Nevada Regulators Advises Casinos Against Marijuana

NevadaAfter the legalisation of marijuana in 2014, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has made its stance very clear in the marijuana industry.

Earlier to this, a notice was sent out by the board where all the regulated casinos were advised not to open themselves to the marijuana industry.

Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative or Question 2 Ballot was reviewed and approved by the Nevada legislators earlier this month where recreational marijuana was allowed to be used in the state.

As per the current law, an individual can carry with them 1/8 ounce of concentrated marijuana or 1 ounce of marijuana starting from the year 2017.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission are not in the favour to allow the licensed casinos to be opened to marijuana trade although the recreational and medical marijuana has been approved by Nevada state law.

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The commission and senior members of the board have expressed their concern over the relaxation of marijuana. They are of the opinion that it can lead to drug trafficking at state level casinos and all of them would be under the federal investigation. Commissioner Randolph Townsend has made the following statement:

Were we to take a position that would allow a federal law to be broken and not act on it, that has a great chance of inviting federal intervention.

The casino industry has always been a key target for prostitution, drug trafficking and money laundering. In order for the casinos to become a place for drug peddlers, the Gaming Board wants to ensure that it is able to do its best in this regard. The Gaming Commission Chairman Tony Alamo has said that he does not want to permit license to the casinos because it will give them the possibility of committing a felonious act on their property.

There are a few commissioners who disagree with keeping marijuana out of state casinos as Commissioner John T. Moran Jr pointed out that gaming board should not disapprove the decision put forward by the State of Nevada for using recreational marijuana. He has further said that the federal government will not try and enforce the laws where marijuana has been legalised.

Further to this, the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has already stopped the authorities of the Federal Government not to prosecute anyone state authorised medical marijuana usage.

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