game comes with two base game winning payouts where all the winning players Blackjack hands get a payout in the odds of 3:2 while the other winning player hands receive odds of even money. The game gets a push when your hand and the Dealer’s hand get a match. In that case, you will earn your stake money on each hand where you have placed the bet.

Gaming Resources

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack GameTo play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack casino game and make the maximum winning payout, it is imperative that you must have a proper gaming strategy in hand. You must always play with your best plan and try to learn from your mistakes if you happen to lose at the end of the game.

You should remember there is no room for error when you are playing this Blackjack variant. The reason being, if you make a single mistake, all your winning payouts would be fortified, and your account balance would be nil. You would have to start the game all over again.

At the same time, if you continue winning by making the right guesses, your winning payout would get doubled. You could keep playing until you have reached the gambling limit for the day.

For those of you who have never played Vegas Single Deck Blackjack and want to understand the gameplay, demo version of the game is available. You will get the same features but will be playing in a virtual environment where you need not have to pay for your losses.

The demo version of the game allows you to understand rules and test the gaming strategy in a perfect environment. So there is nothing to hesitate, and you will get the maximum playing value if you opt for the demo version. Once you are fully confident, you can switch to real money player.

The best thing about Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game is that it utilises only one deck of cards and comes with a low house edge. There is no surprise that it has become one of the widely played Blackjack variants in the recent times.

We offer a comprehensive list of online casino sites where you can play this game for free or as a real money player. Just register online and be a part of the most significant Blackjack community online.