Blackjack Playing Strategy

Online BlackjackIf you enjoy playing Blackjack games, we would like to inform you that there is a vast difference in the playing structure of the variants of Blackjack game when you play at an online casino as compared to the one you play on the land-based casino.

Before the start of any new game, the deck of cards used in the Blackjack games is shuffled thoroughly and then only it is put into play. If you are one of those players who likes to count cards, then you would not be able to do so in the online version of this casino variant game.

Nowadays, some casinos are indeed offering different types of Blackjack Live Games where you can play in real life like scenario when the cards get shuffled and dealt out all before your eyes. But in most of the cases, there is standard software which is employed to walk the cards entirely in a thorough manner before the start of any new game.

Basic Blackjack Strategy – Gambling Tips

Selecting the Best Blackjack Game for Play

If you want to get the maximum winning opportunities and necessary edge against your fellow players, it is important that you select the best paying Blackjack casino game online. With so many variants of this game available, it is quite confusing for an individual especially the newbie players which one to play. With such thing in mind, we offer a comprehensive guide below where we have tracked down the best-paying games under Blackjack variants that have the lowest house edge and rated best in the industry. You can read below and get all the necessary information you are looking for.

Microgaming Classic Blackjack – This game is powered by Microgaming software, and you will be doing yourself a great favour when you decide to play this variant of Blackjack. It has the lowest house edge which is just 0.13%.

Some different variants of Blackjack games are available for this gaming platform, and you will be spoilt for choices. Some of the different games that you can play and enjoy include Classic Range, Gold Series, Multi-hand Blackjack Games etc. If you want to experience the best graphics features, it is recommended that you try your hands to the gold series else you should stick to the classic Blackjack games for the lowest house edge.

Playtech Blackjack Switch – It is one of the most popular games and attracts a lot of players when one is playing in Playtech powered casino sites. It is so because the game is unique and the format is such that you need to put both your hands while playing.

To increase your chances of winning, you need to swap cards from one hand to another while playing those two hands per game. This unique and straightforward gaming strategy along with the best betting decision makes the house edge as low as 0.16%.

NetEnt Standard Blackjack – You should not make the mistake of thinking that Single Deck Blackjack is the best game available when you are playing at any of the NetEnt powered online casino sites. It is so because the house edge is 0.46% and hence the payout is very poor when you compare it to the standard blackjack games that make use of 4 decks of cards. In fact, the standard Blackjack game should be your aim because of 0.40% house edge.

IGT Interactive Hot Streak Blackjack – IGT Interactive is a viral and world famous online gaming platform which was earlier known by the name Wagerworks. It is one variant of Blackjack game that you should opt to play because of its instant playing format.

Thanks to the gaming rules, it comes with six deck shoe of cards, and you get a house edge of 0.23% when played in an optimal gaming condition.

Playing Perfect Blackjack Strategy

All of the above Blackjack games across different gaming platforms are the best rated and highest paying casino games that you are ever going to find out. They come with the lowest house edge, and you will have several attractive opportunities on your way. However as a player, one often makes a lot of playing errors that minimises the chances of winning. So as a committed player, you need to know what these errors are so that you don’t repeat them shortly.

You might be offered Insurance side bet wager while playing the Blackjack game when the dealer has the Blackjack hand. The logic behind the additional wager is that you will be able to place wager worth half your base game bet amount that gets paid off at an odd of 2 to 1 when the dealer is holding the Blackjack hand. This enables you to get your original stake back as well as the Insurance stake while the dealer has such hand.

The Insurance Wager is indeed a very poor bet which increases the house edge significantly, and it is something that goes unnoticed all the times. So you are recommended not to use the wager when you are offered the same. Some different Blackjack games are available online like for instance Splitting and Hitting a Card, Doubling Down etc. So it is essential that you devise your strategy so that you can play each game significantly.

If you put the strategy above in mind, you will be able to earn significant dividends on your Blackjack game because these cards will list every single hand when you are dealt with.

There are some different software providers available that offer AutoPlay feature on their Blackjack games. As a player when you activate this feature, the game will be played automatically and each hand will be performed correctly. If you online casino provider is offering this facility, make sure that you turn on this feature; provided you know how to use it correctly!


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