Lawmakers in Louisiana to Make Changes on Video Poker

Welcome to LouisianaThe lawmakers of Louisiana held a detailed long discussion last week for addressing the gambling bills that are related to Video Poker business in the state.

The Senate Committee of Louisiana has pushed 2 gambling bills without any kind of objections on Tuesday. The new bills have introduced more relaxed regulations on video poker machines at the truck stops.

New Senate Bills to Support Video Poker in Louisiana

The Senate Bill 184 and Senate Bill 230 are sponsored by State Senator Daniel Martiny and Senator Jean-Paul Morrell. Alton Ashy, the video poker lobbyist was also present for introducing the proposals and answering the gambling bill related questions.

According to Alton Ashy, the Senate Bill 184 will be passed as a priority and it would cover the entire amendments and regulations pertaining to Video Poker operations. Some of the new amendments are the addition of Video Poker displays and number of poker hands that can be displayed on the screen at a given time.


The criteria for video poker operation at the truck stops was also amended and it includes an older provision that required truck stops to sell a given amount of fuel to be sold for keeping a number of machines.

Earlier, truck stops had to sell a minimum of 50,000 gallons of fuel for keeping 35 Video Poker machines. The maximum ceiling limit was 100,000 gallons of fuel for keeping 50 video poker machines.

Since the construction of roads and interstates made it difficult for the truck stops to deliver the sale of fuel, the new gambling bills have now made provisions for truck stops to keep the video poker machines irrespective of the fuel sales. It is imperative that the truck stops have been in the business for a minimum period of 10 years.

The truck stops with video poker machines had to host a restaurant that should be open for minimum 12 hours as per the old legislation. The 12-hour rule on restaurants is scrapped under the new gambling bill and the business owners can now decide for how long they can operate the restaurant.

Video Poker is Contributing a Lot to State's Gaming Revenues

The new video poker legislation came after a new law was signed by the Governor John Bel Edwards that allowed Video Poker machines to accept bills up to $100. Earlier, the Video Poker machines could accept bills larger than $20.

Many analysts are of the opinion that the decision of the lawmakers for toning down video poker regulations is mainly due to the contribution of the video poker machine in the gambling industry of Louisiana. As per 2015-16 budget cycle, a whopping $580 million was collected in revenues from the video poker operators.

This has generated an amount of $186 million in taxes which was utilized in funding local and state governments, K-12 schools, state police, health care service and higher education in the state of Louisiana.

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