What are Live Casinos and Where to Find Them


live casinosAs this feature was on the lips of every player, having an interface became a critical need for the casinos. But the question arises – “How to Fill up the Gap?” The answer to this question is straightforward.

As you can now place wagers and bets online and compete against the computer with the help of RNG or Random Number Generator, many people are of the opinion that they don’t stand a chance to win against the machine.

In addition to the above, the players want more action and fun while playing the casino games. As a result of which, the online casinos have now identified the necessity and requirement for the Live Studio.

It would be an ideal platform for the online casinos; however, the land based brick and mortar casinos have also seen the chance and possibility to increase their customer base with the live casinos.

How does Live Casino Work?

The first live dealer casino came into existence 13 years ago in 2003 which was developed by the famous game software firm Playtech. To activate live streaming between the casino and the customer; an advanced software by the name Optical Character Recognition or OCR was used. It is the same technology used by the scanners to scan the folders or your email data.

Within a short period, this small innovation skyrocketed and became immensely popular. All the major casinos around the world started offering Live Casino feature which in turn attracted a lot of prospective customers and helped the business to grow to a great extent.

You can now stay at your home and log into a live dealer casino from the comforts of your house and enjoy the perks of being at a live casino. You will be given access to a personal dealer and play against fellow team members just like the way you do at any land-based casino.

But, here everything will be online and will be displayed on your computer or laptop screen. The communication process is extremely convenient and comfortable at the same time; with a message chat box at the bottom right-hand corner. You will be given a lot of privacy while making the decisions while playing your favourite casino games online.

Live Casino Layout and Location

The live casino or otherwise known as the virtual casino is situated at a real studio with human dealers. The entire area is secluded to make sure there is no external disturbance and nothing to distract the online players. There is no noise whatsoever, and you can concentrate on your game with full focus.

The location of the live casino depends on the online casino and does not have any bound to a particular area. The important game tables would be located all around the studio featuring the most popular casino games. At some tables, you will find only a limited number of players whereas there are tables like roulette were you can see a lot of players joining together and playing the game.

Pros and Cons of Live Casinos

Every coin has two sides, and so does the live casino. There are two aspects of the live dealer casino – positive and negative. Let us have a look at both of them below.


The live casinos use state of the modern art equipment with lovely and beautiful ladies as dealers who are paid handsomely as per industry standards. The overall cost of running the live dealer casino is on the higher side and requires a lot of capital. So how do the casinos manage the extra cost?

They increase the minimum bet amount, and the number of payouts is subsequently reduced. The hope of winning a big jackpot at live casinos might seem realistic, but the overall winning amount is curtailed to manage the total cost.

You might choose a gaming room with more than one table, and it is possible that you will get distracted with the good looks of the dealer and hear the dice, spinner and shuffling of the other dealers around. It can indeed break your concentration and might take off your aim and focus from the game.

At the same time, the overall game environment and the atmosphere is quite impersonal as the entire action revolves around pressing the spin, hit or deal button without having any real conversation with the dealer at the game table.

To Err is Human. You should know that human beings are not perfect and it is likely they will commit mistakes. The live casino dealers are also humans, and there is always a room for error. You can get a bad deal as a result of the awkward shuffling of the deck of cards, and you have no one to complain about this matter.


Although the human aspect involved in the live dealer is seen as a negative side, it does have a positive aspect as well. Many casino players are sceptical and hate competing against the computers because they believe the system is tampered when they don’t win and incur a series of losses. With a live dealer, there is nothing to worry as the lady at the table will handle your cards and all your money.

There is an essential positive social aspect about the live casinos you should know. You will be able to chat, interact and communicate with the fellow players at the table which in turn can help you learn some tricks and tips about the game. At the same time, you get a decent company if you happen to be a loner.

At the same time, the dealers present there are very attractive, and you will have a great time interacting with them. The live casinos use very appealing and gorgeous ladies with the right package where you will have a tough time taking your eyes off them. All these things would cheer up a lonely person who is craving for fun, entertainment and socialising with people.

During the game, if you face any problems, you can rest assured that all your issues and queries will be addressed immediately without a lot of waiting period. You are free to write to the online casino through email or live chat, and you might get the complete solution to your problem in less than 24 hours. There is a pit boss available with the live casinos which are at your service round the clock and ready for assistance.

Casino Games Available

You should know that the live dealer casinos have a shortage of space and have to run the show in a limited place, so you would not have access to a vast selection of games.

However, that being said, you can play the live Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack games. Blackjack is a top-rated table game, and the majority of the casinos use it as a live dealer function and is always included in the list of the VIP games at the live dealer casinos.

Baccarat is another top-rated game, but this game is played across a table comprising only a small group of people. People with a lot of capital and a high bankroll usually opt for this table. If you have the desired cash available with you and want to get the VIP treatment, you can choose for this game.

Last but not the least is the Roulette table which is another exciting and widely played game. This game table requires a lot of players, and the game is often featured at the online casinos to accommodate several players. The game calls for higher bets, and you can win huge jackpots if you are the lucky winner.


We are confident by the end of this post; you have now a fair understanding of what is a live casino and how does it work and how it is going to benefit you along with its pros and cons. It would be now easy for you to put the picture into perspective and understand why there is so much craze for the live dealer casinos online.

Sitting at the comfort of your sofa or bed, communicating with the other fellow players, enjoying the looks and features of the attractive and gorgeous dealers at the table with access to some high rated tables games is more than enough to justify the rising need for the live casinos.

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