Kidnapped Gamblers Rescued From Gambling Mafia In Cambodia

Chinese Mafia Members Arrested by Cambodia National Military PoliceIn the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh, 4 Chinese citizens got arrested on charges of extortion and kidnapping from three gamblers who were also citizens of China. In the event of not paying their gambling debts, the 3 gamblers were kidnapped.

The military police of Cambodia have confirmed about the arrests of the Chinese citizens in which one of them escaped and remaining three were detained by them.

The 4 arrested people are Zhang Xiaofei, Hao Boshi, Zhang Janwen and Ding Chunyaun who is a casino owner. All these convicted people are Chinese who are based in Cambodia.

The National Military Police made the following statement to media:

After a thorough investigation, Phnom Penh municipal military police found that Ding Chunyaun was the ringleader with three other associates. They are a Marijuana mafia group that has kidnapped Chinese and other foreigners in Cambodia.

All these 4 accused have been charged with withholding the passports and illegal detention of Zhan Qian Qiang and Zhun Xiao Liang. Liu Junshen was the 3rd gambler who was successful in the escape. These people are imprisoned for a period of over 2 months.

These gamblers had a debt of $1.22 million to a casino that operates in the border town of Poipet City. The 3 gamblers had lost heavily in the month of December last year and borrowed money from Chunyaun and continued playing. Unfortunately, they could not win and were not in the position to repay the borrowed money. Liang, Junshen and Qiang were in debt for an amount of $777,000, $300,000 and $150,000 respectively.

It is reported that Chunyuan had ordered for the kidnapping plan for the 3 gamblers earlier this year in order to recover his money. The 3 imprisoned Chinese men tried to escape to Phnom Penh on 28th February to demand help from the Chinese Embassy but only Junshen succeeded to get the help.

The remaining two were guarded by Qiang and kept them in cages in a rented apartment nearby to the casino. According to the military police, the kidnappers had sent text messages and pictures to wide of Liang in order to recover the money. It is not known yet whether the kidnappers got the extortion money or not.

All the 4 arrested kidnappers were presented before the Phnom Penh Municipal Court where they are currently questioned by the prosecutor. If the offences are proved, these people might have to face 5-10 years imprisonment under Cambodian laws.

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