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Rock the Reels Megaways™ Review

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Details

Software providerIron Dog Studios
Number of ways200,704
Reels LayoutUp to 6×7
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What is Rock the Reels Megaways™?

What would you get if you crossed over 80s rock subculture with animated animals and a crowd favourite game engine? Well, Rock the Reels Megaways™ of course! A great new video slot from Iron Dog Studio, Rock the Reels Megaways™ will get you amped up in no time, delivering a stellar experience with special reel modifiers, cascading wins and free spins. Let’s take a deeper diver into the design, gameplay, features, and specs. Read on to learn more!

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Rock the Reels Megaways™ Key Facts

  • Bets: 0.10 – 10
  • Ways of winning: 200,704
  • Theme: Animal Glam Rock Band
  • Symbols: 10 – A Royals, Pick, Tambourine, Mixing Board, Speakers, RtR Record
  • Wild: Drum Set and Microphone Wild Symbols, Warthog, Octopus, Flamingo, Lion Modifiers
  • Scatter: Electric Guitar Symbol
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Bonus Games: No
  • Devices: Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Design & Gameplay

As we mentioned above, there’s quite an interesting combination of themes in Rock the Reels Megaways™. The most obvious is the live rock concert setting for the whole game. Curiously though, the developers have also chosen to mash that up with anthropomorphic animal characters.

Visual and Sound Design

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Gameplay

(Source: Iron Dog Studios)

You’ll find the game’s main reels front and centre in a 6-reel set up. The symbols making up the reels are styled to look like the facia of amplifiers or cabs. Above the main reels you’ll find another reel, which is horizontal and is made up of 4 similarly styled symbols.

In terms of graphics, we’ve got smooth and stutter-free animations for all the characters and reels. Colours are fun and bright, and the whole design gives off the impression of a live performance at some packed arena. All it’s missing is a mosh pit and the accompanying smell of sweat!

Considering the rock theme, it would be a disappointment if Rock the Reels Megaways™ didn’t deliver a head-bang-worthy soundtrack. Fortunately, it does exactly this, with a catchy guitar-led and synth-backed arrangement. The melody will descend into an excellent drum-led section if you manage to land winning combinations, which is honestly a really fun touch!

Playing Rock the Reels Megaways™ – Symbols and Payouts

Symbols are quite on-brand for the whole game. For the lower-paying ones, you’ll find a 10 to Ace card deck with symbols stylised in that clichéd 80s metal font. Think Iron Maiden, ACDC, KISS, Judas Priest and Megadeth. While we’re more nostalgic for the 60s and 70s, the throwback to the Big Hair era is quite fun either way.

For the higher-paying symbols, you’ll find a mix of music equipment being represented. In growing order of payout, we’ve got a guitar pick, a tambourine, a mixing board, and three gigantic speakers. The highest paying symbol is a record branded with the Rock the Reels logo.

The game also has quite a few extra symbols with various functions. You’ll find a regular blue Wild symbol along with a special red multiplier wild, which is activated by another of the game’s features. We’ll get into the specifics for these symbols below, as well as the animal band members we mentioned earlier. All you need to know about the latter for now are that they act as modifiers for the reels, with each band member having a different function.

There’s also a free spins Scatter symbol which you might come across on the main reels. This is represented with a red, angular, double necked electric guitar on top of a green background. Just like the font for the low-paying symbols, this was probably inspired by Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, and his Dean double neck. The next sections will go through all of the specifics for both this and other features.

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Features

Even judging from the number of symbols alone, you can tell this game comes with a ton of features! Let’s go through each one by one, detailing all the specifics.

Tumbles (Cascading Wins)

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Cascading Wins

(Source: Iron Dog Studios)

As with practically all Megaways™ slots (at least the ones we’ve come across), this game features cascading reels. The game calls them tumbles, which is another name we’ll be adding to the list of names referencing the same feature. So far, we’ve got Cascading Reels, Rolling Reels, Tumbles, Tumbling Reels, Avalanche and Falling Reels. Quite the list to keep track of!

The concept though, is simple. When you land a winning combination, the symbols making it up will burst, making room for more symbols to fall from above. This allows for more winning combinations to be made!

Horizontal Reel

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Horizontal Reel

(Source: Iron Dog Studios)

We’ve hinted at the Horizontal Reel earlier in our review. This can be found right above the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th main reels. Unlike some other Megaways™ games, like Joyful Joker Megaways™, these middle reels can still show the full 7 symbols just like the rest.

This means that the horizontal reel on top of them isn’t just for show – it’s actually adding to the number of ways to win. Instead of the standard 117,649 common to most other Megaways™ titles, Rock the Reels Megaways™ offers 200,704 ways to win! This horizontal reel also effects the minimum number of Megaways™, taking it from the standard 64 to 324.

Apart from this, all of the animal modifier symbols, which we’ll detail in the next section, will show up on this reel rather than the main ones. This reel can also show Wild symbols just like all the other reels.

Animal Modifiers

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Animal Modifiers

(Source: Iron Dog Studios)

We mentioned the animal modifiers in the symbols and design section above. Animal Reel Modifiers are a Rock the Reels Megaways™ bonus feature which you can’t find in every slot. In this section we’ll have a more in depth look at each of their specific functions.

The guitar-playing Warthog will appear on the horizontal top reel we mentioned earlier, and can transform symbols from reels 2, 3 & 4 into Wilds.

