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Top 10 Casino Affiliate Programs 2023

Casino affiliate programs are what we would call a win-win situation. By splitting the workload of finding new customers, both casinos and affiliates can mutually benefit. The affiliate provides a link to the casino: they get a new customer and the affiliate gets paid for providing them with that customer. So, say you're a player looking for the best UK casinos, the best payout casinos, the top live dealer sites around, or the casino which has the ideal casino app for you, an affiliate will do all the homework and point you to the operators which deliver. Of course, the specifics are a touch more complicated than that, but not by too much.

Our Top 20 Casino Affiliate Programs

1. Casino Friday

An image of the Casino Friday affiliates page

Join the newest casino brands on the market that are taking the world by storm and earn up to 45% commission! AffiliateXe have a brilliant collection of testimonials because they work closely with all their partners and is one of our best online casino payouts, as they offer super fast payouts so you're not left chasing anyone. There's also no negative carry-over and you no hidden costs, overall offering a smooth service.

Sign up at Casino Friday Affiliates

2. LeoVegas Affiliates

An image of the LeoVegas affiliate page

LeoVegas is one of the most well-known casino brands on the market and it has pioneered the mobile casino world, offering stellar service to all of its players.  There is up to 40% of commission to earn when sign-up to the LeoVegas affiliate program and you can easily track all of your earnings online. You can expect only the best service from one of the best brands on the market.

Sign up at LeoVegas Affiliates

3. 888

casino affiliate programs

Partnering up with one of the biggest online iGaming destinations worldwide has to bring its own perks. 888 offers a unique portfolio of branded inhouse games, so it is not a hard sell to refer players to one of these brands. This is one of the operators that boast the highest conversion rates, in fact, with their brands being well-known on an international level.

This is in no small measure thanks to the reputation for trustworthiness that 888 has built over time, and the company’s professional approach both towards its players and its affiliated.

The company is very well-placed to negotiate some of the best referral programs thanks to a team of expert affiliate managers that will offer round-the-clock support. Commission plans are personalised and affiliate partners get given access to a big variety of marketing material.

Sign up at 888 Affiliates

4. Playamo Affiliates

  • No negative carryover. Payments are made on the 1st of every month and without any delays.
  • PlayAmo Partners covers 6 brands. By being part of a single affiliate program, you’ll be able to get your payments from all of them in one place.
  • PlayAmo is a stable and quickly growing company established in 2015. They work with 1,000+ partners that who already brought 5,000,000+ players to our Casinos.
  • Every partner has a personal VIP manager to assist with all queries.

Sign up at Playamo Affiliates

5. Casumo

Casumo affiliates

Another highly-respected game in iGaming circles, and it’s easy to see why. Casumo has a reputation for high player conversion, which makes it the ideal affiliate partner. Loyal players mean a constant stream of revenue with (almost) zero effort on the part of the affiliate. Commission percentages go up to a very alluring 45% as soon as you reach 40 depositing players a month.

casino affiliate programs

As soon as you’re on the referral programme, you will be a lifetime partner – as long as ‘your’ player keeps playing and spending money, you will continue getting your cut. And, what’s more, you’ll get it by the first week of the month. No dilly-dallying.

Negative balances are not carried forward from one month to another, so there’s another plus for you.

Sign up at Casumo Affiliates

In general, it hardly takes more than 10 minutes to complete the sign-up and registration process with any of the casino affiliate programs mentioned above. Once completed, you will often be provided with a dedicated affiliate manager who will get your account approved and operational without you having to wait for a long time.[/su_spoiler]

6. BitStarz

bitstarz caino affiliate program homepage

BitStarz is a super early payer – you will find your commission paid directly into your account by the 1st of every month, and if that’s not a good incentive, I don’t know what is. The second biggest attraction is that this operator accepts both traditional and cryptocurrencies, which means that if you’re part of their affiliate program you’re really casting your net wide in terms of potential players.

