How to Play Pontoon Blackjack Casino Game

Pontoon BlackjackIf you like playing Blackjack game, you must be knowing that multiple variants of this card game are available for playing online at different casino sites.

As such, you can have a great gaming session and fun-filled activity trying out different Blackjack variants at any casino site where you have chosen to play online.

One card game that is worth your time and money is Pontoon Blackjack which is slightly different from most of the Blackjack variants. It is a top-rated game that is widely played by people across the globe. You must check out this game if you are a big card game aficionado.

Pontoon is ironically one of the casino games from which Blackjack is evolved. The online version of Pontoon that you come across is available from several software providers like Playtech, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, BetSoft, Galewing Software and Cryptologic.

The Pontoon Blackjack casino game is known for amazing graphics features and sound quality. It is an excellent playable game with a pretty decent background setting. If you are someone who has just begun their online casino journey and want to know more about this game, you are in the best place. In this post, we are going to give you a complete review of this Blackjack variant and learn all about this card game.

This Blackjack variant comes with a low house edge of just 0.38% from game software providers like RTG and Playtech. If you are playing this game at Microgaming powered casino site, the house edge is 0.39%. The modern version of Pontoon Blackjack is the fun variant of the traditional Blackjack game with some changes in the basic rules.

Playing Guide

When you start playing Pontoon Blackjack, the first thing you need to decide is the money you want to wager on each hand. You have the option to play either single hand or multiple hands based on your game preference and comfort level. If you are a skilled player, you are always recommended to play the various hands. Rookies or players with less gambling experience are advised to play as a single hand.

The next important thing you have to do is to select the stake option and to do so; you will have to adjust the chip values. You can do so by clicking on the chip value control button from the gaming panel under the main menu. Just position your game mouse on the betting box that is displayed on the game layout. Every click of the mouse button will place one chip on the betting box.

After when you have selected the stake option, you will have to click on the deal button to choose the stake amount. It will deal out two randomly generated cards for you, and the dealer will get a face-up card.

Just compare your hand with that of the dealer's hand. For this, you will get a wide range of options through playing control buttons that you need to press while playing off your hand.

The primary card value of Pontoon Blackjack is the same as the regular Blackjack

  • Cards numbered from 2 to 9 are face value
  • Cards numbered from 10 to King come with 10 points each
  • Ace value is either 11 or 1 depending on the hand

Based on the hand, you can do one of the following things while playing this Blackjack variant:

  • Stand: Continue and stay put with the original hand
  • Hit: Strengthen the hand by drawing an extra card
  • Double Down: Make the initial wager double and pull another card
  • Split: Split the individual hand into two identical card values

Betting Options

Pontoon Blackjack GameWhen you start playing Pontoon Blackjack casino game, you will come across several betting options. These betting options are slightly different from one another, and you need to play the game yourself to discover it.

To hit the hand, you need to click on the Twist Button, and if you want to double down if the gaming rule permits it, you will have to press the Buy Button.

There is a third stand button available called Stick Button. The rest of the buttons share the same name with any other standard Blackjack game.

How Pontoon Blackjack is Different from Regular Blackjack

There are few fundamental differences between these two card games, and the same is discussed below:

  • The cards of the dealer are faced down
  • Low house edge due to the higher number of decks
  • The dealer looks for pontoon only when his cards are dealt
  • The player loses after a tied hand

Final Verdict

If you are bored playing the same Blackjack variant and want something else, then you should play Pontoon Blackjack. It is entirely different from the traditional blackjack game and is a fun filled with the best gaming experience. We offer a dedicated list of best casino sites where you can register and play this game. Just select your choice of casino site based on country of origin and get ready for an everlasting and fun-filled gaming session.