7 Biggest And Most Powerful Casino Companies In The World

Our list of the world’s biggest casinos is not merely to look in awe at the staggering sums these companies’ command. It is also to give newcomers a framework of the online betting scene and an idea of the kind of operators that are available to them. With that in mind, who made it to the peak of the casino gaming companies mountain?

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What Are The Biggest Casino Companies Around The World?

Before we begin our look at the biggest casino companies out there, we want to make the criteria of our list understood. First off, you probably won’t recognise all of the largest casino companies found in this list. Indeed, you may not recognise any of them. That’s because the very big names tend to own a lot of different casinos and betting operators. So, while you might not recognise the larger casino gaming companies’ name, you should still be familiar with many of the things they own.

Because these casino gaming companies can often have many different casinos, you can actually get an idea of a good portion of what is available to you in the mainstream. And with so much competition out there, getting to the top often means that these options represent not only the largest casinos in the world, but also some of the best that the world of online casinos can provide.
Also, the reason we say betting operators is because a lot of these sites are jack-of-all-trades. In other words, many of the biggest casino companies aren’t just made up of casino sites. They will often have a sportsbook, poker software, dedicated bingo sites – indeed, they may be better known for these products than their casino.

Nonetheless, in order to make this list, the casino element of their business needs to make up a significant portion of what they do. The biggest online casino in the world, naturally, needs to be in large part, a casino. Even if they made $10 billion a year, if only 2% of their business was casino related, they would not make this list.

Speaking of yearly earnings, that is what we’ll be basing this list on. We understand that there’s other criteria, such as staff numbers and impact on the industry, but they are quite a bit more fluid and harder to pinpoint. Income tends to be a bit more of a concrete measuring stick.


1.Flutter Stars Group

Paddy Power Live Casino PageEstimate annual revenue: £5 billion plus

Estimated staff: 10,000+

Major brands: Paddy Power, Betfair

Before 2020, this would not have made the top of our list of largest casino companies. Indeed, there was no Flutter Stars Group until that very recent date, which came as a result of the merger between Flutter Entertainment and The Stars Group. Together they reportedly go beyond the £5 billion mark in annual revenue and thus have become the biggest casino in the world, as well as the most profitable casino in the world. For US markets, for instance, they have the FanDuel group, which includes Foxbet, and the Australian market has the likes of Sportsbet and Beteasy.

Two of their largest acquisitions are the mighty Paddy Power and Betfair. The former has built upon being the most popular sportsbook in Ireland to an all-rounder with international credentials. The latter is the undisputed king of the betting exchange.

Flutter Stars Group doesn’t just have a lot of world-class operators: a lot of those in its fold can be argued as the best in the world at what they do. Altogether, it is believed that Flutter Stars Group own over a third of the online market, meaning their position at the top of the mountain can have few doubters. Flutter Stars is an awesome whole made up by many incredibly impressive individual parts.


2. GVC Holdings

Foxy Bingo Slots & Games PageEstimated annual revenue: £3 – £3.5 billion

Estimated staff: 25,000-30,000

Major brands: Ladbrokes, Coral, Bwin, Foxy Casino, Party Casino

If it just came down to the Ladbrokes Coral Group, this would be an absolute monster of an operator on that basis alone. In terms of the sites GVC Holdings own, the biggest casino in the world of GVC holdings is probably Foxy Casino, who are a huge name in their own right. There’s also Party Casino and CasinoClub, to name but a few.

However, do not forget that juggernauts like Ladbrokes and Coral also have their own casino products, despite being better known by many for their sportsbooks. You should never assume just because an operator is balancing many betting products that the lesser known options are an afterthought.

As is clear from the many multi-dimensional operators available through GVC, from Sportingbet to Bwin, that there are many excellent casinos here as part of a larger product. Not only that, but they have managed all of this despite only being in business since 2004.

Indeed, it is this variety, this scope, which gives them that mass appeal. They have betting sites for all kinds of preferences and all kinds of markets. There’s Betboo aimed at South American, or Neds, which serves the Australian sports market.