As part of an affiliate network, you will be paid in revenue share based on Bitcoin or Euro NGR per month: check the payment models for Bitcoin, as they’re quite interesting. The highest payment tier stands at 40% and is earnt with an NGR of up to 4BTC or over €20,000. Oh yeah, and there’s no negative carryover.

bitstarz casino affiliate comission plan

Sign up at Bitstarz

7. Betamo Affiliates

  • Betamo payments are promptly made on the 1st of each month.
  • Each client has a VIP manager.
  • Betamo is a reliable brand and is managed by PlayAmo Partners.

Sign up at Playamo Affiliates

8. King Billy Affiliates

King Billy Affiliates

King Billy is gaining prominence and has quickly become the No. 1 casino for top players, especially after winning the 2019 Ask Gambler's Awards. They've also got an excellent affiliate program, providing excellent service.

  • 50% commission, so you can expect high payments.
  • Lightning fast payout as commissions are paid by the 15th of each month so you're not left chasing.
  • No hidden costs – what you see is what you get.
  • No negative carry-over, so the negative balance does not carry over into the next month.
  • Exceptional player value
  • Expert support, so help is always at hand, whenever you need it.

Sign up at King Billy Affiliates

9. 7bit Casino Affiliates

  • They accept and pay both in FIAT and in CRYPTO currencies. Feel free to choose what fits best your needs.
  • You can choose Bank transfer, CoinsPaid, Skrill or Neteller wallets to withdraw your commission.
  • They do not carry over negative balance from one month to another so that you don’t worry about super lucky players.
  • 7bit gives you an opportunity to cooperate on the CPA basis and you could benefit from each lead. You can combine it also with Revenue Share for long-term earnings.

Sign up at 7bit Affiliates

10. Playattack Affiliates

An image of the Mr Bit affiliates page

You have the chance to promote some of the best and well-known casinos on the market when you sign-up to PlayAttack Affiliates, home of the ever popular Mr Bit casino. You can expect the best deals, frequent payouts the best software and frequent players, along with no negative carryover.

Sign up at Playattack Affiliates

11. Betiton Affiliates

betiton affiliates

Are you looking for an excellent business partner that offers full transparency to help you succeed? Betiton offer flexible deals, depending on the model of your business because they understand that every single organisation is unique. You only have to take a look at their website to see how valued Betiton is by all their business partners, topped by the fact that they process all their payments in the first few days of every month.  It's easy to get in touch with Betiton, all you have to do is send them a message directly from their website.

Sign up at Betiton Affiliates

12. Casoo Affiliates


  • Casoo affiliates give up to 60% NGR.
  • CPA up to Є200.
  • No negative carryover.

Sign up at Casoo Affiliates

13. Dunder Affiliates

dunder affiliates

Earn up to 45% revenue share when promoting one of the highest-quality casinos that work hard on keeping their player retention scores high, so you know that your players will keep coming back for more. Dunder provides a variety of payment methods and a wide range of games, meaning they've got something to offer to every single player. You'll also have the chance to strike CPA and Hybrid deals with the Dunder Affilaites team.

14. Betsson Affiliates

casino affiliate programs

With a reputation that precedes it, Betsson Affiliates offers one of the most hassle-free affiliate network programs available, thanks to a superbly user-friendly system. This is another company that does not practice negative carryover, somewhat unusual for an operator that enjoys this level of popularity.

More pluses: Betsson’s referral programs are based on lifetime deals, and affiliates will continue receiving income from any players referred to their brands for as long as they play, provided the player’s account is linked to the affiliate ID.

Betsson group affiliates revenue share

It keeps getting better, as Betsson offers some of the best commission rates on affiliate deals. As per normal practice, commissions vary per brand and in some cases go up to 50%. Each of the 16 brands can be negotiated individually, and reward plans include the possibility of CPA and mixed deals.

Their sub-affiliation rates are equally good, with an additional commission of 10% tucked onto each new affiliate referred.

Sign up at Betsson Affiliates

15. Fruity Affiliates

casino affiliate programs

Good commission structures and a very user-friendly interface make Fruity Affiliates the perfect partner if you’re just starting out on affiliate deals. But it’s not just for newbies: this affiliate program is a favourite with seasoned referral program partners too.

