Live Dealer Roulette – Top 10 Live Dealer Roulette Casinos

Live Dealer RouletteThe internet is flooded with several online casino sites where one can register and play Roulette games from the comforts of their home. These days, the casinos are offering a mobile-based platform where one can play the games on their smartphones.

Have you been playing this game and experiencing a streak of losses in quick succession and having doubt on the randomness and fairness of the casino game?

If you have lost a particular gaming session while playing Roulette and experienced an unusual run of numbers spinning in, those numbers will continue turning even if you have not placed any wagers or bets. You will often be put off playing those Roulette games again.

All online, as well as mobile based casinos, go to great lengths and breadth to make sure that the game you access is entirely fair and random. For this, the casino companies make use of a third-party testing company all these software and game files to certify that the games are casual. But Roulette is one such casino game that requires a lot of luck, and you may have a series of losing session contrary to your expectations.

To give a greater feeling of fair play and randomness of the game, the game developers at the casino companies have started offering Live Dealer Roulette Games to their players concerned.

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This particular game format is played in a land-based casino, and the live video streaming is broadcasted on the computer screen. There would be a real-life Croupier that controls everything, and you would be able to place the wagers and bets on the Roulette tables accordingly.

If you have never Live Dealer Roulette game and want to do so, it is likely that you will have several questions running through your mind. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a series of different questions with relevant answers. On reading these FAQ segment below, you will have a clear understanding of the overview of the game and be in a better position to play online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the available Live Dealer Roulette variants?

At selected online and mobile-based casino, you will find different variants of Live Dealer Roulette that you can enjoy and play with great satisfaction. It is always recommended that you avoid playing American Roulette as compared to European or French Roulette because of high house edge and low winning payout percentage.

2. What happens if my mobile goes flat?

It is always recommended that you should have plenty battery on your mobile to have uninterrupted gameplay. However, at any point in time, if your mobile gets flat and you are disconnected from the casino site, there is no need to worry. You can connect again and start playing from the place where you left off. You will not lose any bets or wagers during that particular time frame.

3. What are the chip value settings?

When you are playing the Live Dealer Roulette game, you will have the opportunity to play across a broad spread of different stake options on an online site or your mobile device. Separate rooms are available, and each room has a different stake option. You can choose the one that suits your gameplay best.

4. Will I earn comps?

It is to be noted that with every real money Roulette wager or bet you place as a real money player while playing Live Dealer Roulette, you will be eligible for comp points that can be redeemed at any point in time. It is to be noted that the comp point varies from one casino site to another.

5. Can I use bonuses on Live Dealer Roulette games?

You will have access to wide range of different bonuses while playing this particular kind of Roulette casino game. There are no strings attached, and there are no loopholes. Still, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions to avoid last minutes hassles of any kind.

6. What gameplay buttons are available?

All the buttons and other controls that are on offer while playing the live dealer roulette game is displayed on the screen where you can seamlessly place wagers and bets.

7. How do I chat with other players?

There is a dedicated chat room feature available that is attached to every live dealer roulette game. If you have to say anything or ask something, you can use the message box to convey the same. The chat room can be turned on and off from the Settings options under the main menu.

8. Is there a fast play option?

Since the Croupier is in control of the gameplay for the Live Dealer Roulette game, you will not be able to speed up the game by any means. In fact, the game is placed at a relaxed pace where bets and wagers are placed without any haste.

9. Are the games entirely fair?

As long as you are playing Live Dealer Roulette at a licensed and regulated casino site, you should never doubt the authenticity of the game. In fact, all the games you access are entirely fair and random beyond a shadow of a doubt. You should have peace of mind and focus on your gameplay instead.

10. How fast will I get paid my winnings?

The time in which you can receive your winning payout while playing the Live Dealer Roulette depends on the casino site. Some casino sites make the payment within 24 hours while there are sites that take 1-3 days time to process the winning payout. You are recommended to stick to list of casino sites that are featured on our website if you want to get paid on your winnings in a minimum period without any delay.