Canadian Diplomat Alleged for Investing in a Macau Casino

casino in macauJohn Peter Bull has had a shiny career throughout his life where he held many important posts including being the Canadian ambassador to Malaysia. Recently, his reputation took a hit when his name was embroiled in a dangerous scheme where he received payments on a monthly basis.

The Canadian diplomat is rumoured for investing in a VIP room in a Macau casino which is known for its alleged links with Triads and corruption. Some documents provide ample evidence for his alleged involvement in the casino, and it clearly puts the Canadian Revenue Agency prosecutions at risk.

The VIP room in question at the Macau casino was given on lease by a consortium of investors from Stanley Ho who is a noted tycoon in Hong Kong. This gambling mogul is notorious for having his links connected with the organised crime in China.

John Bell attempted to clear his name by clarifying that he did not give money directly to Stanley Ho. Instead, he gave money worth $ 250,000 loan to a group of investors where one of the investors happened to be a cousin of Ho.

The Canadian diplomat said that he had no idea about the VIP room in the Macau casino and said that the investment was well paid off and he received a great payout monthly as a return on the investment. He denied knowing any kind of links and connections with Triads in Macau and had no idea whatsoever that anything illegitimate was going on.

Further Investigation to Take Place

An ongoing investigation shows affidavits and other vital pieces of evidence that includes accounting records and emails between 2000 and 2011. Denis Meunier from the Transparency International Canada said that he has never seen an instance where a VIP room in Macau has brought profit to any Canadian investor.

Meunier once held the post of Deputy Director for Anti Money Laundering Agency and was the Director of criminal investigations with Canada Revenue Agency.

The above shreds of evidence clearly raise red flags with people of British Columbia who are in the process of finding out how the scheme is connected to rampant money laundering at BC Lottery operated casinos. Meunier says that the case needs further investigation to make things clear.

Casino VIP Rooms Connected to the Crime

It is reported that the VIP rooms of Stanley Ho were linked to many criminal activities like the Triad gang war, prostitution, narcotics trafficking, money laundering and loan sharking. The 96-year-old Ho is of the opinion that he has maintained his business well and is not associated with any kind of Triad gangs or other means of corruption.

There are essential documents in the United States that clearly provides evidence that Macau VIP rooms have been used by corrupt officials for money laundering by taking help of organised crime and placing high limit bets.

The email messages clearly suggest that John Peter Bull made an investment worth $250,000 in the VIP rooms of Macau casino by giving the loan to one of Ho’s cousin. However, an affidavit was filed back in 2010 that suggest no loan was given to any investors. Further investigation is yet to come to make things clear.

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