Government Officials Paid Off by Vietnamese Gambling Ring

Vietnamese Gambling RingVietnam might be one of the hottest destinations for gambling with many luxury casinos that offer all kinds of gaming, but its residents are not permitted to gamble.

The gambling is only allowed for the foreign tourists and residents of this South East Asian country are not allowed to participate and play.

For the residents of Vietnam, all kinds of gambling activities like sports betting, horse racing and lotteries are considered illegal.

But it has not stopped an underground thriving gambling industry to grow and flourish in the nation.

It is speculated that its countrymen indulge in illegal gambling worth $1 billion every year. The concerned authorities find it difficult to keep the gambling under control especially with the rise of so many online casino game platforms.

The police officials in northern Phu Tho Province of Vietnam were in the news for busting and cracking an illegal gambling ring worth $420 million. The General Director and CEO of CNC which is a sophisticated security company were put behind bars on charges of being the head of the illegal gambling ring. The Chie Executive Officer was actually a technical partner in the cybercrime division with Ministry of Public Security before starting to work at CNC.

During the investigation, it was found that all the websites of this illegal gambling ring attracted more than 14 million players who placed wagers and bet in tune of $419 million. This ring was regarded as the most lucrative and most considerable profit sharing illegal gambling operation every busted by the police officials in Vietnam.

Illegal Gambling Ring Paid the Government Officials

This widely profitable and underground gambling ring has been criticised and accused of bribing the government officials within the Ministry of Public Security. As a result of which, all the bribed officials turned a blind eye to this wrongdoing.

The police are investigating and interrogating 88 officers, and more than 40 have been arrested so far, and it includes the ex-Head of General Department of Police. Many officials within the police department are under strict scrutiny and undergoing questioning for conspiracy and failing to report collusion.

According to the police officials, this illegal gambling ring in Vietnam used a couple of online portals that looked similar to the professional online casino sites. People were free to bet in virtual currency which was later on converted into real money.

All the payments for deposits and withdrawals were carried out through prepaid cards, bank transfers through CNC and mobile phone cards. The gambling ring wanted to use cryptocurrency and was planning in this regard but got busted before it was implemented.

The government of Vietnam is stringent when it comes to gambling activities in the country. It maintains a strict stance and does not allow locals to indulge in gambling. In fact, gambling by any means is a punishable offence and people found guilty will be put behind bars.

The main reason Vietnam government does not want its people to gamble is that it would lead to problem gambling in the future.

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