Gambling Fashion and Dress Code: What to Wear at Casinos


casino dress codeDress Code has been one of the most important characteristics at the land-based casinos and would never get out of fashion. All the casinos in Las Vegas and other reputed casinos in the big cities of the world have a proper dress code that gamblers need to follow.

In a sense, a high sense of fashion and gambling have always gone hand in hand and complimented each other perfectly.

The origins of the correlation between fashion and gambling trace back to the earliest times of the land-based casinos.

Back in those days, casino gambling was regarded as a pastime and source of entertainment for people of the highest strata of the society like for instance the royal families and the courtiers.

Over the years, casino gambling underwent a lot of changes and had become accommodative to such an extent that it is not limited to higher class people. There are no restrictions, and anyone can come and gamble at their favourite casino games as long as they have the desired bankroll. As a gambler, you should be able to pay your wagers in full and does not have any kind of criminal record or any such activities in the past.

But, the sense of fashion remains, preferably it has grown in taste and has spread rapidly to accommodate the financial situates and other likes of the regular gambler. As a dedicated gambler, it is your duty and responsibility to honour the casino dress code and respect the fact other casino players conform to the dressing style laid down.

If you want to feel comfortable and impress other people on your next casino visit, this is the ultimate dressing code and fashion style we have prepared for you. By the time you will finish reading this post, you will understand the different attire categories and an extensive section of clothing items you need to possess in your wardrobe if you are a serious gambler.

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Importance of Gambling Fashion

You should know there is no uniform sense of the gambling fashion. It is because of the availability of many casinos operating at different levels to meet the financial means of the respective gambler.

There are several high profiles and extravagant casinos you can feel a sense of elevated aura about them. You will get to notice about such affluent casinos by seeing the décor and interiors of the restaurant as well as the quality of service and the service providers like dealers, croupiers, stewards, and waitress.

These sophisticated and elegant casinos require a special dressing which should be graceful and soothing for the eyes. There is an individual dress code that both males and females have to follow. And on the other hand are the local casinos that you can easily spot on the roadside corner. These are small casinos, not the stylish ones that host a couple of card games and other slot machines. There is no dress code followed over here, and you can go to such casinos in any apparel.

Attire Guide while Visiting Land Based Casino

While considering gambling fashion as a whole, there are different kinds of dress code and attire for men and women both that are acceptable at top rated casinos. Here are some of the dress categories we mention below that you should definitely check out.

White Tie

It is regarded as the most formal amongst all casino fashion style and is sometimes referred as Full Evening Dress. For women, a White Tie dress code means only one thing – floor length evening gown. You can match it with accessories like long gloves, elegant jewellery, clutch purses and tiaras.

For men attending a White Tie event at the casino are expected to wear these:

• A black dress coat with a matching pair of trousers
• Shirt studs with stylish cufflinks
• A white shirt with stiff front and wing collars
• Gray or white gloves
• Black leather shoes with matching socks

Black Tie

This is a little more relaxed version of a Black Tie dress but is still very formal. This is only worn at events after 6 pm and is an incredible dress style as compared to semi-formal and casual ones. The Women’s black tie dress includes everything from cocktail dress to a ball gown or calf length evening gowns with gloves, jewellery and wrap.

For men attending a Black Tie event at a casino are expected to wear these:

• A white shirt with a black bow tie
• A cummerbund or an evening waistcoat
• A dinner jacket of midnight blue or black wool
• A patent leather or black Oxford styled shoes


For events with a level of the protocol between formal and casual, “Semi-Formal” has been invented. This fashion wear is one notch below the formal wear as mentioned above. For women, this form of dress code is a little complicated than other types. They can pick from a long skirt with a matching top, cocktail dress with matching jewellery.

For men attending a Semi-Formal event at a casino are expected to wear these:

• Dark coloured business suit with matching vest
• A white shirt with a conservative colour
• Conservative tie with leather shoes and white socks

Business Casual

It is a prevalent gambling fashion that most of the casinos offer. This outfit is a little hard to define. If your casino has a dress code that says “business casual”, you can breathe a sigh of relief as it means no ties for men or hose for women. For women, this dress code translates to collared or knit sweaters, matching shirt, khakis and skirts.

For men attending a Semi-Formal event at a casino are expected to wear these:

• Khakis or slacks with a blazer or seasonal sports jacket
• Button down casual shirt, open collar shirts or polo t-shirts
• The tie is not mandatory
• Loafer styled shoes with matching socks


The biggest mistake gamblers make while wearing clothes to a casino is by misunderstanding the word “casual”. It is a difficult category to define as it does not mean “come as you are”. You have to be appropriately dressed else you will feel embarrassed while meeting the host at the casino floor.