On the technical side of things, affiliate partners benefit from a fully-fledge reporting system, superb marketing tools and 24 on 7 support. The financial angle is just as attractive. There is no negative balance carryover (unless the player generating the negative balance is classified as a high-roller) so you will be starting out your month in the black every time.

The commission percentage can go up to 40% and depends on the revenue generated by the referred players, with individual packages open for negotiation. An NGR of over 20K nets the affiliate the coveted 40% tier.

Sign up at Fruity Affiliates


16. Commission Kings

casino affiliate programs

Commission Kings offers four betting brands that focus on sports betting, online poker, online casino and horse betting. These guys take the relationship with their affiliates very seriously: they have an entire team dedicated to working on referral programs and to ensuring that both parties are satisfied.

From the backend, they offer a variety of marketing tools that make the lives of their affiliate partners easier when it comes to promoting the brands. Most of the brands accept US players – another definite plus in terms of potential revenue generation.

What about the numbers? Commission Kings favour the sliding scale structure, and offer different figures for different brands, mostly within the 10% and 45% range. CPA Commissions can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but be prepared to commit to a minimum monthly number of players – they will also take a very detailed look at your players history in order to ascertain profitability. This is also an indication of how serious their approach is.

There is negative carryover, however they do appear willing to discuss matters on an individual basis and to try and find an agreement that suits both parties, so don’t let this put you off immediately.

Sign up at Commission Kings

17. BetVictor Affiliates

casino affiliate programs

These are the exclusive kids on the block, as you can only join an affiliate deal with BetVictor upon invitation. How’s that for feeling special? However, if you’re interested in pursuing this possibility, there is a way to signal your interest, by emailing the affiliate partners. Unlike other companies, this does not signify automatic acceptance.

Once you’re in and a referral agreement has been reached, expect cutting-edge technology to aid you in your endeavours, as well as ongoing advice from the Affiliate Team. BetVictor operates on a system of custom-created deals that are individually negotiated and their affiliate agreements typically include some very lucrative incentives.

Sign up at Betvictor Affiliates

18. Fortune Jack

casino affiliate programs

Fortune Jack has been operating in the casinos business for over 20 years. Partnering up with them on an affiliate program is as reliable as it gets. The company has always been very upfront about referral programs being part of its long-term strategy and goes out of its way to make sure it works with the best affiliate networks.

For these guys, the name of the game is quality. Their referral agreements aim to offer the best quality to their affiliate partners and they expect these partner to return the favour. In order to attract this quality, they play a strong game with respect to commissions, aiming to pay out the highest commissions with the fewest number of players referred. A tall order, but this operator’s reputation warrants confidence.

Their sub-affiliate commission isn’t anything to write home about, standing at a mere 2%, but on the plus side, there’s no negative carryover. And commission percentages go up to 60%, so you do the maths.

Sign up at Fortune Jack

19. Alpha Affiliates

alpha affiliates benefits

With five reputable casino brands under its belt – EU Slot, Loki Casino, Gunsbet, Webbyslot, Golden Star – a referral program with Alpha Affiliates can only spell good stuff. The company operates under licenses from Malta and Curacao, so you are assured peace of mind and reliability. It sees over 500,000 players from some 38 countries and works with over 2,000 partners – a sure sign that this is a good brand to work with.

The numbers add up to a potentially super lucrative affiliate deal, which is why we have placed Alpha Affiliates at the top of our list: there is no negative carryover, lifetime deals and revenue share are offered and you can negotiate up to 50% commission.

The cherry on the cake? If you introduce another affiliate, you will receive a 5% sub-affiliate commission on that player’s NGR (Net Gaming Revenue). Payments are very timely and are usually made by the 15th of each month, making a referral programme with Alpha Affiliates truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Sign up at Alpha Affiliates

20. Cashi Mashi Affiliates

cashimashi affiliates

Cashi Mashi delivers a minimum rate of 25% commission to all its business partners, rising to up to 40% the more players you sign up to the casino. Cashi Mashi affiliates also offers bespoke tools to help you deliver the best content, including banners, landing pages and game demos to name just a few. You're set to succeed as soon as you register with Cashi Mashi, thanks to all the tools that become available to you. But, most importantly, you can expect to receive payment promptly by the 15th of each month.

