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There are 24 casinos in London each offering different facilities, games and food & drink. Each casino offers its visitors a different theme, wagering games and dining experience. Guide to London Casinos offers in-depth reviews on each casino in London allowing them to make an informed decision on which casino to visit and join within the London area.

Each independent casino review contains information on the games offered, the food and drink available within the casino as well as the many facilities available away from the gaming floor such as themed bars, lounges and sports areas. Each review also contains information on special events held by each casino, as well as the various customer reward programmes available to join.

As well as providing useful information on each casino, we have also provided a comments section under each review.

The Hippodrome

The purpose of the comments section is to let readers gain more insight from your visits to one of London’s many casinos. If you’ve been to any of the casinos reviewed and feel that your experience would be useful to a future reader, we would appreciate your feedback.

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What's Your Game

Blackjack? Roulette? Table Games or Slots? Most of us have a favoured game we like to play. As well as reviewing all casinos in London we have sections on each game containing information on the basics of each game to advanced strategy.


A game of skill or chance? Well that depends on who’s playing. The skill in Blackjack is about lowering the house edge by firstly understanding the basics of the game and then following basic gameplay. Once you have a good understanding of basic gameplay, there’s more advanced strategy to help you lower the house edge when playing Blackjack. Read more about Blackjack.


Born in France in the 7th century, Roulette remains one of the most popular wagering games found in a London casino. The Roulette table is always a hive of entertainment especially in the evenings. There are of course different variations of Roulette: American (double zero), French Roulette offering Voisins du zero, Tiers du cylindre and Orphelins (AKA French Bets). To read more about Roulette click here.

Table Games

As well as the popular wagering games found on the casino floor. All London casinos will have a selection of games that catch our interest when walking round the casino. Games such as Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker and 3 Card Poker can always be found normally with two or three people interested enough to sit down at a table and chance their luck. Most table games will have added wagering options such as Prime or Six Card Bonus. Read more about table games.


1887 saw the first automatic slot machine introduced called the Liberty Bell. The basic concept of the slot machine hasn’t changed since then but its developed into themed slots offering games within a game. Every London casino has a selection of state of the art slots such as the all famous IGT slot Cleopatra to progressive slots offering staggering jackpots. Here we review the different types of slot machines found in the many casinos in and around London. More info on Slots.

London Casinos Members Only Clubs

The Ritz Cub

While most venues across London have shunned the membership requirement in favour of a welcoming, open-door style of operations (see Grosvenor, Aspers and most Caesars and Genting properties), the old guard of private clubs do remain.

Some of the most prominent venues in London gambling remain exclusive realms. Their names are synonymous with luxury and their inner workings are shrouded in secrecy – think the Ritz, Crockfords and Les Ambassadeurs (or just Les A to the initiated).

Walk-in casinos are ubiquitous in London – wherever you find yourself, you will not be too far from a betting house. However, most member-only establishments are to be found in Mayfair and Kensington.

Membership requirements vary and are not always published. All clubs will require an application to be made in advance of your visit. Many, such as the Clermont Club prior to its closure, have a Committee of Members who are entitled to veto or to approve new applicants. At other venues, the prerequisites are financial. Members of Les Ambassadeurs part with £25,000 annually to retain premium membership.

Where the price of membership is so high, privacy, privilege and opulence are the reward. The gaming on offer here is high-stakes and privately dealt. There is more variety than in most London casinos, though the core games of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three Card Poker remain the most popular. High-net-worth individuals who have a taste for risk can negotiate with the casino and fine-tune the rules of engagement. Some of the greatest advantages players in history have is toppled by the house edge, in order to win fortunes in these hallowed halls. Often, rooms will have no predefined maximum bet, but will set personal limits with individual players before a session starts.

Each of the London members-only clubs does have a main gaming floor, but those who seek seclusion will be sequestered in a private room. Here, they may try their hand against the house away from prying eyes. The abundance of wealth on display in these rooms befits the substantial riches being exchanged at the tables. These private rooms offer the ultimate in service. Discerning members will be able to switch between gourmet menus, exquisite wine and the highest stakes gambling available anywhere worldwide. Specialist chefs are to be expected in the kitchens here, and menus will be superb throughout. Wine lists are similarly rarefied, and will vary heavily according to availability. Many of the private clubs offer a glimpse into these hidden corners online – the Palace Rooms and the Marble Rooms at Les Ambassadeurs are a particular highlight.

Membership to these clubs is something of a key to the city in London. Access to the exalted establishments opens doors at venues all over town. Members of several clubs are granted access to private boxes at football stadiums the country over – Wembley, the Emirates Stadium, Stamford Bridge, White Hart Lane and more. Some of the most prestigious sporting events on the calendar in the UK set tickets aside for these clubs. Members at Les A and Crown can fraternize with the elite with exclusive tickets to Royal Ascot.