Casual wear does not include ties and professional business wearable like suits. At the same time, the casual wear does not include military garments or ceremonials. For women, a casual dress code can be a long skirt, sundress, a nice pair of blue jeans, a casual bottom down blouse or a pair of shorts.

For men attending a Casual event at a casino are expected to wear these:

• Blue jeans or khaki pants
• Bermuda shorts or Cargo if the climate is warm
• A plain t-shirt, turtleneck, polo t-shirt with no slogans
• A pair of sneakers or loafers (no sandals)

Practical Side to Casino Fashion and Dress Code

With everything being said about gambling fashion and importance of wearing proper dresses that are acceptable according to the codes and standards of the casino, there is a practical side of clothing that you need to know before paying a visit to any land-based casino.

The important thing you should understand is to wear clothes in which you are comfortable without trying to be too loud or flashy. Being relaxed does not mean wearing cooling garments but such attire that does not pose any problems given the weather condition in the city around that time. You should be in your best dress according to the season.

Like for example, the weather of Las Vegas is quite humid, and the temperature is always on the rise. So, you are recommended to wear clothes that do not cause enough heat issues. You can wear light coloured shirts, white chinos and loafers. Such kind of casual wear is acceptable when you visit any casino in Vegas.

Apart from the weather, there is another crucial thing to remember when it comes to casino fashion is the activity or list of activities you try to engage yourself after playing your favourite casino games.

Like for instance, if you want to play a high stake game in a private room, your dress code would be entirely different from what you wear at the slot machines. Another critical thing to consider is the time when you go to the casino. A majority of casinos across the world including in Las Vegas require a proper dress code for players entering the house after 8 pm.

Casino Fashion and Dress Code in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, famous known as Sin City, is the gaming capital of the world. There is a strong sense of fashion you will find after visiting the casinos over there. You will find both regular gamblers in smart casuals as well as high rollers dressed in elegance and style.

When you visit an excellent dining hotspot at any top rated casino, you have to be in your best dressing style like a beautiful suit or tuxedo. If you are attending any restaurant, you can opt for smart dressing like casuals and flip-flops.

For the ladies, the standard dressing style would be a pair of dark denim with comfortable ballet shoes or high heels. You can also wear a stylish casual top with an elegant sweater or funky jacket. For men, dressing style would be a cool casual shirt with a pair of jeans and nonleather athletic shoes. If you prefer to tuck your shirt inside the trousers, make sure you wear a good belt.

If you visit the land-based casinos in Las Vegas after 8 pm, your dressing sense should be a little different. You should be in fashionable attire including a sports jacket, a good pair of leather shoes and like that. For women, it is recommended to opt for a cocktail dress.

During the day, the climate in Las Vegas can be quite hot and sultry. If you visit the casinos during the daytime, you should wear casually as long it is simple and not too bold. Men are recommended to wear light apparel like short sleeve cotton or linen shirt, chinos or jeans. For women, shorts, skirts or tank tops would be the perfect dressing code.

Fashion Style in the World of Poker

Contrary to the popular beliefs, playing poker games do not require a lot of dress code, especially when you are in the United States. There is no mention of dress code and fashion style at any essential poker tournaments.

The prominent organisations like Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FiDPA), The Tournament Directors Association (TDA), The World Poker Tour, The European Poker Tour and The World Series of Poker don’t have anything to say regarding casino fashion and dressing style while playing poker games.

But, there is an unwritten dressing code in some big establishments using depending on the country. Definitely, you should not wear flip-flops or sandals to meet the beachwear and sports clothing like soccer or baseball when you visit the poker casinos. At the same time, you should not be wearing any hoodies and sunglasses because they are being frowned upon and not a good fashion statement at casinos.


casino fashionThese are some of the necessary dressing code and fashion you have to remember whenever you plan to visit any land-based casino. If you like to spend a lot of money or a high roller, you can probably wear your Bahamas shorts or flip-flops to the VIP tables none of the casino players would blink an eye at you.

But, until you are handling over a six-figure paycheck to the dealer, you need to follow a proper dress code and wear accordingly.

On this webpage, we tried to demystify the process of preparing and dressing the gamblers before they hit the casino gaming floor. Dressing just to impress people requires different things at different casino venues.

Now, that you have a complete idea what to wear, you can walk across any casino from Las Vegas to Macau with aplomb, knowing you are the best dressed and good looking gambler in the room.

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