500% Casino Bonus – How to Increase Your Deposit by 500% (2021)

The 500% casino bonus is one of the rarest of its kind available, but also the most lucrative. Finding operators that offer it can be difficult, but this article proves that it's certainly not impossible!


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Top Operators That Offer 500% Casino Bonuses

Neon Vegas
500% up to €500 When You Deposit €100
  • Quick, secure and safe withdrawals
  • Available to play on all devices
  • Weekly reload bonuses
* more terms & conditions apply
Jackpot Charm
500% Bonus on First 5 Deposits
  • Huge list of software providers
  • Cash-back offers
  • Mobile app
* more terms & conditions apply
Ducky Luck
500% up to $2500 + 150 Free Spins
  • Refer-a-friend bonus
  • Live Chat
  • Accepts Bitcoin deposits
* more terms & conditions apply
500% Bonus up to €100
  • Weekly tournaments
  • VIP club
  • Mobile app
* more terms & conditions apply

How Do 500% Casino Bonuses Work?

There are few offers out there that attract players as much as a 500% casino bonus. After all, the prospect of playing your favourite games on the house’s money is enticing, especially if the house is willing to match your deposit by 5x.

Although finding a 500% bonus can be difficult, any registered user can claim it if they meet the demands – new clients or high rollers.

Here are the main types to look out for and what they offer:

  • 500% match bonus casino – Casinos will increase your first deposit by 500% up to a capped maximum sum (e.g. 500% up to €50).
  • 500% bonus casino with free spins – Some casinos walk the extra mile and offer free spins together with the bonus (e.g.: deposit €10, get €50 + 50 free spins).
  • 500% bonus online casino for high rollers – As these are exclusive bonuses, claiming them can involve additional demands for the player (e.g.: higher first deposits).
  • 500% first deposit bonus using promo codes – Many casinos offer promo codes via marketing communication (in-app notifications, newsletter, social media). These codes need to be entered in a designated field at registration, or else you won't be able to claim the 500% bonus.

Are 500% Casino Bonuses Only Available for High Rollers?

Short answer? No, it’s a myth that large bonuses are only available for people who deposit large amounts of money.

Although some 500% casino bonuses are specifically catered to high rollers, the vast majority aren’t. That is because operators always want to attract new people to their platforms, so they aim to make their bonuses appealing and accessible to everyone.

New players can also claim a 500% bonus, as long as they find an operator that offers it and meet the expressed bonus demands (these will be detailed in the terms and conditions or in the offer page).

In some cases, even after meeting these demands, you may still also need to contact customer support to have the bonus credited to your account.


Where Can You Find 500% Casino Bonuses?

As we mentioned previously, 500% casino bonuses are incredibly rare. It is far more common to find operators that offer a 200% or 300% matched deposit bonus.

However, don’t let that discourage you – with a little digging around and proper research, you can find reputable operators that offer a bonus 500%, both in the EU and in the UK.

The only downside is that substantial offers like this often involve more effort on the player’s part.

For example, some operators may not only ask you to make multiple deposits to claim the entire bonus value, but may also match your every deposit differently (e.g. 150% on a first deposit, followed by 125%, 100%, 75% and 50% for the other four).


Who Can Get a 500% Casino Bonus?

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, everyone with a valid, verified casino account is eligible. What differs, however, is that new and existing players need to take different steps to claim a 500% casino bonus.

Some 500% deposit bonuses for new users can be claimed only if you deposit through a particular method, such as credit card or bank transfer.

In the case of exclusive offers, some platforms will only grant you VIP status and subsequent access to 500% bonuses if you deposit large amounts of money or enroll in their loyalty programme.


Common Wagering Requirements and Conditions for 500% Casino Bonuses

Large bonuses in particular come with a big set of eligibility criteria to meet, so make sure you carefully understand each one:

Minimum Deposit

This is the smallest acceptable deposit threshold a player must meet to qualify for a bonus offer. Typically, it’s a tiny amount to entice you to sign up – e.g. £/€10.

A 500% bonus offer with minimum deposit is often phrased as such – “deposit £10, get 50”. In this case, 50 can refer to a number of freebies you can get – 50 free spins, £/€50 cash bonus, or €50 worth of cash-back at slots, blackjack and so on.

Rollover Requirements

Also known as wagering requirements, these refer to the amount of times you have to bet your deposited funds before converting them to real money. Casinos can impose wagering requirements on the bonus money only, on the player’s deposit or both, ranging from 30x to 50x on average.

The lower the requirements are, the better, because you can essentially spend less money to cash out.

Imagine if you want to claim a bonus of €500 with a wagering requirement of 30x. You’ll practically need to play with €15,000 before attempting a withdrawal, which can be a stretch on most budgets.

It’s also important to check which games contribute towards the wagering requirements before claiming a 500% bonus (e.g. slots, card games, table games, live dealer games). Slots usually contribute the most, followed by smaller percentages for poker or roulette.

Typically, 500% bonuses come with higher wagering requirements.

Maximum Bonus Limit

In order to prevent financial loss or players attempting to abuse a certain bonus, operators will limit the maximum amount they are willing to match your deposit. They can also impose limits on how much you can win with the bonus.

Maximum Withdrawal

Make sure the casino matches your bankroll and payment preferences on a daily and weekly basis. If you’re a high roller, the last thing you want is to work hard for a 500% bonus, only to realise later that it’ll take at least three transactions to cash out.