Sign up at Cashimashi Affiliates

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

At their most basic, casino affiliate programs are easy to understand. Any link that directs traffic to a third-party website in exchange for revenue is an affiliate deal, or affiliate referral. Simple, right?

Only, there is a lot more to it than that. Especially in today’s sophisticated world of iGaming, where many operators and other service providers work via casino affiliate programs. Most iGaming companies, in fact, attract many new and returning customers after these are directed to them from other websites through affiliate agreements with the owners of said websites.

The whole system works on the basis of trust while keeping both the operators and the affiliates happy. The affiliates provide a useful service – informing interested customers about the best casinos to play at, presenting them with a carefully-curated list of options that all enjoy the trust of the affiliate recommending them.

Such casino affiliate programs are the top reason why you don’t often see online casinos advertised in the normal manner. Affiliate deals ensure that the information is relayed to the target market, (such as casino markets for a particular country eg: the best UK real money slots, Finland casinos, Germany online casino sites, Thailand gambling sites, Canada betting pages..etc) in a non-invasive manner that is likely to generate more interest. This is usually achieved through content that engages the imagination of the customer, such as useful casino reviews, the latest welcome packages, information about special casino promotions, lists of casinos with the best features of game options (like the top live dealer baccarat, live dealer blackjack, or real money casino app).

Most casino affiliate programs come with standard industry clauses and terms and understanding these certainly helps paint a clearer picture. The following are some of the terms you are likely to encounter with respect to affiliate networks.

Negative Carryover in Casino Affiliate Programs

Most casino affiliate programs involve a monthly payment based on the amount of clicks/leads that you generated. In the case of iGaming, the most common format is the number of players that were directed to a particular casino from the referring affiliate.

The numbers are calculated at the end of the month, and a payment issued. However, picture this scenario: let’s say that, as an affiliate, you referred a player who happened to make a killing on the slots last month. This player’s winnings will affect your account with the casino, as the winnings are marked as losses on your account.

The majority of casinos will deduct these winnings from the commission that is owed to you – this is what is called a Negative Carryover. Now imagine that at the end of the month, you are owed $1000 in commission. One of the players you directed to the casino won $2,000. With Negative Carryover, your account with the casino becomes -$1,000, which means that you will not be paid anything until the balance goes into the black again.

So, essentially, if an affiliate is unlucky enough to be ‘responsible’ for a mega win, in theory it may be a very long time before it starts making money from that casino again, even though it may be directing customers to the website in the meantime.

Some casino websites waive the Negative Carryover and will reset an affiliate’s balance to zero every month – naturally, these are the most lucrative deals.

Cookie Lifespan

Thanks to the recent GDPR updates, we are now all familiar with the idea of computer cookies, and the fact that they have nothing to do with the nicer cookies we snack on. How can cookies affect a casino affiliate program?

The answer is simple: a casino keeps track of which customer came from which site via the cookie that is stored on the client’s computer and that tracks the referral.

Sadly, cookies do not come with an unlimited lifespan. Most are set to an expiry limit of 30 days, which basically means that if you send a player to an affiliate website and – for example – they make a first deposit within 30 days, you will receive a commission for the referral.

What happens when the deposit happens after 30 days? Does this mean you don’t get any revenue? If that were the case, the situation would be very unfair. The cookie lifespan can be changed to a custom number by the Affiliate Manager. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an unlimited lifespan, but the cookie can be set to an extremely high number so that it doesn’t actually expire. The one that’s most quoted is 30,000 which is very close to a 100 years and should keep you in good revenue for a long time.

Life-time Deals

This is another term that you will commonly encounter as part of casino affiliate programs. As soon as a customer clicks on an affiliate’s referral URL and deposits money, their identity is instantly connected to the affiliate. This means that, when the same customer returns to that website, the linked affiliate once again gets the credit and earns a commission. This is true even when the customer goes to the website directly.

This system works because a customer can only be linked to one affiliate. In this way, the affiliate pretty much gets a lifetime deal and, throughout the customer’s lifetime, any money spent on that website will earn the affiliate commission.

