5 Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Wins in 2017

Casino Jackpot Winners 2017Money is an essential aspect of one’s life because it allows people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Everyone dreams of winning a big chunk of money to fulfil their desires and other cravings. Money can certainly help you accomplish your desires and bring significant changes in your day to day life.

All of us like to dream, but only a handful of them work to transform their dreams into reality. Imagine that you were able to win a considerable sum of money with a small investment and you can enjoy and have fun during this process. The casino is the best place to earn a lot of money in a relatively short period, and you get to enjoy a lot. There are several slot machine and table games that can make you glued to the screen and make you the next big winner.

The craze of online casino has maximised in the recent times, and you can become a winner of massive jackpot online or through any smartphone device. Here is a list of top 5 biggest online casino jackpot winners for the year 2017.

5 Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Wins in 2017

BGO Casino – Mega Fortune Dreams (Winning Amount €7,437,199.00)

BGO CasinoShe became lucky just before the commencement of New Year. This online player goes by the name Wellzyc could not get any luckier. He accessed the online casino site from his smartphone and made a small betting of 1.25 Pounds. With just one single spin, the miracle happened, and he was able to win the jackpot money.

Mega Fortune Dreams offered him the jackpot money of €7,437,199 which comes to £6.23 million. Wellzyc, who is now a millionaire could not believe his luck and never imagined that we would win a jackpot at any casino site.

For security reasons, the identity of the winner is kept anonymous. He is a father of two children and lives in Chesire County. He planned a trip to Disneyland with the money. He is pleased now, and the funds would undoubtedly bring financial stability for him and his family.

Captain Cook’s Mobile Casino – Mega Moolah (Winning Amount €6,078,249.00)

Captain Cook’s Mobile CasinoAnother winner by the name NC got lucky by winning this considerable jackpot amount while playing at this online casino. He was a novice and just started playing recently by depositing a fee of only €5.

On 16th of January 2017, he made a bet for only €0.50 and became a millionaire by winning a massive amount of €6,078,249. He was able to win this amount by playing casino on his mobile device, and this indeed shows how much online casino games have become popular in the recent times.

PAF Casino – Mega Fortune Dreams (Winning Amount €3.5 Million)

PAF CasinoA sexagenarian lady from Finland had her dreams come true when she played at this popular online casino site. She made a simple bet of €1 on January 18, 2017, and went on winning the jackpot amount of €3.5 million. During the interview, she said that she was in utter shock and complete disbelief having won this significant amount.

The very first thing she wanted to do with the money was to go on an extended vacation with her husband. They had earlier planned their holidays, but they were unable to go due to some reasons. She had never imagined that she was going to win a jackpot in her life until she started playing online casino games at Mega Fortune Dreams. It just takes a small amount to win the jackpot money, and you never know you could become the next winner.

Tipico Casino – Mega Moolah (Winning €8,012,153.36)

Tipico CasinoThis winner from Europe is regarded as the highest ever win on any mobile device. The previous winner made 6.6 million Euros 2 months back. This lucky winner wants to remain anonymous and become the most top jackpot winner on 25th April 2017. He never knew that his bet of just €6.25 would change his life entirely and make him the biggest jackpot winner in entire Europe.

Based on the history of the previous winner, it shows that last six winners played online casino games on their smartphone device. It is quite evident how popular online casinos have become in the recent times. One can enjoy the perks of land-based casinos merely by sitting at their home. Mega Moolah is one of the highest paying slot machines, and its popularity is on the rise with every passing day.

Tipico Casino – Mega Moolah (Winning €3.7 Million)

Tipico Casino JackpotThis massive jackpot amount was won in May 2017 just a few weeks after the last jackpot. The jackpot money increased rapidly due to the previous win which increased the number of online players and their bets. The lucky winner was able to bring home a whopping amount of €3.77 million on 26th May 2017.

The winner is from Norway and did not want his name to become public. According to the casino staff members, he was a regular and they have seen him won small amounts which total to €45000. He was able to claim the jackpot money by placing a bet of just $20.

It is interesting to note that Mega Moolah casino games at Tipico Casino have produced a jackpot winner for five consecutive months. The last win was in January 2017, and the winning streak continued for the 5th time in May. There is no reason to doubt that the casino would generate many more jackpot winner before the end of 2017.

Aforementioned are the five biggest online casino jackpot winners for 2017. These stats and the jackpot amount clearly shows the craze for online casinos and its popularity would never fade. It is one of the most sought-after entertainment, and people crave for it. There is always a chance to win the jackpot money, all you need is to try and have lots of luck by your side. With progressive jackpots becoming popular, there is always a chance that you would become a part of impressive jackpot amount and transform your life with the prize money.

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