Roulette Strategy

Online RouletteBefore we introduce you the different strategies and ways to play Roulette casino game online, we want to inform all our readers and players that there has never been a guaranteed and sure-fire way to play this particular casino game.

No matter how many winning strategies you hear or read online, you need to forget about the winning system. Since the majority of the Roulette games are based on the Martingale System, it is likely that none of the winning systems will work and will be a fatal failure.

If you are unaware and ignorant about the Martingale betting system, you need to know that it makes use of placing a wager on even money paying location on betting layout. If you lose the bet, you will have to double the wager value on every subsequent spin until you register a win.

However, if you are playing through a long series of wagers, it will affect your bankroll, and all your hard earned cash will be sucked out. As such, you would never be able to complete the system and make receiving in return.

Basic Roulette Strategy – Gambling Tips

However, some ways can certainly help in kerbing the losses that are incurred while playing Roulette game online. All you need is to select the variant of this casino game that comes with a playing structure, and the house edge is the lowest.

In the recent times, some different Roulette games are available at several online casinos. It is imperative that you don’t make a wrong decision because it can cost you much. With such thing in mind, we offer you a comprehensive guide with several facts and figure that can help you make the most out of while playing Roulette in an online environment.

Selecting the Best Roulette Game for Play

There are some different gaming platforms available online, but there are four which are rated best in the industry. They are Microgaming, IGT Interactive, Playtech and NetEnt. You are recommended to play online Roulette at any casino that is powered by any of the gaming above software.

Mentioned over here are some of the different variants of Roulette games offered by the gaming mentioned above platforms. Every game is worth playing and come with several attractive opportunities.

Microgaming – A number of different variants of Roulette games are available on this particular gaming platform and you will never get tired playing the same game time and again. Many of the variants are the updated and enhanced graphical version of the same game. You should stay aloof from some variants like Roulette Royal because it is a progressive casino game and you will be compelled to place a bet of 1.00 on every game you intend to play.

There are hardly any bonus payouts, and it will suck your bankroll if you opt for the additional side bet. In fact, it is recommended that you play the French Roulette as it is a common game variant represented by hundreds of people because of its lowest house edge which is just 1.35%.

NetEnt – The best thing about the casinos that are powered by NetEnt powered gaming platform is that the games can be played instantly without needing to download any software on your PC or laptop. The game loads almost immediately and there is hardly any waiting period.

You will indeed come across several variants, but you are recommended to play the French Roulette in place of European or French Roulette because of the low gaming house edge which is 1.35 percent.

Playtech – Some different Roulette variants are readily available with this online gaming platform, and you will always be spoilt for choices. If you intend to make use of this software, it is recommended that you never play the Mini Roulette Game because it offers one of the highest house edges in the industry which is a whopping 7.69% and only 13 numbers have to be played on the wheel.

You are advised to play the French Roulette at Playtech powered casino sites because of the lowest house edge, and you will have several attractive opportunities on even money playing wagers.

IGT Interactive – While playing at this particular casino software provider, you might be tempted to play game variants like Hot Streak Roulette because it offers a side wager with bonus payouts on winning that grows in value with significant spins repeatedly.

But it is not recommended to play this variant because the house edge is enormous which is 9.04% and you intend to burn a lot of cash by placing that side bet wager. There is hardly any attractive opportunity, and you will lose a lot of money instead of will be making some.

Playing with Perfect Roulette Strategy

It is essential that you have complete control over the betting locations on the betting layout while placing wagers. The type of bet determines whether the game is going to be low risk or high risk with a rewarding one.

You need to have sufficient cash up front while playing Roulette at any casino because you will have to adjust your stakes every time you intend to play. You need to keep your stake levels modest if you select Straight Up numbers.

If you want to play Roulette conservatively, it is recommended that you need to wager on Red or Black betting options or even 2 to 1 paying locations like the dozens or columns.

There is an excellent and sensible betting strategy that you can implement is to keep total stakes on any 1 spin to around 10 percent of your bankroll and not more than that. If you are playing this way, you will be able to play a number of spins in that game session and you will not be burning your entire bankroll in a single turn. It will also minimise the risk of sucking the whole cash in a single session of the game.


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