The Octopus-drummer, which we think is the perfect role for such an animal, acts much the same as the Warthog. The difference is that the symbols it changes will transform into one of the symbols from the first reel.

Next up is the Flamingo, who appears to be the bassist for the group. This character’s symbol can appear in the horizontal reel, much like the others. It will transform 3 to 4 symbols from the first 3 reels into the highest-paying symbol. Handy!

The Lion is the lead singer for the group. The symbol will land on the horizontal reel just like the others, and transforms 2 symbols on reels 2 & 3 into those Red Multiplier Wilds we mentioned earlier.

Wilds & Multiplier Wilds

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Wilds & Multiplier Wilds

(Source: Iron Dog Studios)

Before we get into what exactly the Red Multiplier Wilds do, let’s mention the normal Blue Wilds. These can crop up on reels 2, 3 and 4, and can substitute any other symbol base game symbol.

As we mentioned earlier, Multiplier Wilds are activated through the Lion Reel Modifier. During the base game they will apply a 2× multiplier, in addition to substituting for symbols just like a normal wild. During Free Spins, the multiplier will increase further if the Lion Reel Modifier drops again.

Free Spins

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Free Spins

(Source: Iron Dog Studios)

The Free Spins feature is activated through 3 or more of the Free Spin Scatter Symbols we mentioned above. The number of free spins awarded corresponds to the number of Scatter symbols you land. Check out the table below:

During the base game:

  • 3 Scatter Symbols = 8 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatter Symbols = 10 Free Spins
  • 5 Scatter Symbols = 15 Free Spins
  • 6 Scatter Symbols = 20 Free Spins

In Free Spins or Tumbles:

  • 3 Scatter Symbols = 4 Additional Free Spins
  • 4 Scatter Symbols = 6 Additional Free Spins
  • 5 Scatter Symbols = 8 Additional Free Spins
  • 6 Scatter Symbols = 12 Additional Free Spins

Rock the Reels Megaways™ RTP, Max Win, Volatility, Min & Max Bet

Let’s go over all those juicy specifications you’re after. While we can’t really provide music sheets for that great backing song for Rock the Reels Megaways™, we can give you the details on the game mechanics themselves.


The Rock the Reels Megaways™ RTP is 96.7%. The average for slots is usually around 96%, so this is really great to see!

Max Win

A nice number that’ll speak to anyone, the Rock the Reels Megaways™ Max Win is generously set at 50,000×. Regardless of whether you like rock or not, that’s enough to send goosebumps running down your spine!


Just like most Megaways™ titles, Rock the Reels Megaways™ volatility is high. What this means in practice is that you might run into a few dry spells here and there. On the upside though, a high volatility generally means that wins will be relatively much larger. We’d usually recommend high-volatility titles for players with a bit of padding to their bankrolls. This’ll make those dry spells easily survivable, as players will be able to play long enough to bounce back from them.

Minimum Bet Size & Maximum Bet Size

Despite the high volatility, this game curiously has quite a low maximum bet size. The Rock the Reels Megaways™ max bet is set at 10 coins, while the minimum bet is set at 0.10 coins.

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Mobile Play

As you might expect, this band will play regardless of the type of audience listening. Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or your desktop, you can play Rock the Reels Megaways™ with no issues whatsoever.

Rock the Reels Megaways™ is fully compatible with all devices.

How to Play Rock the Reels Megaways™

Actually, playing the game is a simple affair too. Just like other Megaways™ slots in our list, the aim is to land three or more symbols on side-by-side reels starting from reel 1. Before we get into the controls, however, check out our guide about the Megaways™ engine if you’d like to know more about it.

Rock the Reels Megaways™ How To Play

(Source: Iron Dog Studios)

Apart from the guide to the buttons and sound controls in the top left and right or the game screen, the controls for Rock the Reels Megaways™ are located along the bottom edge. From left to right, you’ll first find a button with a ‘?’ on it. This will lead you to the game’s info screen, a paytable and a short explainer on the Megaways™ mechanic.

Next there is a button with some coins represented on it. This is your bet selector for the game. First from the right edge you’ll find the autospin feature. This is very well fleshed out, with options for stopping when you encounter features or wins. There are also win and loss limiters. Finally, at the right bottom corner, you’ll find the large spin button that you’ll get very familiar with quickly once you start playing!

Rock the Reels Megaways™ Pros & Cons


  1. Interesting and fun theme
  2. 200,704 Megaways™!
  3. Animal Reel Modifiers feature


  1. Theme might not be for everyone
  2. Limited max bet


Overall, we’d rate this band’s live performance highly! Rock the Reels Megaways™ is a fun and exciting title from Iron Dog Studios. It delivers a great theme and soundtrack, alongside a wide variety of features and 200,704 ways to win! If you’re into having a good time, we’d suggest rocking out to this game as soon as you get the chance!

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The Rock the Reel Megaways™ RTP is set at 96.7%, which is slightly above average for slots in general.
The Rock the Reel Megaways™ max win is 50,000× your stake. A healthy amount for any punter!
Rock the Reels Megaways™ has the Tumbles, Horizontal Reel, Reel Modifiers and Free Spins features!
The Rock the Reels Megaways™ developer is Iron Dog Studios under licence from Big Time Gaming.
You can win at Rock the Reels Megaways™ by landing 3 or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels, starting from reel one. The Free Spins and Animal Modifiers are great features for making wins too!
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