The History of Gambling in Ancient Egypt

Casino and GamblingAfter discovering the Evolution of Gambling in China and The Earliest Forms of Gambling in Ancient Greece, we have now decided to spin the globe and explore a little bit about the history of gambling in ancient Egypt. You might be wondering where the concept of gambling was formed and from where it comes.

Well, the answer to the question is Greeks. The Greeks were the first people who invented the game of dice, but the gambling equipment was also found in Italy, China and Egypt. Gambling was a point of interest for many Greek people since the ancient times, and it seems that we have not forgotten the bad habits of the past.

In this article today, we will focus and talk about the ancient history and development of gambling in Egypt. So are you ready? Let us get started!

Early Stages of Gambling

The earliest beginning of gambling traces back to the religious rituals in the primitive societies. The entire rituals procedure was pretty much straightforward, and it included the throwing of sticks or pebbles.

After that, the outcome was analysed to check whether the total number of objects on the ground is even or odd. Odd was considered to be negative and also is a sign of the positive result. With the passage of time, the procedure became quite complicated, and it involved many sophisticated object patterns.

Gambling started from the religious activity and later on transformed into a separate event and daily routine. These rituals development meant encouraging the fate of the Almighty in bringing positive signs and helping the people. Initially, people indulged in gambling based on the outcome that depended on chances only.

Later on, it changed into a kind of daily routine and a separate activity amongst the people. People started gambling for higher stakes that included winning a more significant part of the chase or bringing home a gorgeous looking woman. The culmination of gambling finally happened when people started to gamble with stakes for their material earnings only.

The First Gambling Games

The history of human civilisation traces back to 3100 BC on the fertile and productive soils of Mesopotamia. Interestingly, during the archaeological excavations, gambling tools were found, and it comes as no surprise at all. Some of the earliest known forms of dice cubes were seen at many archaeological sites marked with pips, and all of them dates back to 3000 BC.

There are some pieces of evidence that point that people from the earliest forms of civilisation like playing board games which are popular in today’s time as well. Thousands of years ago, rolling two dices with sixes on them was called “Throw of Aphrodite”, and it indicated victory in the game.

Further to this, many gambling boards were found in Ancient Egypt that suggests that people during that time loved playing board games a lot and are quite identical to the ones played today like for instance backgammon.

Just like the backgammon, Senet could have been their ancestors as it is the oldest known board game. The idea and setup of these games are quite simplistic with a slight amount of difference, and they are available in several countries across the globe.

The earliest shreds of evidence tell us that the Egyptians enjoyed board games and played with a gaming board and two dices. To be more precise, they moved the game pieces across the board after throwing the dices. Some other forms of gambling included “Odds and Even” and other guessing games.

Most of the Egyptian philosophers and authors condemn gambling, and they have mentioned that it spread like the plague which compelled the government to mitigate and curtail such activities. It is natural that wherever gambling exists, there would be cheating in one form or another as it goes hand in hand and it was prevalent during the Egyptian civilisation as well.

The Middle Ages

By the end of the 15th century, the admiration and craze for dice games were substantially reduced, and it was substituted with card games, and it became the newest and popular gambling method. It is interesting to note that card games were brought from Asia to Europe and soon spread out throughout the continent.

As a matter of matter, the concept of lotteries was first introduced in the Roman Empire as a way of handling gifts without offending many people. On the other hand, lotteries were used in Europe for the purpose of placing expensive goods that did not have any buyers.

Online Gambling and Egyptian Themed Games

In the early 20th century, the evolution of internet technology had brought about a revolution in online gaming, and people were able to play and enjoy a large number of games.

CryptoLogic and Microgaming were the first software companies that developed games for the online casinos around the world. In the recent times, online game software companies have proliferated to become multibillion-dollar enterprises offering a plethora of games ranging from slots and card games.

These days, we have some existing themes that run on a wide range of Ancient Egyptian related online slot games. Some of them are Cleopatra Slots, Queen of the Nile Slot, Golden Ark Slot and Book of Ra Slot to name a few. Players can spin the wheels, and they will be transported back to ancient Egypt, at least for a couple of minutes.

The history of gambling in Ancient Egypt shows us how the game of chances and luck has always intrigued the people at that time. Nevertheless, gambling continues to remain as one of the most popular sources of entertainment as ever in this land of great mystique.

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