Best Burgers of Las Vegas to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Las Vegas BurgersWhen it comes to fast food, one name that will always come to our mind is hamburgers. It is a very cheeky fast food that many people like to have a meal when they are in a hurry to a meeting or appointment. Have you ever thought burgers as a classic gourmet meal in the restaurants?

If you are a food aficionado, you are going to find your best match for burgers in Las Vegas town. Whether you are searching for something beefy or fishier, you will get what you are looking for in the restaurants of Las Vegas. It would suit the style of your eating.

In this post, we are sharing some of the best burgers in the town of Las Vegas that will suit your taste buds. Do check them out below if you are a big lover of burgers.

Best Burgers of Las Vegas

Burger Brasserie

Burger BrasserieIn this burger menu, you will get a little bit feeling of French taste. The atmosphere over here is calm and relaxed, and you will get a homely feeling over here.

You would not be able to find a stiff menu in this burger bar and can make your list. You get to choose between chicken, lamb or all-time classic beef burger. There are plenty of eating options available for vegetarian people.

You have the choice to couple your burger with several toppings like blue cheese, pickles, mushroom or bacon. The most famous burger at this place is called “$777 Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger”. It is a massive burger served with the combination of centennial aged balsamic, fresh arugula, goat cheese, seared foie gras and lobster.


It is a unique burger just like the name. The cooking is done on the grill, but it does not mean that it would give away to its overall taste.

It is a nice dine away joint where you can casually grab a bite with your friends or special one. The signature burger is called “Sin City Burger” which is available only in Las Vegas. Its served with a combination of a fried egg, smash sauce, melted cheese, grilled onions and applewood smoked bacon.

If you want something funky to match your taste buds, then you can swap your beef with chicken and salad. It comes with veggie bites or French fries and fried pickles.

Gordon Ramsay BurGR

Gordon Ramsay BurGRYou must try this world famous burger because the chef Gordon Ramsay has taken it to an altogether new level. Situated at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, the chef wanted to give a new twist to the traditional hamburger which is available with milkshake and fries.

The chef prepares the dish by making burger patties and grills them in flames to perfection. The burger toppings are truffle aioli, roasted tomato, goat cheese and smoked bacon.

One can consume the burger with sides like salads, honey pig buns, sweet potato fries and truffle parmesan fries.

“Hell’s in Kitchen Burger” is another famous dish at this place where the toppings are avocado, asadero cheese, tomatoes and roasted jalapenos. It is an excellent place to eat if you are a big lover of hamburgers.

Bachi Burger

This eating joint draws inspiration from an Asian burger house that specialises in beef burgers from Angus beef or Wagyu beef and topped with fried egg, mushrooms and seared duck liver.

The menu is altogether quite impressive whether you want the classic, traditional burger or beef alternatives like for instance turkey, fish or chicken. There are ample varieties of fries to choose from to make your dish complete.

The best menu available over here is called “Spicy Miso Burger” that comprises apple vinaigrette with shishito pepper mayo, fried onions, fried egg, Swiss cheese, roasted garlic and lettuce.

Holstein’s Shake and Buns

One can locate this classic burger joint in Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The atmosphere over here is fantastic which one can easily infer from the food and drinks. Here, both classic, as well as traditional burgers, are available. The most famous burger of this place is called “Al Pastor Burger”.

The preparation is done with store made buns and toppings like grilled pineapple, avocado, red onion and habanero cream. Here, you will get the pork alternative to beefy patty to suit your taste buds.


For hungry and tired shoppers, this is the best place to be. Situated at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas town, it is a heaven for the food aficionados.

Here, you can either dine with your friends or order for a takeaway. The favourite place of this place is called “Mini Burger Sampler” that will bring your taste buds to senses. The toppings are cheddar cheese, whiskey barbeque and blue cheese.

Other options are also available like Ahi tuna, turkey and veggie burger making it one of the best burger eating places in the town of Las Vegas.


If you think that burgers are ordinary and straightforward, then you need to change your opinion. These burger eating places have been around in Las Vegas for several years and attracted a lot of crowds. It offers a plethora of varieties that you are never going to find anywhere else.

So next time you are in Las Vegas, do check out these burger eating places because it would settle your hungry stomach and satisfy your taste buds.

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