What amazes about GVC is not just that they operate at such a high level, but that they do so across such a huge number of platforms, markets and betting disciplines. We’ll be discussing the benefits of utilising big sites later in this article, but it’s fair to say that versatility is a key advantage, and there’s no better example of that than GVC holdings.


3. Bet365 Group Ltd

Bet 365 Casino PageEstimated annual revenue: £3 Billion

Estimated staff: 4,000-5,000

Major brands: Bet365

For many of you, this will be the first entry on our list that you immediately recognise without looking at the name of the sites the company owns. The Bet365 Group, as the name suggests, owns the astoundingly popular Bet365 betting site.

The rise of this operator has been absolutely meteoric. They started off in 2000 in the United Kingdom in a small office in Stoke on Trent. Today, they have locations all around the world, reflecting their international appeal and astonishing growth.

In a way, they are the most impressive on this list because, unlike our top two entrants, the success of the Bet365 group relies upon a single site as opposed to a family of options. In addition, they also don’t have any high street presence to bolster their earnings. The overwhelming majority of this is based on a single brand, and that puts them in a league of their own. In fact, their success has been so huge, that their CEO Denise Coats is the highest paid in the country, earning £323 million in 2019. Not only is Bet 365 enormously popular, but their success is even more impressive when you consider they have achieved all this through much more singular sources.

How did they do it? For all their intricacies and clever marketing, we think it comes down to the fact that Bet365 is, in our opinion, one of the best casinos in the world. It excels in everything it dips its toes into. While it is probably still best known for its sportsbook, we assure you that the casino is every bit as capable of living up to Bet365’s sky high standards.


4. William Hill PLC

William Hill Casino PageEstimated annual revenue: £1.5 billion

Estimated staff: 11,000

Major brands: William Hill

Once the largest traditional bookmaker in the United Kingdom, today William Hill have morphed into something much bigger. Indeed, their ability to adapt to an increasingly international and online marketplace is one of their greatest strengths, especially for an operator with a history that dates back to 1964.

Despite their rather conservative aesthetic and reputation, they are a very forward-thinking site. Their casino is able to easily stand up to the new faces on the scene and utilises William Hill’s astounding scope in the form of an incredible amount of game variety and quality. This is also true of their dedicated Bingo and Poker pages, and their world-class betting app, which is available via iOS and Android.

They also adapted once more in 2019, shedding their lone wolf status with the purchase of MRG, who are better known as the owners of Mr Green Casino. Another great bookmaker which has a lot of similar strengths as William Hill, and its own dedicated base. With a potential sale to Caesars also on the horizon, it is clear that the winds of change are very much blowing in the direction of William Hill PLC.

All that intrigue aside, if you’re looking for an all-rounder, there’s arguably none better. It is a point upon which a lot of people agree, considering they are are one of the most profitable casinos in the world.


5. Betfred

Betfred Casino PageEstimated annual revenue: £800 million

Estimated staff: 1,000

Major brands: Betfred

Our last three entrants have an awful lot in common. They all began on the British high street, in this case in 1967, as a sportsbook operator. All thrived in the move to online at the turn of the millennium and today enjoy their place as one of the top jack-of-all-trades betting operators in the world.

This entrant may be a surprise to some people. You may associate Betfred not just with sports but with horse racing in particular and not view them as one of the biggest casinos in the world. But they are, and that is typical of the largest casino companies, they tend to offer a wide variety of betting options.

No example on this list just does one thing: they end up where they are by excelling at several different betting disciplines. Betfred is no different. And rest assured, their casino offering has every bit as much focus on the slots as the betting shops give to the Premier League. There’s plenty of great games here, and plenty of generous promotions to sweeten the deal. Everything you could want from on of the largest casino companies.


6. Kindred Group

: 32Red Casino HomepageEstimated annual revenue: £750 million

Estimated staff: 1,000-1,500

Major brands: 32Red, Unibet

The Kindred Group may not have any single acquisition which is as big as a William Hill, Betfred or Bet365, but what they do have is a group of 11 medium to large sized sites that truly are world-class, making them one of the biggest casino companies. We’re going to be talking about the benefits of choosing larger names in this article, however, they are proof that bigger doesn’t necessarily always mean better on an individual basis.

