UNLV Report to Guide IR Framework for Better Decision Making

Japanese FlagResearchers at the Washington State University and International Gaming Institute of University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) have been commissioned by the Government of Japan for doing research papers that will help in making better gaming regulation decisions. It would certainly help Japan’s gambling industry to operate in a better manner and look after the Integrated Resorts operation.

The reports are commissioned by the officials from Japan Government as well as from businessmen. The two reports are completed by team members of UNLV’s Jennifer Roberts, Bo Bernhard and Brett Abarbanel as well as Kahil Philander of Washington State University. The report is 100 pages long and is titled “Socio-Economic Impacts of Japanese Integrated Resorts”. Apart from that, there is a supplementary page titled as “Practical Perspectives on Gambling Regulatory Processes for Study by Japan: Eliminating Organized Crime in Nevada Casinos”.

While creating this report, Bo Bernhard who is the director of the Institute completely engrossed himself in the Japanese market for complete 5 years thereby leading to IR Bill passage in December last year. In summer of 2017, all his findings were finalized by Philander, Roberts and Abarbanel who together flew to Japan.

The main report was completed on September 2, 2017, and offers a comprehensive framework for creating a successful industry that can generate revenues of more than $20 billion. The study found that tourist-oriented IR development plan is the best option for the country after taking into consideration of the goals and socioeconomic profile of Japan. The report concluded that cities of Yokohama, Osaka and Tokyo in Japan are the best places for the integrated resorts.

On 25th of August this year, the supplementary report was completed and is aimed at guiding the country in forming a regulated gaming enterprise which will be based on Nevada model. The study tackled how the casino resort of Nevada was able to grow by putting regulatory, legal and self-policing industry measures for combating crimes that are quite prevalent in the casino industry.

The reports from University of Nevada Las Vegas were presented in September 2017 during an industry summit. The summit was attended by several politicians, business leaders and health officials. The reports are committed to helping the lawmakers in Japan on reaching a resolution on issues that are pending related to “IR Bill“. Some of the issues include policies on admission in the casinos, property sizes restriction, casino resorts location and framework drafting for minimizing and eliminating gambling addiction threats.

The study report from UNLV also pointed out that no single industry model can be applied directly to Japan. It is because of the different markets which have various needs and characteristics. This might affect the lawmakers of Japan who may opt for the gaming model of Singapore.

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