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All You Need to Know About AI Gambling in 2024

The rise of AI is transforming the gambling industry, bringing about significant changes in the development and user experience of casino gameplay. As well as transforming how players engage with online betting platforms, AI is simplifying the technical processes for gambling operators. On this page, we will explore the versatility of AI and how it is irrevocably changing betting.

The Rise of AI Gambling

Recently, AI has become the biggest advancement within technology, producing innovative developments in various industries. The gambling sector is particularly affected by this transformation as it relies upon technology.

In the past, online casinos and sportsbooks used AI for detailed data analysis allowing for more informed and effective decision-making. This could help them build smarter strategies and boost profits. Now, however, AI is being used in other aspects of casino operations including marketing, voice and facial recognition, automation, and fraud detection.

As AI’s role in gambling evolves, its influence is spreading even further. It is now transforming several other parts of the gambling industry from how casino games are produced to enhancing customer service at the top casino sites. What is clear is that AI is a fundamental driver of change, reshaping the industry in countless ways.

Currently, we are witnessing a surge in AI-driven innovations on online platforms, and this is expected to continue in the future. Although we cannot predict how exactly AI will evolve, it is certain that AI technology will have an enduring role in the technological development of online betting.

How AI Is Set to Change the Online Gambling Industry

There is no doubt that AI will continue to change the online gambling industry in many ways. Below we have listed some of the key developments that are happening in AI gambling as we speak:

  • Personalised Gambling Experience – AI can be used to recommend games and bonuses based on user data analyses.
  • Automated Customer Support – Automated response systems can help solve customer issues in a human-like manner.
  • Prevention of Problem Gambling – AI software can help detect unhealthy betting patterns¹.
  • Advanced Game Design – AI can change the way the best casino software providers create games, both in terms of development and in terms of themes based on user patterns.
  • Improved VR and AR – AI, combined with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, has the potential to create a more immersive experience, especially for live dealer casino games. If this area interests you, it is worth taking a look at our complete VR casino guide.
  • Predictive Analytics – From a player’s perspective, AI can be used to improve odds and predict outcomes in sports betting. Sadly, this won’t be the case for casino games, which are based on pure randomness and luck.
  • Fraud Detection – On the flipside, however, AI can help operators prevent fraudulent activities by flagging unusual patterns².
  • Improved Security – Implementation of advanced biometric and facial recognition for users. This doesn’t just mean that no one who’s underage can access casino games, but it also stops people who are on self-exclusion from joining other casinos.
  • Integration in Metaverse – As metaverse casinos develop, it is expected that AI will be key for game design, virtual assistants, and immersive player experience. For more information, have a read of our list of the best Metaverse Casino Projects.

AI Gambling Apps Worth Knowing About – 2024 Update

Using AI gambling apps, bettors can use advanced insight to make informed choices when placing wagers. At the time of writing, there are no AI apps for casino gambling, but the ones below are great for sports betting.

ZCode System

A screenshot of Zcode System Homepage

ZCode’s website promotes its VIP Club Class and provides an informative video on how you can outsmart bookies. (Source: ZCode)

ZCode System relies on special AI algorithms for predictions, using a complex score prediction formula³. It works across a wide range of sports including major US leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. The system predicts the most likely winner of the event and claims that even individuals unfamiliar with sports betting can profit from using it.


A screenshot of RebelBetting homepage

RebelBetting’s website encourages users to turn sports betting into investing, showing its platform on desktop and mobile devices. (Source: RebelBetting)

RebelBetting’s AI prediction software analyses more than a million odds every few seconds, which is why it claims to help players outsmart bookmakers by identifying profitable.


A screenshot of NeuroBet Homepage

NeuroBet’s website pushes bettors to use their brains to bet rather than hearts through their comprehensive tools. (Source: NeuroBet)

NeuroBet uses AI algorithms for sports predictions, positive expected value, identifying arbitrage opportunities, and thorough analyses of betting histories. It also doubled as a back testing tool. Essentially, the platform aims to help bettors make better-informed betting choices.

Leans AI

A screenshot of Lean.AI Homepage

Leans AI’s website features a character called Remi who helps users to make the top sports betting picks. (Source: Leans AI)

Leans AI provides free, daily AI-generated sports picks by analysing sports data, calculating the probability of the team, and assigning units to each pick. It also uses a technique called ‘Reinforced Recursive Machine Learning’, which allows it to learn and improve from past mistakes.

The Future of AI Gambling – Our Concluding Remarks

We are witnessing a ground-breaking era in the gambling industry, thanks to significant advancements in AI technology. This transformation is expected to improve several areas from detecting fraud to streamlining software development. In the future, we can expect that AI will continue to push the boundaries of technology and produce a more efficient experience for both operators and players.


Yes, AI is regularly used in gambling for various reasons, including strategic analytics and personalised user experience. We expect it to be utilised in several other areas in the future.

AI cannot beat slot machines as the outcomes are based on randomness and chance.

AI can be used in multiple ways for gaming such as software development, VR, AR, and perhaps in the development of Metaverse casinos.

AI can help predict player trends and preferences for casino games, which can optimise player experience.


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