The likes of 32Red, Unibet and Maria Casino, for instance, are a lot of people’s favourites and it is easy to see why. In a list that is full of variety, Kindred Group still manages to astonish in that regard, providing a broad set of options for a whole host of different target audiences.

Unibet is probably the most universal in its appeal, and to us it, remains one of the finest all-rounders in online gaming, while something like 32Red is perfect for those looking for a more dedicated casino product. And that’s just two examples. Across these 11 options, we would say that there is likely at least one which will suit you. Plenty of people have already discovered that to be the case.


7. 888 Holdings

: 888 Casino HomepageEstimated annual revenue: £425 million

Estimated employees: 1000 plus

Major brands: 888 Casino, 888 Bingo, 888 Ladies

The structure surrounding 888 Holdings is a complex one, both from a business perspective and as a customer. Its sites all come under the 888 banners but are their own individual products and apps. While this may initially seem confusing, the reason for it becomes clear once you check them out.

Every part of 888, whether it’s their sportsbook, casino, bingo or poker rooms, is absolutely gargantuan. As big as the monsters on their spookiest slots, this unique layout actually allows people to have the advantage of dedicated sites with the variety of those all-rounders.

And they make use of every inch of extra space with an astonishing number of great games from a menagerie of the finest software developers in the world. With the likes of NetEnt, Red Tiger and Play N Go on board, not to mention the exclusives, the astounding 888Casino is one huge reason for this brand’s runaway success.


Should You Choose One Of The Big Casinos?

Going through all of these huge names has its advantages beyond simply adding to our understanding of the largest betting companies. The fact is that there are benefits for going with one of the major players in online casino betting beyond simple name recognition.

We’re not saying that a lesser known site could not be better for you, that may very well be the case. However, a lot of people will want to take advantage of all the things these gaming goliaths have to offer. With that in mind, we’re going to discover exactly what those benefits are.


Their Popularity

The popularity of these sites is more than just a fact of their success. These sites got to this level of popularity because people liked what they have to offer. Now, we’re not saying that the quality of a site is directly associated with how many people use it. But, it cannot be denied that when millions of people choose one betting sites over all others that is at least an indicator of a certain level of quality and appeal.

Put it this way, of all the sites associated with our top seven candidates for biggest casino in the world, we would consider all to be at least very good to great. On top of that a strong user base also has another advantage for games that require a lot of people to provide the most variety, like Poker tournaments. These need a great deal of depth in terms of the average bet and in user ability to be suitable to the most people. Popularity also breeds more options in certain cases, like with banking options. To keep that large, international customer base, your biggest betting casinos are going to need to give them plenty of ways to deposit, so take care of your bankroll management.


Tried And Tested

Following on from our previous point is that the biggest casino companies are tried and tested. In other words, they have reputations. Things like their security, history, legitimacy and licensing should all be easy to find and verify. Of course, there are plenty of new sites that are both safe and worth your while. It is just that certain pieces of information, for instance, whether a banking process is easy and trustworthy, is easier to discern when a site has decades of records and hundreds of comments and reviews for you to refer to.


More Software Developers

Before we get to games, we are going to talk about software developers. The former cannot exist without the latter. And in terms of casinos there are few better places to look when it comes to figuring out the kind of diversity of experience you can expect. It is not just about the games, it’s about design philosophies and genres. There’s dozens of fine examples out there, with their own specialities. Microgaming for instance, produce incredible slots, while Playtech offer online Poker and Bingo games. The best Roulette wheels may require other software developers.

For examples, you can have one software developer and they may make great slot titles. A site could have thousands of them. However, that is not the same as many software developers providing more distinct experiences. In general, bigger sites have more scope to hire a wider variety of the best.


More Games

Of course, numbers do also matter. And naturally, that is something any candidate for the biggest casino in the world has to excel at. The amount of software developers and games are both equally vital and complimentary. They go together like the ball and the roulette wheel. More means more chances you will find the perfect game for you, with the right looks, betting limits and creative approach. It also means that they have the financial scope for a high quality and varied live product, which is understandably hard for some smaller sites to compete with. More isn’t always better, but when it comes to casino games, it usually is.


