Top 10 Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino affiliate programs are what we would call a win-win situation. By splitting the workload of finding new customers, both casinos and affiliates can mutually benefit. The basics of how it works couldn’t be simpler.

The affiliate provides a link to the casino: they get a new customer and the affiliate gets paid for providing them with that customer. Of course, the specifics are a touch more complicated than that, but not by too much.

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

There are targets that need to be met for the affiliate to be paid and those can vary. A typical example would be that the affiliate gets paid after the customer deposits funds and meets a wagering requirement.

Fortune Jack affiliates program

This ensures that the business model remains viable by preventing a tide of non-spending customers from making this transaction not worthwhile from the affiliate casino’s standpoint. It’s also important from a quality standpoint. As affiliates need to provide customers that are actually going to use a casino site, you can’t simply trick and spam customers into clicking a link. That in itself is not valuable. This means the affiliates need to provide quality content in order to get customers that want to use top quality casino sites in the first place. Otherwise, it is not worth either their or the casino’s time.

For all of this to work, everyone needs to be happy with the arrangement. The affiliate needs to provide customers who want to find out about the best betting sites. Otherwise, they won’t meet the requirements for payment. The customer has to like the sites being presented to them, or they would simply go elsewhere. The affiliate casino has to provide the service the customer wants in order to make that a reality. With all this in place, you end up with a satisfied customer and a strong and profitable business relationship between the casino and affiliate.

Finding the Right Affiliate Program for You

888Casino affiliates

Of course, in order to have a strong business relationship, you need to find the program that is right for you. Well, the good news is there is no shortage of excellent affiliate programs out there, with more appearing all the time. They all have their own quirks and advantages, meaning that while some affiliate programs are better than others, whatever is best for you comes down to your personal tastes.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at 10 examples of excellent affiliate programs to give you an idea of how to get started.

Bitstarz Casino Affiliates

It’s clear that the quality that can be found on the Bitstarz Casino site also carries over to their affiliates program. Not only is this a quality brand that anyone would be proud to represent, but it also has a wide range of marketability beyond Europe. That shouldn’t be a surprise considering that their excellent betting site offers top quality slots from the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming, among many more, alongside top-quality live casino games.

Bitstarz casino affiliates

Their excellent reputation and revenue share commission model – where partners get a portion of the net revenue of referred players and are rewarded for performance – means that this is an affiliate program that will be perfect for plenty of partners. Thanks to their income access software platform, you can also rest assured you’re getting the most out of your relationship with Bitstarz. And their fast and regular payment will provide a steady income, with commission being received monthly.

Payments can also be made via several currencies and methods. This means that this affiliate program is available t vo more people. The only downside might be the minimum withdrawal threshold of €100 for e-wallets. Still, this will simply be rolled over each month under the threshold is met, so the money will arrive regardless.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Bitstarz affiliate revenue share

BetVictor Affiliates

This is another elite-level betting site offering a world-class affiliates program. BetVictor Affiliates is the official program responsible for the excellent BetVictor Casino.

If you are unfamiliar with their betting site, they are home to a massive selection of software developers. These include the likes of Evolution Gaming, IGT, Realistic Games and many more. This provides them with a massive amount of variety in everything from slots, video poker, table games and much, much more. Their reputation is stellar and the design of their site from desktop to mobile is state-of-the-art. In other words, they are a site ideal for affiliation.

BetVictor Affiliates

Your revenue is calculated from gross earnings from the player. Commission is set at a flat rate and earned for as long as the player remains active. This is also known as a lifetime revenue. However, one thing to take into account is their negative carryover program. This means that a negative balance at the end of one month will be carried over to the next.

On the other hand, one casino means there are no bundling concerns, keeping your income stream nice and simple. There’s also a one-tier affiliation program, giving affiliates a chance to top up their earnings. Commission is monthly and is paid on the 15th of every month. Payment options include Skrill and Neteller, with a minimum payment of £50 for e-wallets.

Several currencies are also available including Pounds, Euros and Dollars, and there’s no admin fees. Their Income Access Software also makes it nice and easy to monitor your earnings. All in all, Victors Affiliates is simple, professional and generous.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Flat Rate of 30%

Casumo Affiliates

With lifetime revenue, no negative carryover and no bundling, it’s really no surprise that Casumo Affiliates is considered one of the very best around. If you’re not aware of Casumo Casino , then be sure to check it out. You will find a stylish, high-quality site with a terrific selection of games from many of the industry’s very best developers, with everything from NetEnt to Barcrest Games and Thunderkick being represented here. This means that not only can players trust them, but they also go above and beyond to provide the best possible user experience. For you, that means happy customers and more revenue.

