How to Play All American Video Poker Game

All American PokerAll American Video Poker game is a fun-filled exciting casino game with massive payouts in return. The gameplay is relatively simple, and novice won’t have any problems whatsoever.

All you have to do is to pick up a coin value and decide whether you wish to play one to five coins per hand. Once you have made your wagering choice, click on the play button to get started.

You play this game with a dealer with a standard deck of 52 cards. You will get five playing cards and have to decide which card to own and which one to discard.

Click on the play button, and the new ones replace the cards that you reject. You have to form a winning combination on the winning table. If you can do this, you will take home the winning payout.

The All American Video Poker Game payout percentage receives certification from the gaming regulators. At the same time, this game is independently tested by the game testing agencies that certify it to be a fair and random game. So you have the complete peace of mind and focus on your game without having to worry about anything else.

The standard payouts of All American Video Poker game are as follows:

  • Three of a Kind: standard payout
  • Two Pair: lower payout
  • Flush: a higher payout
  • Straight: higher payout
  • Full House: lower payout
  • Straight Flush: a higher payout
  • Royal Flush: a standard payout

Bonus Games and Features

When you play the All American Video Poker Game, you will have lots of winning hands. You can see the paytable with all the hand combinations. You will come across some unique ones like Full House hand that pays 40 coins when you are playing with the maximum coin hands.

This video poker game comes with an optional bonus game called All American Poker Double or Nothing. This game comes with an optional feature that you can make use of if you are dealt out any winning hand combination when you play this game.

While playing the All American Video Poker Casino Game, when you click on gamble button, you will get a card facing up and four cards facing down. As a player, you need to select which among the four facing down cards is having a higher value as compared to face up cards.

One crucial thing you should know is that at any point in time if you have a wrong decision, all your winnings will be confiscated. However, if you keep on making the right choices, the base hand will keep on doubling. You will be able to play this game time and again as long as you have not reached the gambling limit.

It can be a high stake or low stake video poker game for you as you have the option to play with different coin values up to 5 coins per hand.


Video Poker GameYou must devise a proper playing strategy and have a complete understanding of the gameplay before you start playing it for real money.

You need to be prompt while dealing with the initial hand of 5 coins. You should decide adequately which coins to own and which ones to discard because it would eventually determine your winning payout.

When you have the best strategy in place, you will be able to play the All American Video Poker Game efficiently and eligible for maximum winning payouts in return. It is crucial that use the auto hold option settings from the game menu correctly. It will allow you to hold the best cards.

This game is perfect for people who are relatively advanced in their video poker expertise. While playing this poker variant, it is essential that play this game at a casino site that has banking options suitable for you. Western Union is an excellent banking payment method that is available with the majority of online casinos. It is a reliable and easy way to transfer funds, and at the same time, you will be eligible for claiming plenty of bonus amounts in return.