Time Limits

Many offers are time-sensitive in nature, and 500% bonuses are no different. You usually have up to 30 days to claim a 500% deposit bonus, but you must also factor in how long it will take to meet the wagering requirements.

A trustworthy operator will make sure to set reasonable expectations for players – if you see wagering requirements of 99x and a time limit of less than a week for a small bonus amount, it’s best to walk away. In this case, it’s clear the casino is betting (no pun intended) that you won’t be able to make the deadline.

Free spins, on the other hand, usually expire in 7 days; however, keep in mind some can also come with wagering requirements of their own.


Why Do Operators Offer 500% Casino Bonuses?

The list of operators that offer 500% casino bonuses is growing, both in the UK and EU. The reasons why are pretty evident:

– The gambling landscape grows more competitive every year.

– It’s one of the most appreciated offers by new players in particular.

– Large bonuses are a great tool to boost player loyalty and brand prestige.

UK Casinos and 500% Casino Bonuses

If you’re residing in the UK or aiming to play at a UK-based casino, then you need to know some regulatory changes that also affect 500% bonuses.

The UK Gambling Commission has a strict policy against high rollover requirements for certain bonuses, and actively discourages them to protect players.

This is why it’s more likely to find 500% casino bonuses with low rollover requirements at UK casinos. The regulator wants to make sure players are given a reasonable time window to meet the conditions and cash out.


Advantages and Disadvantages of 500% Casino Bonuses

To claim or not to claim? That is the question we’ll try to answer:


  • Huge extra credit to use on various casino games
  • More operators are starting to offer them
  • You can get other freebies with the bonus (e.g. free spins)


  • Hard to find
  • May have high wagering requirements
  • Some are not legit (risk of scams)

Is There a Catch? How to Identify the Best 500% Casino Bonuses

You’ve probably heard of the saying “the best things in life are free.” In the case of 500% casino bonuses, unfortunately, the opposite is true. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there are some things to look at to make sure that bonus is legit, not a scam and right for you:

  • Make sure the terms and conditions are reasonable – By that we don’t mean just easy to meet, but also balanced compared to the potential payout you can get.
  • Check the expiry date – Ideally, you should get a broad time window (14-30 days).
  • Make sure you like the games that count for the wagering requirements – The last thing you want is to be stuck playing games you dislike just to claim a bonus.

Getting the Most Out of Your 500% Casino Bonus

The key takeaway is that, because 500% casino bonuses are so substantial and attractive, there will also be shady websites looking to prey on most players’ desire for a large payout.

That is why you should never sign up to a new operator based on a 500% bonus alone, especially if you are promised to get it without any effort, without a first deposit or any wagering requirements to meet. Typically, these are big red flags.

Always trust your instincts and look at the whole picture when assessing an offer that seems too good to be true. Verify the casino’s licensing and make sure they are legally allowed to operate in your jurisdiction, take a look over their software providers to ensure the games are fair, and look over the ratings and reviews left by other customers.


Alternatives to the 500% Casino Bonus

You may be wondering – what can I do if the holy grail of all casino bonuses is not available in my area? Simply focus your efforts on the next best offers, such as:

Other Match Bonuses

There is no shortage of other attractive welcome bonuses on the market that are easier to find and just as lucrative, such as a 200% casino bonus, 300% casino bonus or 400% casino bonus.

Free Spins

Most operators will give them to you at registration, once you have verified your account. Protip: the best free spin bonuses to look for are always those with no wagering requirements.

Cashback Bonuses

No one likes to lose anything, which is why casinos like to soften the blow by offering cashback daily or weekly for many casino games (blackjack, roulette, online slots). The best casino cashback bonus to aim for is 10% to 20%.


Summary – Are 500% Casino Bonuses Worth It?

Short answer? It depends on the player’s goals, preferences, bankroll and the amount of time willing to spend and play.

Larger bonuses are not necessarily better by default compared to smaller ones – how attractive a bonus is always boils down to how easy it is to get it.

Whilst some players may want to stick to smaller, more accessible casino bonuses, others might enjoy the challenge of meeting more demands from the casino if it means a bigger payout.


500% Bonus FAQs

❓ Are 500% casino bonuses real?

Yes. They are harder to find, but definitely real.

❓ Who can get a 500% casino bonus?

Both new and existing players, as long as they meet the terms and conditions.

❓ Where can I find 500% casino bonuses?

You can find a few in our table above, for starters. Some casinos may also share their bonuses via mobile apps or newsletters, so make sure you are also signed up to those.

❓ Is it safe to play at operators who offer big casino bonuses?

Yes, as long as the operator is licensed and regulated. Never register on casino sites that don’t display this information transparently.

❓ Can you claim 500% casino bonuses without making a deposit?

Very rarely – most casinos we will only offer this large of a bonus if you make a deposit. Be wary of websites that promise free money with no strings attached – there may be a catch.

❓ Are 500% casino bonuses only for high rollers?

No, a 500 bonus can also be claimed by new players if they deposit the requested sum or use a special promo code.

❓ Are there any downsides to 500% casino bonuses?

They may be hard to find and some have very high rollover requirements.

❓ Are 500% casino bonuses worth it?

In the right circumstances, yes – if they are easy to claim by any player, give you plenty of time to meet the wagering requirements before expiring, and offer bang for your buck.

❓ Do 500% casino bonuses have an expiration date?

Yes, most of them do – between 14 to 30 days on average.

❓ Can I win real money with a 500% casino bonus?

Yes – if you meet the conditions, you can increase your deposited funds by 500% entirely on the house, spend that extra credit and even win on your favourite games.


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