Industry Need to Invest More Money for Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming EducationIn the 21st Responsible Gaming Education Week of American Gaming Association that was held in Las Vegas recently, Bo Bernhard, the Executive Director of University off Las Vegas International Gaming Institute made a presentation on responsible gaming education and getting rid of problem gambling.

The conference threw light on many vital areas including the urgent need for focusing on educational efforts for curbing gambling problems and promoting responsible gambling amongst players.

During the conference, Bo Bernhard explains how the Crown Melbourne casino slowed down the slot machine reels for compulsive people to continue playing at the slots. This attempt backfired as slowing down the spinning rate made problems worse for the casino as players continued playing for a very long period of time which promoted problem gambling.

Now that the sports betting is made legal in Delaware, Mississippi and New Jersey along with the fact that other states are soon going to legalise it, discussions at the conference revolved around the industry for avoiding any kind of problems for gambling addicts.

The American Gaming Association has made amendments in its code of conduct to address the issues concerning sports gambling. It includes advertising and marketing rules along with steps taken for preventing underage gambling amongst players. Casinos have been strictly advised to make all the preventive measures for not allowing minors on the gaming floor let alone placing sports bets.

Problem Gambling Vs Responsible Gambling

Sara Slane of the American Gambling Association is of the opinion that the gaming industry needs to assist and help the lawmakers for developing useful gambling related policies. She says that cumbersome and unworkable regulations will cause more harm than doing anything right.

The Evolution of Responsible Gambling

At the moment, the face of the gambling industry is entirely different than it used to be back in the 1980s when Caesars Entertainment started its Operation Bet Smart Program. It was the very first time that any casino company had tried to help the customers in recognising the signs of problem gambling.

Jennifer Shatley, who is a compliance specialist, said that Caesars Entertainment changed the images from blackjack tables and fanned out cards as it led to problem gambling amongst players.

It was not just the customers who were the sole target of the responsible gambling campaign as staff members were appropriately educated for gambling addicts both in customers and co-workers. According to Shatley, responsible gambling is an ongoing process and evolving issue.

Present Challenges in the Gambling Industry

It appears that one of the biggest and toughest challenges for the humans is the ever-changing technology. Robin Bernhard who is the Senior Manager of Marketing for BMM Test Labs feels that modern-day gambling is beyond the reach of casino walls due to the existence of a large number of online casinos.

He further talks about a study that was conducted by the National Center for Responsible Gambling that said that 95% of the players are responsible gamblers. The remaining 5% showed some signs of problem gambling and 1% out of the 5% were gambling addicts.

Alan Feldman who is the Executive Vice President of MGM Resorts International thinks that the best way to promote responsible gambling is by helping the 1% players and preventing the 5% players from becoming the part of 1% addicted gamblers. He further said that the gambling industry must work hard and create awareness so that the 95% of the group does not fall into the group of 5% problem gamblers.

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