Some Interesting and Fun Facts About Casino and Online Gambling

Casino and Online Gambling Fun Facts

Most of the online gambling aficionados are not only in the fray to make a lot of money. It is pretty sure that the Bugsy Siegel too was not too serious and did not have a lot of fun on the reels and at the tables. If you are one of those people who want to learn about the lighter aspects of gambling without having the need to lighten your pocket, you must check out this post.

Super Big Bertha

Big Bertha Slot MachineThe very first image that crosses your mind on reading this name might be a full-figured lady with a large stick in her hand waiting for an opportunity to clobber the husband.

But contrary to your perception, it is actually the world’s largest slot machine we are talking about. It is actually an 8 reel pokie that was built way back in the 1950s and it costs a whopping sum of $150,000.

On comparing it with the later versions, this machine was 2.5 meters tall and 2 meters wide. The probability of hitting the jackpot money was a staggering 1:25 billion. This is almost one person in the entire country of China today.

Cigar Jackpot

Speaking of jackpots and slots, one interesting thing is that the first slot machine was built in the year 1891 and was based on poker hands. As a player, you could wager a nickel and receive 5 reels with 50 card faces spinning with the help of a lever. At that time, one did not receive thousands or millions of Euros in terms of payout for a royal flush. Rather, the winner used to receive free beers, cigars or other freebies as winning payout.

There are no prizes for guessing that Bugsy would have certainly chosen cigar.

Vegas Slots

According to statistics, approximately 68 percent of gamblers in Las Vegas spend their cash money on slot machines and sometimes get a fortune if they are lucky. It is interesting to note that one 25 years old engineer was able to crack the probability of 16.7 million to one by winning a jackpot money worth $39,710,826.36 by playing at Megabucks slot.


No Entrance for Monaco Citizens to Gaming Rooms

This is something that will catch you by surprise. But you should know that the citizens of Monaco are not permitted to enter the gaming rooms in the local casinos. This rule is in existence since 1856 and was enacted by Charles III during his reign. Such kind of rule was put into practice to avoid people from getting into serious debt.

However, the citizens were allowed to work in the casinos back then. Such kind of rules does not exist for online betting these days and there are a few casinos that restrict certain jurisdictions based on some gambling laws prevalent in that country. Otherwise, it is extremely to sign and register at any online casino site.

Aristotle Proved a Point Playing Craps

Aristotle always tried to prove a point no matter it is ethics, physics, metaphysics, biology or even playing craps too. He had written a detailed gaming guide on the probabilities of dice which could have definitely helped him win the game and played it to perfection without resorting to cheating methods.

Craps at the Las Vegas Desert Inn

Las Vegas Desert InnA happy go lucky sailor in the year 1950 was able to hit 27 straight wins with dice while playing craps.

The probability of winning this was more than 12 million to one. The sailor could have raked in a huge sum of $268 million if he had placed the bet of house limit on each roll.

Unfortunately, he had raked in just $750 but it was still a good sum back then in the 1950s.

The dice he used while playing is still on display at Las Vegas Desert Inn.

Roulette Wasn’t Intended to be a Casino Game

This interesting fact will certainly raise a few eyebrows. It was Blaise Pascal, the famous French Mathematician, who has invented Roulette but not for the purpose of gambling it is used today. He invented Roulette to build the machine that would remain in perpetual motion. Now, we have French, American and European Roulette at online casino sites to play with.

The Devilish Side of Roulette

It was in the 19th century that gambling came into the spotlight and Monte Carlo was the centre of attraction back then after the courtesy of the Blanc Brothers. There are certain rumours that say that success of Francois Blanc can be attributed to the fact that he sold his soul to Satan as barter arrangement in order to learn the secrets of roulette. It is called the Devil’s Game because the numbers add up to 666. It is interesting to note that females constitute 46% of the people playing online roulette.

Largest Online Slot Jackpot Payout

Jon HeywoodIf you pit online slots versus land-based casinos in terms of jackpot payouts, the online slots are the winner.

The largest payout for an amount of $20,062,600 is paid to Jon Heywood of United Kingdom.

The player was able to win the amount while spinning the reels in Mega Moolah of Microgaming on 6th October 2015.

First WSOP Winner

The very first World Series of Poker was hosted in the year 1970 and it comprises of a series of cash games that included Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold’em to name a few. Johnny Moss was the winner not by the usual way by being at the top of the dashboard but by casting a vote by all the players. He got a silver cup not a gold bracelet as his reward.

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