How to Play Double Joker Poker Slot Casino Game

Double Joker PokerThe majority of video poker game that you come across comprises of a set of 52 playing cards in the deck. As such, when you are playing this game, you will have to draw an initial set of randomly selected cards from the deck as an initial hand.

Double Joker Poker Slot is an exciting and fun loving casino game that is entirely based on Double Joker Video Poker variant. This game is available from BetSoft software game provider known for its better graphics features. Although it is a video poker game and its graphics are not going to interest you that much.

When playing the Double Joker Poker Slot game, the exciting thing is that the playing cards deck is having a set of cards instead of the standard cards.

The extra two cards you will find are Joker Cards that will be dealt out to you as Wild Cards which will work as a substitute for the other playing cards. At the same time, the pay table of this casino game has been adjusted for taking into account these two extra Joker Cards.

Adjustable Coin Values

The crucial thing while playing the Double Joker Video Poker Slot game is that you need to play with five coins always. In this way, you will have the best valued winning payout while dealing out any winning combination that is listed on the game pay table.

Many players are unable to adjust the five coin hands while playing this game. All you need to do is to set the coin value settings to your existing gambling bankroll. Your gaming budget will automatically sustain for the large number of base game hands.

The important thing is not to forget clicking on the coin value button. You need to pick out a coin value in which you are comfortable and able to afford before playing off each hand of the Double Joker Video Poker Slot Game.

Wagering and Prizes

Although Double Joker Poker Video Slot game has been designed to look like a real video poker terminal, it can take coin values of 0.02 up to 1.00. You have the option of betting up to 5 coins per hand where the minimum wagering is 0.02 per hand, and the maximum is five respectively.

When you wager for more coins, you have the chances of winning more. The lowest hand which is worth 1-5 coins is called Two Pair. You should play hands like Three of a Kind, Full House, Four of a Kind, Five of a Kind and Royal Flushes. You should check out the Royal Flush as it is high paying game with prizes between 800 to 4000 coins depending upon the nature of bet.

Gambling Options

Video Poker GamesThis poker variant is quite popular amongst people and a large number of people across the globe play this casino game. One interesting thing you will observe while playing this casino game is that every time you are dealt with a winning hand combination through the base game, you will have to play an optional gambling game.

While doing so, you can boost the overall winning payout value.

So, in any base game, while you are playing and have managed to get the winning payout, you can opt for boosting the winning payout by clicking on the gamble button.

Once you do that, the game screen will load the gamble game screen, and you will be dealt with one face-up card and four face-down cards. You need to pick up any one of the four playing down cards that should be having higher playing value in comparison to the facing up card.

If you can do this and the card facing down is having the higher value than the facing up card, your winnings become twice of the initial amount. You will have the option to collect the winning payout or gamble again. However, if you continue playing and in the next game, if the card facing down is having low value than the card facing up, you will lose all your money.

You will have to start playing the game all over again. There is no room for error when you are playing the Double Joker Poker Slot game. So, you need to be very cautious and alert when you play this game.

Final Thoughts

This poker variant is a decent looking game that comes with different good paying prizes. You will have complete control over your bets and is one of the cheapest casino games you can play if you are little low on your gambling budget. We have a comprehensive list of best casino sites from where you can play this poker game. Just select your choice of casino site based on country of origin and start playing Double Joker Poker Slot today.