Casumo affiliates

The lifetime revenue structure means that you will receive money for as long as the player continues to use the site and will receive a commission based on generated profits. This is a tiered structure with a twist. Unlike previous examples, Casumo Affiliates actually bases their tiers on the number of referred players as opposed to overall revenue. Whether this is preferable is down to you. But it’s good that there is a variety of structures for you to work with in order to find the best fit for your business.

Payments are received within the first 15 days of each month and have a low minimum threshold of €100. Payments lower than that roll over until that threshold is reached. One thing to keep in mind is that payment is only made in Euros, although there are several payment methods to choose from like Skrill and Neteller, alongside Bank Wire Transfer.

Tracking is made easy too thanks to the NetRefer software. It’s one of the most well-known programs of its kind for a reason, owing to its customisability and its comprehensive reports.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Casumo affiliates revenue share


Don’t worry if the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell because Uffiliates covers the world famous and highly regarded 888 Casino group. Naturally, with a name brand as strong as that, much of the work is done for you. Many players are already aware of the reputation for quality they have.


This network of casinos includes Reef Club Casino and Wink Slots Casino, alongside 888 Casino to create a truly well-rounded network of options. This offers everything from world-class casino games to sports betting and poker. It’s also an affiliate program with a history extending back over a decade. Therefore, not only does the casino have a great reputation, but the affiliate program does too.

All commissions are tiered on performance across all brands, meaning more revenue at a higher cut. However, negative carryover is in effect, so a negative balance will roll over to the following month. There is also a software program which provides both informative and creative material, as well as analytics. Lastly, just like our previous entry, the tiered system is based on the number of players, rather than revenue.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Uffiliates affiliates revenue share

Fruity Affiliates

They’ve got over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, no minimum payment threshold, no bundling and no negative carryover, other than in exceptional circumstances. It doesn’t take long to understand why Fruity Affiliates is one of the most respected affiliate programs on the net.

Fruity Affiliates

They are, as their name suggests, the official affiliate for Fruity Casa Casinos. This makes them open to a huge number of players who want a quirky, colourful and high-quality casino experience. Although, US players will not be able to enjoy their product and that, therefore, does cut out a slice of potential revenue. However, this is the case with so many sites, so it’s unfair to judge them too harshly on that account.

There’s also the opportunity to make even more money through their sub-affiliates program. This is a two-tier structure, allowing you to receive a share of the sub-affiliate’s earnings. Just like everything else, this is based on performance.

Finally, payments are made on the first 10 days of each following month, with payments being requested between the 2nd and the 9th of each month. Payments are all made in Euro, and the software is powered by Egass. This provides you with information and tools to improve your performance.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Fruity Affiliates revenue share

Betsson Group Affiliates

If you’re looking for a huge name in European gaming, then look no further than the excellent Betsson Group Affiliates. Their brand includes not only Betsson, but also the likes of BetSafe and Casino Euro. This means that in terms of the quality and the reputation of the product, there’s little if any better.

Betsson Group affiliates

If you aren’t aware of these casinos, then rest assured that they are truly excellent casino offerings. They include a huge amount of games from the likes of Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, to give a couple of examples. Many also offer things like a live casino, poker and sports betting.

Partners are compensated through a revenue-sharing plan based on overall profit. However, there are tiers based on monthly revenue, meaning you will be rewarded for better performance. Another positive is that there’s no negative carryover, meaning a bad month won’t continue to affect you into the near future. Also, the cash threshold is pretty low at €50 euros. So, you don’t need to earn much in order to get your hands on your earnings.

These payments are available via Neteller or Skrill, with the only real downside being that these payments are only available in Euros.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Betsson group affiliates revenue share

Gala Partners

For those with a business aimed at the UK casino market, there are few bigger or more trusted names than Gala Partners. With regular television advertisements still running throughout the country, their bingo product is among the UK’s most recognisable. On top of that, their overall casino offering is seriously impressive. A huge amount of software developers have found their home at Gala, including the likes of Playtech and Quickspin.

Gala Partners affiliates

Much of the benefit of utilising the Gala name is that much of the work is already done for you. People already know this is a household name they can rely on. That trust goes a long way in helping affiliate partners too.

It is, however, not the only benefit, as there’s also a sub-affiliation program. Plus, percentages are based on overall net revenue, meaning there’s a progressive earning potential. The only possible downside here is that there is an inactivity clause. Those that have shown no activity for 60 days can have their commissions reduced. However, if you’re an active partner, you should have nothing to fear in that regard.

Payments are made in the last five days of each month and, as you might expect, payments are made in British pounds.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Gala partners affiliates revenue share

GVC Affiliates

We’ve already looked at some huge names in our list of affiliate programs. However, there’s few which can compete with the multiplatform casinos which make up GVC affiliates. These include the likes of Gamebookers Casino, PartyCasino and, of course, Bwin Casino itself.