Mobile Apps

In terms of something gaining importance as time goes on, there’s no better example than having a quality mobile product. More and more people want to bet on their phone or mobile device, often exclusively. The fact is that a lot of this comes down to money. Betting apps, or good ones at least, are awfully expensive. Bigger sites have more financial resources, and this means that often, not always, they have the best casino mobile app, especially from a technical perspective.


Customer Service

Again, customer service teams cost money. The largest casino companies have a natural advantage in that regard. Especially a round the clock team able to answer your questions at any time, day or night. Those are staff members that need to be paid, and the more they have, the faster and more efficient their service can be.
Of course, this is not the only element of good customer service. We’ve often found ourselves very impressed with the efforts of smaller sites. They can make up the difference by covering key hours, offering efficient e-mail services and through excellent help sections. However, for sheer range of coverage, those big names can be rough to compete with.



Those deeper pockets also allow for new casino sites to be more generous in terms of promotions. This is especially the case if you’re looking for big welcome promotions, no deposit offers or anything that would naturally cost a lot of capital. Bonuses are an investment from the bookmaker in gaining new customers of retaining existing ones. And it’s easier to make that investment when you have money in your back pocket.


Jack Of All Trades

One thing that we had to bring up during our list was that pretty much every example has their fingers in a lot of betting pies. That broad range is surely a part of why they are so successful.

Now, this may not be right for you. It may be that you prefer a more focused product. You may want a site that focuses on slots, or Poker, for instance. Nonetheless it is clearly, based on the list of most popular sites, something that a lot of people want. They want a one stop shop for all their betting needs, from games and markets, to promotions and tournaments, and you are more likely to find a candidate who fulfils that criteria to a high level of quality at the more popular end of the market.


What About Smaller Operators?

We want to make it clear that in pointing out the advantages the biggest casino companies have; we are not talking down newer or lesser known names. Being big does not necessarily make you among the best casinos in the world , and not all operators are going after the same target audience. We are all different and have our own casino preferences.

You may prefer the design of one, or they may offer you a niche, focused product that one of the household names cannot offer you. They may be right for a lot of people, but huge jack of all trade betting sites are not necessarily right for everyone.

Only you know what kind of betting site is the right one for you, because you are the only person who knows how you like to bet. They may be big, they may be small, as long as they are perfect for you, we would say they are just right. Here are five examples of great newer, smaller operators to get you started if you want to explore that side of the market.

Top Casino Operators 2021

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What Are The Biggest Brick And Mortar Casino Gaming Companies Around The World?

We’ve talked about the largest casinos in the world from an online perspective, but let’s not forget that the brick and mortar options are still very much alive and well. In fact, many of them bring in astonishing amounts of money, rivalling the biggest casino in the world online. Online gaming may be becoming more and more popular, but these seven juggernauts aren’t going anywhere. For some people the biggest casino in the world, and the best online casino in the world, will always be ones you can walk into. Here’s the largest casino companies that fulfil that criteria.


1. Las Vegas Sands Corp

Las Vegas Sands Corp

Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, part of Las Vegas Sands Corp, delivers all you could ask for and then some. The building itself has broken the record for the world’s most expensive standalone casino, coming in at a jaw-dropping $8 billion. So, what does this kind of money buy you?

Alongside museums, theatres and restaurants, there’s a 2,561-room hotel, a 120,000-square-metre convention centre and a 74,000-square-metre shopping mall. On top of that, there’s a 150m infinity pool and a 340-metre long Sky Park that hosts almost 4,000 people. And it's all designed by the celebrated Moshe Safdie architects, so you've got your style fix, too.

The company behind all this lavish bounty is one of the veterans – it was founded back in 1988, with headquarters in Nevada, the US, and employs more than 50,000 employees.


2. MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International

When a casino is backed by the world-renowned MGM Resorts International name, you know you're in for something special. The opulent 154-metre tall, 600-room MGM Macau Resort in Macau, China comes with all the exotic trappings you may wish for – from the art-inspired architecture to the fine arts collection and the world-class spa.