Whatever the event in London, and however elusive the ticket, each member of these clubs has access to a concierge who will do his or her utmost to secure access.

The privileges do not stop outside London. Members who wish to travel to the clubs from overseas may be charted private jets to bring them to their home from home. Seafarers among members may opt instead for a stay on a chartered yacht. The Crown London Aspinalls is outstanding in its array of international bespoke experiences, with unique and idyllic events all over the globe made available to members. Where accommodation is necessary, a stay at a sumptuous suite at an extravagant hotel is never more than a call away, with agreements held with properties the world over.

Though the reputations and the history of several of these establishments precede them, those looking for unbiased insight can consult the guides available here at Guide to London Casinos, whether it be with a realistic expectation of stepping over the threshold, or just out of a healthy sense of curiosity.

London Walk-in Casinos

Aspers Strantford

Back in 1960, the Betting and Gaming Act laid the legislative foundations for casinos to spring up around the UK. They could not, however, welcome in the general public. Membership to each club was a prerequisite to pitting your cash and your wits against the house.

Casinos long suffered from one of two ill-conceived preconceptions. By some, they were thought to be playgrounds where the elite could safely shun behavioural norms applied to the rest of society behind closed doors. By others, they were mistakenly viewed as hot-beds of crime where seedy characters organized dirty dealings and laundered their ill-gotten gains.

In recent years, a key undertaking of the gambling industry has been to dispel these assumptions and in turn make casinos a more approachable entertainment option for the masses. To achieve this, venues have expanded their offering to include restaurants, bars and live entertainment options to cater to all tastes. Strict dress codes are also a thing of the past – jeans and trainers are now acceptable attire at gambling houses in London. Furthermore, to assure that all feel welcome, many London casinos no longer require a membership to gamble.

Would-be gamblers looking for a night at the tables without having to sign up for membership can turn to Caesars Entertainment, Genting and Grosvenor properties. These are three of the biggest land-based gaming operators in the country, and each gives gamers an abundance of options in London. Each of these properties offers their own individual take on drinking and dining as well as several gaming options.

Poker players cannot go wrong at Grosvenor, where cash games and tournaments for all budgets and bankrolls are to be found. Genting Casinos offer a varied range of entertainment options to satisfy all tastes, and Caesars Entertainment brings a taste of Las Vegas to the UK’s capital city, with each of its properties having its own theme and character.

For potential guests, what the open-door policy means is simple. These venues will allow all comers to dine at the restaurant and enjoy a drink at the bar for no entry fee, and access to the casino floor is unrestricted to over 18s. If Roulette leaves you dizzy, you’re bemused by the slots, you don’t know your stick from your twist or your full-house from your flush, you can walk into the gaming area and observe a few rounds of play. At their own pace, callers may get to grips with the sequence of events before putting their own money in play. If you don’t feel prepared to risk your readies, ask a dealer at an empty table to give you a hand. Not only will staff talk you through the rules of the game they deal, they might also give you a running start with some smart strategic advice to give you the best chance of going home victorious. Staff don’t want to see you lose, and happy gamers are good for business.

Often, packages in London’s walk-in casinos are designed around novice gamers – a meal at the restaurant might come as part of a deal with a few pounds free play at the tables, or a bar order for a large party grants a free spin of the roulette wheel. In general, lower limits at walk-in casinos will not break the bank, with roulette spins commonly starting from £1 and up, and blackjack from £3 to £5 a hand.

Nowadays, far from gunning for the custom only of the hardened gambler, these casinos aspire to a welcoming atmosphere in which veterans of the gaming circuit and newcomers alike can rub shoulders at the gaming tables and enjoy a relaxing evening out. Casino operators intend their London establishments to become part of your regular social calendar, and a normal evening out on the town. In abandoning the membership requirement, casinos hope to do away with their intimidating image of old, encouraging spontaneous visits, and adding an adventurous twist with a touch of risk to any ‘night on Londontown’ occasion.

This is not to say that you can leave your IDs at home. Casinos in London will definitely ask fresh-faced guests to prove their age if they look 21 or under. Furthermore, UK law requires identification for any transaction above £1500.

Those lucky enough to strike it big will need to present a passport or UK driving licence to walk out with their winnings.

One last thing to consider is that almost all London walk-in casinos do have a membership option. You will not need to part with any cash – almost all memberships are free. That said, loyal gamers can see themselves handsomely rewarded for their custom in terms of free play, discounted food and drink and exclusive events. Once you find a gaming venue that appeals, it’s well worth taking a moment to sign up to make the most of these rewards.

Guide to London Casinos aims to help you on the way to choosing a property that suits. Whatever your criteria may be, consult our reviews to make an informed decision and try your luck at the casino of your choice.

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