Common Courtesy & Etiquette at Casino Table: Do’s & Don’ts


casino table mannersEveryone is new to any land-based casino the first time they try to play a game at the table. But what should be the protocol to follow when it comes to manners and etiquettes?

Whether you are someone who is visiting the casino for the very first time or an expert player with tons of experience on your side, every single player has to follow some specific rules. At the end of the day, you do not want to be the person who upsets the fellow players and cramp their moods.

Casinos are known for offering the most relaxed form of entertainment, but you still have some money involved in it. Some casino tables involve an astronomical amount of cash; hence every player has to follow a set of rules and common courtesy while visiting a casino.

General Rules of Casino Gameplay

Hypothetically when you enter the casino for the very first time, you should behave in such a manner that no one notices you be a newbie or rookie player. Yet, it is highly unlikely. The land-based casinos can be a bit daunting in the initial visits, and it comes with unwritten rules on how to behave, and if you break them, no one notices. Here are some general rules you need to follow while playing at the table.

The first and the most important rule you must remember while entering a casino is to greet everyone and be polite in your approach. You are going to be a part of a team, and it is crucial that you take the initiative of greeting first. Friendly hellos are always best and never try to be rude or angry with anyone at the casino no matter it is your fellow player, dealer or waitress.

You should never give your money to the dealer. You should know that the land-based casino is a highly secured area with tons of security camera all around the place. By giving money to the dealer, you are trying to bribe them, and it is not acceptable at any cost. The dealers are trained to address the table, and the camera captures their each and every movement. Giving money to them breaks the routine, and you commit a fatal mistake.

If you want to have a drink, you are advised not to leave your seat at every occasion. Waitresses are moving between the tables serving cocktails to the players. They will take your order and fetch you the drink without any delay. This is done so that you focus and concentrate on your game without any kind of distractions.

If you are not going to bet or place a wager, you should not sit on the table. Instead, you can stay behind and watch your fellow friend or other players indulge in the game. Seats are only reserved for the players.

Never use your smartphone while playing the casino game at the table because there are many security issues. It is recommended that you keep your mobile phone away preferably in silent mode while competing with other players at the gaming table. Phones have been used previously for the purpose of cheating, and you don’t want to be in an uncomfortable position while using the mobile.

While placing the casino bets, you should never take your own sweet time. If you do so, the dealer will have a notion that you might have something under your sleeves and start doubting you. At the same time, it can irritate other players because they don’t want to wait for finalising their bets. Also, you should not touch the chips at any costs.

Every single table game has its own set of do’s and don'ts. Now we will move to the specific table games at the land-based casino and tell you about the standard set of courtesies.

Blackjack Table Etiquettes

blackjackIt is regarded as the most popular and widely played table game at all casinos around the world. Many movies are made portraying the scenes of Blackjack tables at casinos. However, it can be a tricky game, and you should have a look below what is acceptable or not while the game is in progress.

Always seek the permission from the dealer or fellow players before joining the table. Entering the game without anyone’s permission is regarded as some kind of distraction when a high stake game is in progress. Instead of joining the table in the middle of the game, you are advised to wait for the next shuffle.

Understanding the table talks and manner can help you a lot. When playing this game, players use hand gestures. Make sure you use the right sign, or you may end up losing the game especially while playing for high stakes.

The Blackjack game requires minimum or no interaction with the fellow players at the table. Never touch your cards on the table. Some casinos allow players to split the cards while choosing to double down, you should always seek the permission of the dealer beforehand.

Roulette Table Etiquettes

Roulette RulesIf you are a new or rookie player to the casino and don’t know where to play, then Roulette game is the best shot for the starters. It will not only ease your nerves but will become comfortable playing the game in no time. But the game can be a little bit overwhelming if you choose to play on a busy night.

There are few things to be remembered before playing. When you join the table, ask the dealer for your roulette chips. It is a unique set of chips which can’t be utilised at any other casino game. You should put your bet in a neat pile, and for that, you may take the assistance of the dealer. You may cash out your winnings when you think you have played enough.

Craps Table Etiquettes

CrapsThis game requires a lot of energy while playing because you need to talk a lot and socialise with the fellow players. It is a fast-paced game, and you need to be alert so that you are not left behind.

Before starting, you should know how much you are planning to buy. Place the bets on time especially when the dice are rolling. Try to throw the dice ball in such a way that it touches another side of the wall without going off the table. Always keep your hands away from the box when dice is being played so that you can avoid a bad throw.

Poker Table Etiquettes

PokerUnlike craps, poker requires a lot of silence and patience on the part of the players. You should never give away too much of what is available at your end. Hence the term – poker face.

Never try to give any unwanted piece of advice while playing the game. Just focus on your game and keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Throwing away the chips in the pot and placing the bet is considered to be rude and impolite. At the same time, it confuses the dealers and players on the table.

Never try to discuss or react when the game of craps is in progress. Also, don’t show your hand at any cost. Try to avoid the slow roll at all costs because it is considered to be disrespectful. No matter you are winning a hand or not, you should place the cards on the table.

Live Casino Etiquettes

live casinoUnlike the brick and mortar casinos, the live casinos are free of rules. It is so because you are at home and utterly anonymous to other fellow players. But you should know that the casino knows who you are and has info on your bank details. For the sake of convenience, the rules of land-based casinos for good behaviour does not apply over here.

Like for instance, you could not touch the cards even if you want in live casinos. You could not splash the pot at the poker game or place the chips at the wrong place while playing roulette. At the same time, you should neither be too early or too late while placing the wager because it is not acceptable by the system. You may react to your hand and be as loud as you can because nobody is listening.

But you are advised not to transfer such emotions to chat windows which is available at all the live platform providers. Although you are anonymous, don’t forget your good manners and never take advantage of the fact that a dealer is working round the clock and knows what you are writing in that chat box. Never try to be rude at any cost and don’t use swear words.


Casino and GamblingCasino gambling is no less different as compared to other activities you carry out in public. Most of the rules of manners and etiquettes pertaining how to behave at a casino table are based on common sense and courtesy.

It is easy to forget the common sense and courtesy at times especially when there is a lot of money on the line. Especially when you are playing at a casino that comes with free drinks, you run an even higher risk.

As a player try to enjoy as much as possible but remember the behaviour mentioned above etiquettes. In this way, you will have a great gaming session and would not irritate any fellow players or gaming staff members.

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