Casinos are Becoming Big Names in the Football Sponsorship


casino sponsorship and footballThe entertainment industry is regarded as one of the most lucrative and thriving sectors worldwide. Every single day, we come across people who spend a fortune of money on sports betting, casino gaming and other leisure activities.

Many fun-filled activities are available in the real world while others like for instance online casinos are available for gambling and slot lovers.

Football is regarded as one of the most offline ways to have fun and entertainment and known as the undisputed forms of champion sport.

What would you get after combining football and casino? The answer is “Football Sponsorship”, and casinos are becoming very big and prominent names in it.

Sports football and casino sponsorship deals have an affinity for each other for quite some time. According to some figures from Statista, around 50% of premier league sponsorship is signed by gambling companies and casino operators for the year 2016-17. In the year 2012, the sponsorship share between casinos and operators was just 25%.

Top-Rated Football Players Attract Sponsors

Unlike a few decades ago, the game of football has changed entirely. All the great football players are now big celebrities and magnets for their unbelievable wealthy football sponsorship deals. Keeping that in mind, instances of top rated players making profits from fame has become quite common these days.

The most recent sportsperson to join the club of one of the biggest football sponsorship deals is Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is a player from Sweden. He has just left the Manchester United and England for moving to Los Angeles, the United States and now plays for LA Galaxy. He has announced his partnership with Bethard which is a betting brand from Sweden.

This transfer from one club to another looks like any other ordinary thing except for one additional detail. Or should we say that $8-10 million is the small further detail we are talking about? After joining the MLS Club, Zlatan has announced another contract by partnering with Bethard.

What is more interesting is that the Swedish betting operator would pay him 8 to 10 million Euros from his signature which is really amazing.

Football Clubs Sponsored by Big Online Casinos

Imagine yourself playing the popular quiz contest “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and you are just one shot away from winning the jackpot money. You just have to name five of the biggest casino sponsorship deals with football, and you could bring home one million dollars.

To be quite honest, it is not an easy question to answer. So let us do it together. The first out of the five most significant football sponsorships might not be humungous, but its relevance is in the fact that it was the very first football shirt sponsorship in the history of English Premier League that features a betting company. The deal took place back in 2002 between Fulham and the famous operator Betfair Casino.

The online casinos continue to maintain their influence in the sports industry by signing off significant football sponsorship deals with the best players. The second in our list is a club called Everton that announced a football deal for 5 years worth 75 million pounds with casino operator SportPesa.

The third in our list is a favourite sports betting brand and casino operator in Austria called Bwin Casino that signed two big deals on the same day back in April 2006.

The 1st arrangement to the tune of $12,25 million was signed by AC Milan while the second one was with Manchester United with a football sponsorship deal of $24.5 million with Red Devils.

Finally, our list of top five football sponsorship with casinos would be incomplete with Spor Toto which is a Turkey-based betting company that served as Super Lig title from 2010 to 2017 with an annual contract size of $25 million.

2018 Football World Cup in Russia

Our post on biggest football sponsorship deals involving the online casino operators would be incomplete without mentioning the Football World Cup 2018 that took place in Russia couple of months ago. It is one of the most significant sporting events, so let us check some of the exciting and fun facts related to this favourite game.

The Football World Cup is an international event that takes place once in every four years. In this competition, the national team of men recognised by FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) play against each other for winning the covetous trophy which was previously known as Jules Rimet Trophy.

World Cup is booming with numerous sponsors, and it is a question of time when the online casinos would join the bandwagon.

As per a Forbes article published in 2010, World Cup Football is the third most happening sports event brand next only to Super Bowl and Summer Olympics. All these three gaming events are ranked regarding gross revenue generated on a daily basis. The sports organisers at 2006 World Cup held in South Africa expected sponsorship and marketing revenue worth $600 million.

The FIFA Financial Report for the year 2006 showed that the Football World Cup generated a whopping €700 million in sponsorship and €1.9 billion in marketing revenue. This record was broken in 2014 FIFA World Cup organised in Brazil that made revenues to the tune of $4.8 billion on total expenses of $2.2 billion.

Given all the facts and figures mentioned above, it comes as little surprise that online casinos have started showing a great deal of interest by signing prominent athletes under the football sponsorships. What is your opinion about football sponsorship and online casinos? Do you approve or do you think it will have a negative influence on the players and on the game as a whole?

We are eager and looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinion on this matter. You may leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Your opinion matters a lot to us. You may browse our blog for other thought-provoking content on online casinos and gambling. You can also read our blog post on 7 Famous Celebrity Stars Promoting Casino and Gambling.

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