The MGM theatre is Asia's first dynamic theatre, featuring revolutionary technology and multisensory experiences. Even more extravagant is The Spectacle, which secured the casino a spot on the Guinness Book of Records as the largest, free-span gridshell glazed roof (self-supporting).

But the cherry on this casino's cake is The Grande Praca, a hub that brings together the casino entertainment, fine-dining, shopping and more for an integrated resort. At its heart stands the Aquarium, an amazing eight-metre tall, cylindrical aquarium that gives viewers 360-degree views of the habitat inside.

The casino itself is not one of the biggest, but it makes up for this with a very high-end experience worthy of the MGM name. The staff know their stuff, and the selection of slots is pretty sweet. MGM Resorts International has its headquarters in Nevada, the US, and employs more than 70,000 employees.


3. Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Caesars Entertainment Corporation

When it comes to American gaming companies, they don’t get much bigger or better than this. Caesars Entertainment Corporation owns more than 50 casinos and seven golf courses under several brand names. It's one of the largest gaming companies in the world, boasting annual revenues worth billions and has earned its reputation with over 80 years of excellence.

The company offers a total of over 55,000 slot machines across the world and is known for showcasing the newest games and using cutting-edge technology that will reel you right in. An example of the kind of quality you can expect from Caesars is their world-famous Caesars Atlantic City. This iconic venue matches its betting experience with incredible shows and world-renowned restaurants.

As the name might suggest, the resort is Roman-themed, so be ready to get your toga on as you explore the 24,720 sq ft casino, which boasts over 3,400 slots and is one of the largest in Atlantic City. Do take a moment away from the slots to experience their world-class spa, worthy of the best Roman Baths heritage, of course.


4. Crown Resorts

Crown Resorts

This casino colossus has become a household name in Australia, where it’s the most significant entertainment group in the country with a market share worth billions. This is an astonishing achievement for a company that was only founded a little over a decade ago.

They own two of Australia's top gambling and entertainment complexes: Crown Perth and Crown Melbourne. Moreover, they have partial ownership with several other holdings, including one in the UK.

Crown Melbourne is also Australia’s largest casino, licensed to operate 2,628 gaming machines and 540 table games, with a licence that extends to 2050. Clearly, shortage of gaming options is unlikely to be your problem here. And neither is a shortage of entertainment, with The palladium's 1,500-seat ballroom, The Palms' 900-seat cabaret venue, some of Melbourne's finest dining destinations and luxury designer shopping.

Crown Perth is equally impressive. On the gaming front, the casino can operate up to 2,500 electronic gaming machines and 350 table games and is the only venue in Western Australia to offer electronic gaming machines and table games. Add a mega (1,500-seat) ballroom, a massive 2,300-seat theatre and more fine dining and bar options, and you are onto a winner.


5. SJM Holdings

SJM Holdings

SJM Holdings are the original juggernauts of the gambling industry in Macau. Up until 2002, they were the sole licensee for casinos anywhere in Macau. It wasn’t until 2002 that more licenses were issued.

However, even with the potential competitors, SJM Holdings have retained their crucial role in the casino industry of the region and still own a substantial portion of the casinos there.

The projected plans include the eagerly-awaited Grand Lisboa casino, opened in the second half of 2020, it’s a stunning 261-metre-tall structure, with over 1,000 slot game machines and nearly as many gaming tables, being projected. It’s estimated to have cost around the $5 billion mark.

The existing casinos are no less impressive – like Casino Oceanus, with its colourful bauble-like architecture designed by Paul Steelman, or the Golden Dragon, with over 72,000 square feet of gaming space across three floors.

Founded in 1962, SGM holdings is owned and operated by Stanley Ho, considered Asia's casino magnate, alongside several family members.


6. Wynn Resorts Ltd

Wynn Resorts Ltd

This Las Vegas Strip-based hotel and casino operator, Wynn Resorts, was founded in 2002. It has been steadily building up the business ever since, with five huge properties and two more in the pipeline. It is a business that is expanding, although the brand is rightfully best-known for the two Las Vegas casinos.