Commission Rates

Casino Affiliate Programs

How is the affiliate revenue calculated? This depends on the specific agreement, but the standard method is via a commission system. There are several ways in which this commission may be calculated.

Revenue-share – If the referral agreement is based on a revenue-share model, the affiliate will receive a percentage of the casino’s net revenue generated by referred players. This tends to be the model most favoured by affiliates, because it translates into long-term income.

From the point of view of the operators, it also works well as affiliates have all the motivation to attract quality players who will generate constant revenue for the casino. Percentages vary, of course, and most operators will negotiate individually with the affiliates. Typically, the agreement would range between 5% and 50%.

The longer the working relationship and the more trusted the affiliate, the higher the commission tends to be, and when an affiliate is really good at what they do the perks (such as no negative carryover) kick in.

Cost per action – When an affiliate program is based on this model, this means that the operator is offering a fixed rate for every player. The deal can include a reward for registration only, for first deposits, for satisfying wagering requirements, for second deposits and so forth. Once again, the percentage depends on the individual agreements that are negotiated.

Mixed models – Negotiation is king in the world of referral programs. Most operators will have a team of people to negotiate a casino affiliate program. The team will typically also pull all the stops to makes sure they entice the operator into offering the best deal possible.

Mixed models can include every type of revenue mentioned above, and maybe some more customised options too. In reality, the most popular model is a combination of revenue sharing and CPA, as this guarantees that both operator and affiliate are kept satisfied with the casino affiliate program.

Finding the Right Casino Affiliate Programs for You

Of course, in order to have a strong business relationship, you need to find the program that is right for you. Well, the good news is there is no shortage of excellent affiliate programs out there, with more appearing all the time. They all have their own quirks and advantages, meaning that while some affiliate programs are better than others, whatever is best for you comes down to your personal tastes. All of these affiliate programs have excellent casino features, which will bound to bring your players back for more.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at 10 examples of excellent affiliate programs to give you an idea of how to get started.


Becoming an affiliate partner within the iGaming sector is a simple process and, in most scenarios, you can count on making some extra money with little work. All you need to do is complete the straightforward registration process, pick the best marketing tools for you, and let the internet do the work.

Reputable operators nowadays all have a professionally-set up affiliates management team that will help you with any questions. Other than that, the iGaming world is your oyster!


Once you join any of the above affiliates programs for casinos, you will be provided direct access to the affiliate website through a username and password. Using the account details, you will be able to download different kinds and sizes of banners on your PC and configure the links.

This all depends on the site itself. Some operate using a flat rate, meaning you’ll earn the same amount of commission regardless of how you perform. Others provide performance-based incentives.

It’s also worth pointing out that often the way the tiers are calculated is different. For instance, some base it on overall revenue, while others base it on the number of customers. There are also those which give you the option to choose a fixed CPA payment or the percentage of net revenue.

Payments are generally made monthly at the same time of the month. This will either be on the same day or across a set of days, but regardless, payments should be predictable from any good affiliate program. You may not get paid if you do not pass a minimum threshold. However, your earnings usually roll over to the following month meaning you should not lose any of your earnings.

You can join as many casino affiliate programs as possible for maximum revenue. However, we do recommend only sticking with quality affiliate programs. Remember, that what really counts here is quality customers who actually want to use the sites you’re directing them towards. That’s the only way they are going to spend money and thus, the only way you are going to make money.

Negative carryover means that losses on players from one month will continue to affect you after that month is over. No carryover means that each month is taken on its own. Therefore, that one bad month won’t affect you in the following months.

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you are inactive for a certain amount of time, then it will affect your account. This could lead to the account being suspended or being moved to a lower commission tier. It depends on the site, and some have no inactivity clause. But it’s something worth paying attention to if you think that could be an issue for whatever reason in the future.

In general, it hardly takes more than 10 minutes to complete the sign-up and registration process with any of the casino affiliate programs mentioned above. Once completed, you will often be provided with a dedicated affiliate manager who will get your account approved and operational without you having to wait for a long time.

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