PartyCasino affiliates

So comprehensive is this longstanding group that they even have their own gaming software. And they back that up with variety from some of the biggest software developers in the world to create a huge, uncompromising casino selection. This provides everything from slots to a sensational live casino experience. There’s also no negative carryover and the option to provide a cost per acquisition plan to selected affiliates.

Also important is that tiers are based on the number of players rather than overall revenue. Partners are paid at the start of the month and payments can be made via Neteller, Visa, WebMoney, Skrill and more. Unfortunately, there aren’t quite as many options when it comes to currency. Payments can only be made using US Dollars, so exchange costs should be taken into account.

Finally, their proprietary software continues their reputation for technological excellence. It provides an easy to use and understand platform to manage your business.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Bwin party partners affiliates revenue share

BetOnline Affiliate Program

Something that is missing from many affiliate programs is the ability to get players from the United States. Thats’s not an issue with the BetOnline Affiliate Program. If you want to promote your website for the US-friendly casinos that can offer a wide range of different gambling sites, this is an ideal affiliate program.

BetOnline affiliates

It is a Panama-based gambling company that has been prevalent for a very long time. They have a team of highly experienced professionals who have been actively involved in online gambling since 1991. This means they have more experience than many of the best affiliate programs around and have earned their reputation over many years. In other words, it means they can be trusted by both their users and their partners.

The commission rate is up to 35%, and you would be able to benefit greatly. You can track your referrals through the standalone stats website. At the same time, you will have access to different types of promotional material, and the BetOnline Affiliate Program provides another avenue of earning potential.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Bet online affiliates revenue share

Gunsbet Affiliate

One of the best all-around affiliate programs, it’s little surprise than Gunsbet Affiliate has garnered such an excellent critical reception over the years. After all, Gunsbet Casino a quality product available throughout the world and with software from everyone from Microgaming and BetSoft to the likes of Thunderkick.

Gunsbet affiliates

On top of that, they also provide a generous percentage share based on the total of referred players. There’s also no negative carryover meaning a bad month can be left as exactly that. And there’s several payments methods including Neteller and Skrill, as well as Trustly and even Credit Cards, among other options. The only downside is the lack of sub-affiliates program. However, if that’s not an issue for you, there’s little not to like here.

Commission can be paid in both Euros and Bitcoin, and are generally paid on the 7th of each month. Finally, reports and stats can be found via their SoftSwiss Platform.

What is Their Revenue Share?

Gunsbet Affiliate revenue share

Casino Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you who still have some questions about Casino Affiliates or just want to quickly remind yourself of the most important points, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

1. How do I get access to banners and text links?

Once you join any of the above affiliates programs for casinos, you will be provided direct access to the affiliate website through a username and password. Using the account details, you will be able to download different kinds and sizes of banners on your PC and configure the links.

2. What percentage of revenue share will I earn?

This all depends on the site itself. Some operate using a flat rate, meaning you’ll earn the same amount of commission regardless of how you perform. Others provide performance-based incentives.

It’s also worth pointing out that often the way the tiers are calculated is different. For instance, some base it on overall revenue, while others base it on the number of customers. There are also those which give you the option to choose a fixed CPA payment or the percentage of net revenue.

3. How often am I paid?

Payments are generally made monthly at the same time of the month. This will either be on the same day or across a set of days, but regardless, payments should be predictable from any good affiliate program. You may not get paid if you do not pass a minimum threshold. However, your earnings usually roll over to the following month meaning you should not lose any of your earnings.

4. Can I join more than one affiliate program?

You can join as many casino affiliate programs as possible for maximum revenue. However, we do recommend only sticking with quality affiliate programs. Remember, that what really counts here is quality customers who actually want to use the sites you’re directing them towards. That’s the only way they are going to spend money and thus, the only way you are going to make money.

5. What does it mean to have no carryover?

Negative carryover means that losses on players from one month will continue to affect you after that month is over. No carryover means that each month is taken on its own. Therefore, that one bad month won’t affect you in the following months.

6. What's an inactivity clause?

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you are inactive for a certain amount of time, then it will affect your account. This could lead to the account being suspended or being moved to a lower commission tier. It depends on the site, and some have no inactivity clause. But it’s something worth paying attention to if you think that could be an issue for whatever reason in the future.

7. Will I need my affiliate account approving?

In general, it hardly takes more than 10 minutes to complete the sign-up and registration process with any of the casino affiliate programs mentioned above. Once completed, you will often be provided with a dedicated affiliate manager who will get your account approved and operational without you having to wait for a long time.