Look no further than their now iconic Encore luxury resort chain to see the level of quality offered by Wynn Resorts. This has been awarded the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award each year since opening. Considered to be among the finest hotels in the world, its casino stands at an astonishing 80,000 square feet and is joined by a spa, salon, several world-class restaurants, bars and a nightclub.

Encore Boston also boasts plenty of luxury and extravagance, with 40-foot ceilings, red glass chandeliers and a massive array of slot machines. The terrace level hosts table games, poker tables, private gambling salons and high-limit gaming rooms, with a spectacular view of the action below.


7. Galaxy Entertainment Group

Galaxy Entertainment Group

Known mainly through its subsidiary name, Galaxy Casino S.A. owns and operates several casinos in Macau. It’s a clear example of a company benefiting from the industry being opened up in 2002, although it was actually founded approximately 30 years back in 1988 by Lui Chee Woo.

Its most famous resort is probably the sensational Galaxy Macau. This opened in 2011 after a near-decade of construction. There are thousands of hotel rooms, entertainment and casino areas across it’s over half a million square metres of space, alongside an artificial beach, wave pool and over 50 restaurant outlets.

The group also owns three City Club casinos, dubbed for their strategic locations across the most popular spots in Macau. Waldo Casino is spread over four floors of the property, with dining and entertainment options in between.

The President Casino is bang in the heart of Macau's entertainment centre. Although comparatively on the smaller side, this casino is known for the quality and quantity of its baccarat tables. Finally, Rio Casino completes the Galaxy trio, with 150 slot machines, and almost 100 table games.


How Much Do The Biggest Casino Companies Make?

Poker at MGM Grand casino

Considering we're talking about the biggest casinos in the world, it should come as no surprise to anyone that these companies rake in an absolutely astonishing amount of revenue. The billions upon billions these casinos make are undeniable proof that, although online casinos are more popular than ever, there’s still plenty of people who want the real-life experience. So join me on this virtual tour and step inside a world of luxury, riches and top-notch hospitality as we visit some of the biggest casino companies in the world of gambling and check how much money do they make.

Check out the jaw-dropping revenues of some of the world’s largest and most successful casino companies:

Las Vegas Sands Corp – $13.8 Billion

MGM Resorts International – $12.8 Billion

Caesars Entertainment Corporation – $4 Billion

Crown Resorts – $4.7 Billion

SJM Holdings – $4.4 Billion

Wynn Resorts – $6.7 Billion

Galaxy Entertainment Group – $7 Billion

The Best Online Casinos - check out our researched top lists



🏆 What makes a casino the biggest? 🏆

A lot of different things contribute, such as employees, user base and influence, but for the sake of clarity and consistency we are using estimated annual income as our criteria.

💰 How do you know their annual income? 💰

Well, we don’t precisely, which is why we say estimated. It is based on the most accurate and most recent reports that we can find publicly.

✅ Does biggest mean they are the best? ✅

Not necessarily. For one, different operators can be better at different things. It does however mean that they have gotten to a certain level of popularity, and it would be unusual for that to be the case without a reasonably level of quality.

❓ Are the biggest land and online casinos the same? ❓

No, actually, other than the potential takeover of Bet 365 by Caesars, there’s no crossover in what based on our research are the top 7 biggest for each. We suppose that goes to show that those two worlds are still very much separate.

🥇 What’s the difference between large and small casinos? 🥇

Well, not anything necessarily. However, larger operators to have certain tendencies, such as providing a wider range of betting products. You can find more details on the other potential advantages in this article.



In this article we have talked about land and online casinos, as well as the benefits of both the biggest online casino in the world and its competitors, and the lesser known alternatives. More than that though, and regardless of whatever casino you decide is right for you, this should all be viewed as online betting’s rich tapestry. The great betting buffet of casinos available to you complement each other regardless of which is right for you.

More choice means more chances of getting one that is absolutely perfect for you, so even if you’re not a fan of one, you should still be happy that it is there. These biggest casino companies make up a great portion of that variety and are therefore something to be celebrated, no matter your choice.



We collaborate with industry experts to make sure that our readers are getting the best possible content. All our articles are there to improve your casino experience.

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