Casino Content Writer  For this position, we are looking for a talented and creative Content Writer who will be working closely with other departments, making sure that we have the highest possible standards when it comes to the content. Duties:

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Extensive Guide to Slot Volatility 2020 – Volatility vs Variance, Volatility vs RTP

What is slot volatility? The term ‘volatile’ is used to refer to the risk associated with a specific game. A slot’s volatility determines how much and how often you can expect to win. High volatility means that the results greatly

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Halloween Promotions 2019 – Best Casino bonus offers

What kind of Halloween deals can I expect? There are few kinds of promotions within the potentially haunted realms of the casino which would not benefit from a little bit of a holiday makeover, and few casino sites would pass

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New Casino Bonuses in 2020: Which Latest Casino Bonus is the Best?

New Casino Bonuses in : Which Latest Casino Bonus is the Best? Fresh out of the oven, hot off the press and newly minted casino bonuses are just around the corner for you. Before you start your gaming warm up

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The Best Online Scratch Cards in the UK 2020

The Best Online Scratch Cards in the UK What is a scratch card? Traditionally speaking, scratch cards are little, square cards you can buy at your local convenience store or corner shop. They cost next to nothing, and they contain

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Best Online Casino Singapore – Top Singapore Casinos Online

There are plenty of online casinos in Singapore offering the best online games for you to play. Despite online gambling being illegal, online casinos in Singapore still remain vastly popular. Licensed online casino operators are still offering the best online

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